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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
T 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 179,855
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 68,240
I am in need of a little guidance. I am trying to calculate the speed of travel using an ADXL330 accelerometer, with...
Apr24-12 02:30 AM
14 7,612
When you look at a spoon, like at a mirror, the image of yourself appears to be on the other side of the mirror/spoon,...
Jan5-14 12:17 PM
Doc Al
14 9,125
Hello, Have you ever drank through a straw? Notice how there is always drink left at the end that you can't drink?...
Jul22-12 09:22 AM
14 1,381
Hi, What do you think of this thought experiment that demonstates a situation where the origin of inertia must be...
May27-12 10:56 PM
14 2,378
Hi everyone , I've searched the answer for this question for a while , but haven't reach an satisfying explanation...
Apr21-12 12:14 PM
Bob S
14 3,120
When you have waves that are out of phase by some fraction of a cycle, e.g not exactly in phase and not exactly 180...
Apr16-12 06:37 AM
14 3,364
I found the thread "Can magnetic field expand faster than light?" but no thread on electric fields. For example: ...
Apr11-12 04:53 AM
14 2,103
Recently I found out about jerk (or jolt). I've found that it represents the change in acceleration over time. To me,...
Apr11-12 05:47 PM
14 2,572
I am having trouble understanding how a circuit is completed from the AC power plants over the high voltage power...
Apr16-12 12:29 PM
14 2,143
Hi everyone, My high school class is doing a competition where we have to build a rocket out of a 2L pop bottle...
Jun6-12 03:31 AM
14 1,511
I know in order for a team to win tug-of-war, the frictional force has to be greater than the force with which the...
Jun5-12 01:32 AM
14 5,179
I am actually a finance major but I like to learn about physics on my spare time. One of the more fundamental concepts...
Aug11-12 07:00 PM
14 1,863
You always hear that GR and QM aren't compatible, but I've never seen an explanation as to why. If I had to guess I...
Jun20-12 05:05 PM
cosmik debris
14 1,632
Hi I'm trying to workout the velocity of air inside a pipe thats sealed and ten meters long. I've found this Air...
Jun25-12 09:18 AM
14 1,589
Hello, My attic gets blazing hot in the summer days, i have installed more than enough electric fans, my house just...
Jun29-12 07:03 PM
14 1,693
Ok stupid question I know but I'm probably just thinking about it all wrong. If I have a container that can't be...
Jul4-12 07:58 PM
14 1,584
Please can anyone provide an insight into what do complex eigen values physically indicate? Vishal
Jul23-12 12:00 AM
14 1,432
Hi, I have been looking at quaternions to perform rotations, however I have come across two slightly different...
Jul20-12 03:53 AM
14 982
So, here I am again, and I have now built a strong laser which can set things on fire. Yay me. :D But, the second...
Jul30-12 11:05 AM
14 2,124
All electromangtic radiation comes under one continuous spectrum. ...
Aug19-12 05:29 AM
14 1,672
Would a bullet have longer trajectory,because the air helps it ''glide''?Does this mean that if you fire the same gun...
Aug31-12 12:28 PM
14 1,419
Would it be true to say that boyancy, as in helium rising and liquids of different densities separating, with the...
Aug24-12 12:50 PM
14 1,147
Does space have some kind of buoyancy that prevents stuff from falling down? for instance, why doesn't the Sun fall...
Aug24-12 05:45 AM
14 884
Aug26-12 12:16 PM
14 1,342
Hello, I am working on a home hobby project and I need a motor to move an approx 1000lb weight back and forth -...
Oct1-12 06:37 PM
14 1,505
How to derive a formula for speed of falling body in earth atmosphere? I know distance from surface, pressure at this...
Oct17-12 11:33 PM
14 1,490
When people talk about harmonic oscillators it seems to me that they always assume either that the relationship of...
Oct19-12 06:05 AM
14 1,000
Can we see a real image with our naked eye without using a screen to capture image? Also, we all know that virtual...
Nov17-13 06:15 AM
14 1,546
Does anyone know what it is, or where I can find the surface area of a typical 60W incandescent bulb filament? (if...
Nov20-13 03:10 PM
14 1,432
Is it correct to define matter as a force moving primarily in time dimension, and energy as the same force moving...
Nov20-13 04:14 PM
14 878
can we spin a shpere of air? not the shell only, but the whole volume itself spinning on it's axis, can we do that...
Nov22-13 02:04 PM
Simon Bridge
14 729
How fast does a magnetic field travel in a magnetic material like soft iron? Not an electromagnetic wave, a magnetic...
Dec7-13 01:12 PM
14 1,023
i have read around the forum that the speed of electrons in a conductor is somewhat 1mm/s if that is true , then how...
Dec21-13 07:03 PM
14 822
I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms around the world and the US. The biggest problem I have is with cigarette smoke...
Dec30-13 08:06 PM
14 845
Take two objects and put them close together, but not touching. Induction will cause some opposite charges to move...
Jan9-14 08:42 AM
14 628
Quite late this afternoon I noticed a series of perfectly formed circles of light on the wall above my computer. Where...
Jan11-14 02:20 AM
14 702
Dear All, i was reading a book in which it is written that if a rigid body have both rotational(with angular...
Jan13-14 04:27 PM
14 687
I understand that generally, power and light bulb brightness are directly proportional. However, because there are so...
Jan14-14 04:23 PM
14 799
I am very confused about the fact that, for example, Pluto moves around the Sun much slower then Earth and is also...
Jan17-14 04:45 PM
14 668
Hi, I'm new both to this forum and to physics in general. Here's hoping I've posted in the right place.... I'm...
Jan25-14 02:26 AM
14 784

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