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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,840
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,629
Hi, I am working on building a laser range finder and wanted to know if there is any relation between the...
Feb7-12 02:38 AM
15 5,830
For example, when two light waves completely cancel each other out, there is the black on an interference pattern,...
Sep1-12 03:32 PM
15 5,105
Hi I'm new to this forum. I've always wanted to know how much force it would take a person to escape the center of the...
Jan30-12 10:57 AM
15 2,674
if there was acceleration toward the centre, then why doesn't the distance from the centre to the object reduce? what...
Jan25-12 01:52 PM
15 2,428
I want to know how to calculate how hot a fluid will get when compressed from about 35psi to 2000psi in a about 50...
Jan31-12 12:06 AM
15 1,802
I have something I need cleared up and looking for some calculation help. I know that water changes density with...
Feb12-12 04:27 PM
15 2,529
Okay I'm working on making a ballistics calculator and I need to know how to integrate this. ...
Feb9-12 01:53 PM
15 2,539
so i would like to start off with what is known and work from there. equation for falling objects d = 1/2 *a*t^2...
Feb21-12 05:22 PM
15 1,691
Hi, If I run a current carrying wire through a tube of iron will it shield the magnetic field from outside the...
Mar8-12 02:57 AM
15 2,297
Hello, I am in Grade 12 physics class and I have been given a open ended project; where we are required to...
Mar23-12 05:28 PM
Gurinder R
15 1,851
Ok, Please correct me if I'm wrong; Flux lines are a sort of mathematical visualisation of magnetic fields, they...
Mar12-12 03:01 AM
15 1,814
A ceramic ball of mass m falls form rest a distance h above a horizontal ceramic surface. The subsequent motion of the...
Mar17-12 03:09 PM
15 1,269
My physics teacher said the other day that, if you connect a capacitor and resistor in parallel with a battery, no...
Apr2-12 05:47 PM
15 1,716
Ok, so let's say I have a weapon that can fire a 2 centimeter diameter rod that is 25 centimeter long at a speed of...
Apr14-12 11:21 PM
15 1,458
Hi firstly I am a photographer not a physicist, When taking photos there is always 'noise' in the image,...
Apr25-12 06:13 PM
Andy Resnick
15 1,680
To show that entropy is not the same thing as disorder (what people intuitively accept as disorder) my textbook gives...
May14-12 06:29 PM
15 2,832
Hello Everybody! I have a question - If I'm standing inside a train and I jump up in the air I will land in the...
May8-12 10:58 AM
15 1,631
Hi, My textbook says that only Uranium and Plutonium are fissionable but it doesn't say why. Do smaller isotopes...
May11-12 08:56 AM
15 2,148
Hi all, I have a doubt which I would like to hear your opinion and answers about. So, I was comparing different...
May28-12 11:12 AM
15 2,232
Hey all, I've been thinking about this all night because it been bothering me I need a proper answer for it... Now...
May28-12 06:21 AM
15 2,265
Do electrons flow in a "circuit" in a CRT? When they hit the phosphor coating on the screen, does the final anode...
Jun11-12 06:35 AM
15 2,211
Hi, I was learning about collisions, and I stumbled upon this materials, which is interesting because a guy who...
Jun17-12 12:51 AM
15 1,800
Hello my name is Brendon. I'm a graphic designer currently studying an MA. My major project is based around Eames'...
Jun24-12 05:26 AM
15 3,123
Hey I was watching a TV show called QI on BBC and there was a question which went along the lines of: If you...
Jul11-12 12:16 PM
15 2,660
I have a little confusion in my head when I want to imagine time. Time is a bit more abstract then space dimensions...
Jul14-12 05:54 AM
Vanadium 50
15 3,262
It is said that the stress tensor \mathbf T for a fluid at rest is diagonal. Why is this? The fact that the fluid...
Jul14-12 07:45 PM
15 2,224
Photons seem to play an enormous role in not only our universe, but also our daily lives. from my understanding our...
Jul27-12 01:18 PM
15 1,695
Just a bit confused & I am in need of a simple explanation of how energy flows in a battery. This was my thinking: ...
Jul30-12 05:23 PM
15 2,449
I'm trying to find out if the water temperature in a hot water tank (household solar system) varies substantially from...
Aug6-12 02:24 AM
15 9,097
Hello! Which is the most difficult to comprehend scientific concept you have come across? How you managed to...
Aug8-12 05:06 PM
Dead Boss
15 1,153
Hi all, This post is in relation to breathing on a CPAP device which is commonly used to treat sleep apnea. What I...
Aug22-12 08:34 PM
15 1,117
Is there an equation to convert mass to volume assuming a negligible gravitational effect. So say 1 micro gram...
Aug22-12 03:59 PM
Vanadium 50
15 1,602
I have a few questions that share a similar theme. 1) Is wind just fast-moving air particles? 2) When you're in...
Sep13-12 08:37 PM
15 2,012
Pound force being equivalent to pound mass at earth surface, we can safely safely say 4000 lbs raised 200 feet has...
Sep4-12 01:04 PM
15 1,340
I'm living in France and have just replaced my "chauffe eau" - a 200 litre hot water tank with built in 2.4kW...
Sep24-12 03:47 PM
15 2,165
Each time we smash an atom, we find smaller and smaller subatomic particles. Could it be possible that subatomic...
Sep27-12 08:35 PM
15 1,556
Hi Thanks for Taking a look Need help to settle a debate (now argument) Viewing the "Titles of topic" in this...
Oct19-12 02:46 PM
15 1,394
Hi, What do you think of this thought experiment that demonstates a situation where the origin of inertia must be...
May27-12 10:56 PM
14 2,436
Hi everyone, My high school class is doing a competition where we have to build a rocket out of a 2L pop bottle...
Jun6-12 03:31 AM
14 1,542
I know in order for a team to win tug-of-war, the frictional force has to be greater than the force with which the...
Jun5-12 01:32 AM
14 5,396

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