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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,544
Hello all, I was wondering a way to make a simple vacuum chamber with a relatively small volume (probably won't...
Jul11-14 05:23 AM
15 1,278
I know that it can be proved that it works perfectly to assume that subatomic particles exist, but that's not really...
Jun13-14 12:21 PM
15 628
I've always found pressure fairly intuitive to understand when dealing with ideal gases, but am struggling a little...
Jun20-14 06:47 AM
15 597
I may have some confusion with the terms "pressure" and "gravity" here. If hypothetically we could sink towards the...
Jul9-14 10:38 AM
15 1,170
Hi, I am trying to understand the difference between GR and classical deflection of light by the Sun.I found this ...
Jul28-14 02:55 AM
15 743
This question, or some form thereof, has come up a lot in this forum. The answer is that if you can have a...
Jul14-13 06:11 AM
14 1,857
In early physics, i learned a force was simply a push or pull, talked about as a number of newtons or pounds, such as...
May19-13 07:49 PM
14 1,048
Recently i read: "atoms turn out to be 99.99999999% empty space" (source:...
Oct12-13 04:11 AM
14 53,728
Hi all, I always wondered if the combination of gears used to achieve a specific gear ratio mattered. Assuming the...
Apr10-13 11:10 PM
14 1,587
If I understand it correct,energy of atomic electronic shells fusion cannot exceed energy of their breakdown.For...
Apr26-13 10:42 PM
14 1,393
As promised, here are the questions (and answers) to the Physics Quiz/Trivia that took place in our Chat room on March...
Apr8-13 02:53 AM
14 2,640
I think space-time exerts a pressure on substance and it makes star to transorm blackhole.I think this can be possible...
Apr14-13 07:42 AM
14 1,154
I would like some help in understanding the basics of a blast caused by an explosion. The company I work for supply...
Apr13-13 06:23 AM
14 1,368
i still don't really get how there is no work done on a book for example when am holding it and moving ?! i am a 9th...
Apr16-13 05:54 AM
Doc Al
14 1,964
I dont know if this has been asked but if you imagine a pipe that theoretically extends from one end the universe...
May11-13 08:14 AM
14 1,147
If two units have the same dimensions are they always inequivalent? I was thinking, would doing dimensional analysis...
Jun5-13 10:43 AM
14 1,441
Hello, I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding the concept of calculating the emf of a cell (e1) By connecting...
Jun1-13 04:02 AM
14 1,739
If I wanted to accelerate a mass faster than g would I just take a rod and connect two pulleys on each end but they...
Jun21-13 02:47 AM
14 959
If you blow on something with your mouth, you can blow it pretty hard. Like if you had a paperball on a table, you...
Jun24-13 11:46 AM
14 1,658
Hi all, First off, I apologise if this is the incorrect section for this post and for my lack of maths skills and...
Jul5-13 07:44 AM
14 1,379
So I had a thought earlier regarding the moment just before the big bang, when the universe was infinitely small and...
Jun27-13 03:08 PM
14 995
Take for example a human being inside a wooden crate. One can not see, taste, touch, smell or hear the human inside...
Jul29-13 04:24 PM
14 801
I've heard light compared to vibrations under the earth. The "waves" between the tectonic plates are simply a...
Aug2-13 08:24 PM
Simon Bridge
14 1,369
Hi! If the atom is mostly empty space, why isn't it possible to walk thru a wall? The science documentary I saw...
Aug16-13 10:16 PM
Simon Bridge
14 1,395
I am SICK of hearing that "energy comes in packets". I understand what they are saying, but I don't comprehend it, or...
Sep27-13 11:35 AM
14 2,254
An object above absolute zero radiates energy. This implies that object on earth too radiate energy(infrared?) My...
Aug25-13 07:42 AM
14 756
Okay We know that a spherical or any other geometric form conducting uniform object has it's electric field on the...
Sep7-13 05:26 PM
14 873
I have built what I call an Atmospheric Acoustic Observatory. It could also be thought of as a high-resolution...
Sep11-13 05:05 PM
14 804
when you close a bottle , why doesn't it collapse on itself ? shouldn't it since the pressure outside the bottle is...
Sep18-13 06:11 PM
14 902
hey guys...i want to know,what happens when a cylinder is rolled on a frictionless surface in a vacuum,for how long...
Sep21-13 09:51 AM
14 846
Suppose there are two spheres freely floating on the surface of an infinitely large and deep body of water. Suppose...
Sep24-13 03:57 AM
14 770
if the Higgs bosson field is responsible for giving particals mass. and mass and energy are interchangable e=mc^2....
Jun5-14 10:21 AM
14 598
Two objects with same mass. One is being thrown upwards, and the other one is dropped. Do they have the same speed...
May28-14 05:08 PM
14 635
I play music on occasion so I am familiar with using Ohm's on amplifiers. However, I have never quite understood how...
May31-14 01:31 PM
14 592
Hello! I am trying to think of ways to generate significant amounts of heat through the motion of a falling object?...
Jun1-14 09:25 AM
14 535
I keep trying to find a certain metric prefix but i can't seem to find it, i need to know what prefix makes 2mL into...
Jun7-14 11:05 AM
14 460
Dear Forum I'm an experimental photographer. During the last two years I've been developing a technique which I...
Jun14-14 05:08 AM
14 569
As we all know, we are always surrounded by a "sea" of sound(Of cars,air,farts etc :wink:. Lol) How can our voice be...
Jun20-14 08:28 PM
14 584
Hello I was just thinking about the Newton's law of gravitation and Einstein's theory of relativity. Newton's law...
Jul26-14 09:54 PM
14 633
I've heard terms like solid mass,or maybe still mass and I'm sure there are others so can I get a little education?
Jul27-14 12:47 PM
14 491

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