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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 02:46 PM nsaspook 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,639
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,869
Sincere apologies for my last post - I tried to delete the post but the thread is locked. I apologise sincerely if I...
Oct13-08 07:55 AM
Andy Resnick
7 4,843
Even the average student can assume in cases where a tennis ball falls freely or is hit that Ke = Pe. The question...
Dec23-03 03:16 PM
5 8,320
I'm not quite sure I'm understanding potential energy correctly. Let's say we have a runaway planet in deep space...
Sep29-08 04:01 PM
3 1,340
So lets consider the moon its rotating around the earth in a fixed orbit, its moving at a velocity say v so it possess...
Nov12-12 10:02 AM
5 1,573
i'm having a hard time understanding why potential energy is 0 when u(mu) is perpendicular to B(mag field). Isn't the...
Apr2-13 12:51 AM
1 482
Hello all . We know matter has momentum and because of this creation of pair production occur by photons , because...
Mar14-13 03:38 PM
3 695
Would I be right in saying the following: Potential energy arises from the conservation of energy. To lift a mass you...
May28-11 05:09 PM
5 1,292
Textbook problem: A 0.50-kg projectile is given an initial speed of 20m/s at an angle of 37 degrees to a horizontal...
Jun4-11 11:44 PM
2 971
As we all know,Potential energy =mgh.If someone digs a hole and place a ball at 0 height,the potential energy should...
Oct11-13 08:21 PM
11 1,271
Hello everyone, If there is a box on top of a building, why does it have potential energy? What I mean is no one...
Apr8-10 09:03 AM
1 926
Hello everyone, I'm trying to come up with modeling for one of my experiments and I was wondering if I could get...
Jul6-11 03:53 PM
0 1,731
You lift a ball at constant velocity from a height hi to a greater height hf . Considering the ball and the earth...
Jun20-09 03:40 PM
Doc Al
2 683
Hello. Take a look to this: Basically, it's a method to trigger an...
Jul18-03 02:24 PM
21 3,530
in bringing a test charge (+q ) from a postion to another in an electric field of another charge +Q an external force...
Aug10-14 05:44 PM
6 290
Is the potential energy equation technically invalid as potential energy is defined as mgh but as h changes g changes,...
Oct27-09 10:06 AM
2 3,076
Since energy is conserved, when an object falls from a given height, the energy which it had as potential energy is...
Dec20-05 11:06 AM
3 1,356
I need help on second part Dipole in a Field An electric dipole, consisting of charges of magnitude 4.70 nC...
Jan27-09 12:05 PM
0 4,353
We were told that potential energy of a closed loop coil in magnetic field is -M.B. where M is the Magnetic moment...
Sep20-12 11:27 AM
0 692
Where does the potential energy go if you carry uranium to a nuclear power plant on the top of a mountain and part of...
Oct20-12 02:09 AM
12 3,983
I have a question. If you have a closed system that contains a lot of stored potential energy and you release that...
Jan15-04 09:42 AM
12 1,911
Is there a quick way to figure out the total potential energy between more than 2 charges without having to find the...
Jul7-14 11:52 AM
2 541
Hello, This is not a homework problem, but an engineering office problem. Iím looking to replace a steel...
Oct22-07 10:02 PM
Shooting Star
4 17,195
When the dipole makes an angle with an electric field, its potential energy is given as the work done in bringing the...
Jul18-14 10:58 PM
7 1,541
Sep25-05 11:04 AM
2 1,171
What is the potential energy of a pendulum at any point?
Jun23-14 12:48 PM
4 438
So I've always been confused about this. Suppose you have your normal pendulum: length L, mass m, and angle Θ. When...
Mar18-14 08:25 AM
9 481
Something I realized the other day - trying to figure out what the gravitational (or electrostatic) force would be...
Oct29-06 08:14 AM
4 3,103
the potential energy of earth is infinity or zero?
Oct25-09 09:45 AM
3 1,392
I was writing a script to help me calculate gravitation and various other things when i noticed i don't know how to...
Nov2-13 07:52 PM
4 914
Frankly, I think gravity should be repulsive force on the basis of a simple energy argument which I will now make. I...
Jun27-10 08:11 AM
5 1,158
Consider an atom having multiple protons and neutrons in its nucleus, which of the two nucleons will have higher...
Apr22-14 10:02 AM
2 316
Hi folks and happy new year, As usual i have been leafing through some old physics books and have stumbled across...
Dec29-03 03:24 AM
1 1,688
While i don't do physics i do study mathematics, and am very interested in the field of mechanics/pure/physics. I...
Jul12-04 06:41 AM
8 1,706
Here is my question. For example if i am standing on top of the empire state building and i define that to be...
Oct7-11 10:42 PM
4 1,938
Okay this might be a stupid question but here goes. I know that if I place two bar magnets with their N sides...
Sep10-09 08:40 PM
2 1,100
I simply can't wrap my head around a test question I received. I'll relate it as best as I can remember: "A...
Feb11-11 03:06 PM
Doc Al
5 2,102
Hi I have a simple question about thin-film peeling physics. A lot of papers say that the potential energy term in...
Jan17-11 04:39 AM
0 1,004
I attached a graph of a potential energy vs. position graph. My question is, the relative minimum is characterized as...
Dec19-12 04:42 PM
6 2,222
JO is "loaded" into a spring-loaded "cannon-ball" launcher as PICTURE. She lands into a springy trampoline that is...
Nov22-10 04:24 PM
1 688
This is not an homework (it could seems). Let's suppose to have 2 vortexes locate in the cartesian plane (x,y): the...
Nov15-08 03:21 AM
0 2,062

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