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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Y 10:39 AM anorlunda 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 71,275
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Sep5-14 05:07 PM
170 192,486
I have been trying to understand motion similar to that of popcorn popping, or a blender popping things up when...
May6-07 03:22 PM
3 1,111
If you poke at a soap bubble floating in air it pops. Can you make an underwater air bubble pop when you poke at it? I...
Jul27-09 04:52 AM
4 3,609
Were building a popsicle bridge in class, anyone of you guys did one? if you have any pics any tips about making a...
Oct30-07 12:58 PM
0 3,413
Hey tried to post this in the learning materials section but it wouldn't let me for some reason. Anyways, does anyone...
Jan5-12 10:54 PM
1 1,261
very silly question but i just went over to my friend's and he bought himself a portable air conditioner. How do...
May7-08 05:27 PM
2 2,184
Hi, I travel by train nearly every day, and I am using a crappy portable radio connected to my phone (it's just a...
May18-09 02:12 PM
5 2,799
I did not create this little picture but it is interesting to say the least. It is a physics question or scenario, i...
Jun26-12 12:41 PM
Vanadium 50
7 1,477
Hi all, I can't find a function of this data, since the cart is already in motion. Please help a noobie at physics!!...
Mar27-08 02:19 PM
3 3,873
An object with mass m moves along the x-axis. Its position as a function of time is given by x(t)=At-Bt^3, where A and...
Oct5-07 05:42 PM
Loren Booda
1 1,656
Hi, I want to calculate a body x and y position at a particular z value in 3D space when applying particular force...
Jan30-11 05:07 PM
2 1,385
Hey all I am trying to do a calculus project that deals with the flight of an arrow. At first glance I thought I would...
May14-08 03:13 PM
1 961
What is the physical siginificance of a position function x(t) and its antiderivative \int x(t). Ex. a particles...
Oct29-07 05:29 PM
6 6,660
Suppose a helicopter is stationary at certain height And a observer sees it from ground. But after one day the...
Sep5-12 09:25 AM
10 1,070
Hi everyone! I was wandering how can i find out which is the position of a planet relative to sun, in our solar system...
Sep9-12 09:27 AM
1 605
Given the typical cartesian xyz- coordinate system, is it correct to speak of a position vector? Isn't (x,y, z) just...
Nov16-05 05:04 PM
28 26,929
1. Are these two the same? I'm not sure. Sometimes my teacher labels the Y axis with a Delta Displacement . Other...
Sep16-12 01:55 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,664
I have an interesting question. Is it is possible using air ionization to position gas to a particular location...
Jul18-06 04:00 AM
0 1,041
I have an interesting question. Is it is possible using air ionization to position gas to a particular location...
Nov4-06 03:37 PM
0 925
What would happen hypothetically if there was a positive charged particle the same size as an electron (that wasn't...
Dec24-11 11:11 AM
9 2,349
I know that as things "fall" towards each other, they lose potential energy, that's fine. What I want to know is when...
Nov12-03 06:43 AM
5 2,719
Hello; Is this statement true? A hydrogen positive ion would have no electrons, and pure hydrogen itself has no...
Apr8-10 04:39 PM
6 3,598
Hi I was just wondering what the answer to the following question would be: If you bring a positively charged rod...
Feb12-05 05:04 AM
Doc Al
1 2,485
why the pulse is positively chirped pulse in picture 20130320182307.png ? thank you!! I also confused by another...
Mar23-13 06:07 PM
8 1,278
Instead of electrical current could there ever be a situation where protons or positrons are made to flow as a current?
Oct26-11 10:11 PM
1 1,874
im out of my depth with this question so forgive me if it is stupid. it is stated that the electron borrows energy...
Aug22-03 03:26 AM
2 985
I have been doing some thinking and I can't find the answer to my question anywhere, so I was wondering if someone...
Jan2-09 03:30 PM
1 2,627
if you have a beam of high energy electrons ( enough energy to create positrons) that hit plate in a vacuum that was...
Aug6-13 10:50 AM
3 954
Hi What is a positron? Is it a electron that moves faster? Why has it positive charge (has it anything to do with...
Jan27-14 11:47 AM
18 637
Electricity is the flow of electrons through an electric circuit, right? So can we do the same with positrons? Will...
Mar17-10 03:03 AM
3 1,440
do you people believe in time travel? I do not mean to be able to slow the time down, but to actually go backwards...
Oct7-04 07:40 PM
51 2,858
It is quite accepted that at sufficiently high energies 3 of the known 4 forces merge into 1 fundamental force, and it...
Jul18-14 01:55 AM
7 1,445
Possibilities to Ponder Iíve included my journal entry here. Without it, you will not understand the points that...
May1-05 08:22 PM
Claude Bile
9 1,690
this idea has kind of been laying quietly in my thoughts for a month or two. if i take something that emits electric...
Mar5-05 11:11 PM
3 3,614
is the exsistance of a new subatomic particle (i.e. electron, proton, neutron) possible is said particle is able to...
Jun15-11 06:11 PM
2 895
Entangled photon-pairs are being produced in labs with 'Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion' apparatus. While in...
Aug13-13 08:54 AM
Romulo Binuya
13 475
hi, in the CERN particle collider they have found out that the particles are moving in time.can this concept be...
Jul1-11 10:34 AM
9 1,744
Essentially the title states my question. This question came to mind when i was reading up flash-bang grenades. I...
Jun14-10 01:24 AM
0 1,050
Is there any kind of formula that exists or I can put together that will allow me to determine airflow from a fan...
Mar19-08 06:55 PM
14 3,600
Now there's this paragraph in my physics textbook that just completely went over my head. What does this mean? I...
May20-11 12:31 AM
12 2,227
I have figured out most i needed from my earlier entropy questions but now i'm faced with a different problem......
Jun16-12 06:50 AM
5 1,514

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