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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,122
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 184,739
If you inflate an RV tire to 100 psi at sea level and then drive to 14,000 feet, discounting temperature, will the...
Aug4-09 10:22 PM
8 4,330
As you know,pressure is the same at points on the same horizontal plane Okay,suppose two points A,B in a fluid are on...
Oct12-11 01:48 PM
10 1,734
Why does pressure cause gravity? As the universe expands dark energy increases.If dark energy gets its energy from...
Aug5-04 10:00 AM
2 2,225
I have an application where I need to calculate the vacuum (pressure change below atmospheric) generated from a...
Mar16-10 07:01 PM
3 1,531
MODS please delete... I created a better version in the Homework section.
Dec15-09 03:08 PM
0 1,216
So I get that when the VP is equal to atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psia, if you will be at a saturated liquid and when...
Oct9-12 06:25 PM
8 1,076
Okay so if 1 atm is the pressure in our natural surroundings (I know it depends on altitude, but humor me, ummkay?),...
Aug4-13 04:56 PM
3 667
Could anyone help with a problem I have been asked to solve at work. Unfortunately I havenít done anything like this...
Feb17-10 09:23 AM
1 888
Let's say we have water flowing in a pipe under so and so pressure at a given point. Now the water flows through...
Feb24-05 06:58 AM
2 3,148
The pressure exerted against the ground by an elephant's weight distributed evenly over its four feet is less than 1...
Nov8-10 10:28 AM
2 3,669
Hope this is in the correct forum, so here goes. Lets say you have a steel pipe, and inside this pipe is a steel...
Mar15-10 01:49 PM
0 1,034
Hello everyone, I have made number of topics recently I think they have all stem from my poor understanding in this...
Nov9-09 08:11 PM
8 6,676
If pressure exerted by gases is same in all directions, Why does we have low pressures in higher altitudes and high...
Sep27-12 06:31 PM
7 1,319
Hi (1) What does it mean to APPLY PRESSURE?? Don't we actually apply force that is interpreted into pressure by...
Nov12-11 10:29 AM
1 806
Hi! Just checking reeally quick if there is any known formula for calculating out pressure on different materials. I...
May2-12 09:02 AM
0 1,017
if an unlimited source of water was dropped twenty meters directly downwards into a meter cubed steel box through a...
Apr30-10 05:33 PM
4 3,055
I have recieved a pr. gauge for calibration. It's graduations are in bar and kN. The gauge is to be calibrated using...
Dec29-10 07:59 AM
3 2,179
Say there was a container filled with liquid floating in space. What would the pressure of the liquid be? Also would...
Nov27-11 05:27 PM
2 1,556
I have a problem in relation to the pressure in a closed piston and cylinder assembly, I know the compression ratio...
Jun15-12 03:17 AM
2 1,754
The pressure in a submarine inside water P=h*ρ*g+Pa Okay, Since there's Atmospheric pressure inside the submarine...
Oct5-11 09:56 AM
6 3,588
Hi all, this will seem a very easy problem for you guys but its really a bit conufusing for me.. I work on an oil...
Mar17-08 09:44 AM
1 4,687
hi, why is the presure in liquids not dependant to the shape of its container?
Mar19-07 06:14 PM
2 1,828 This started to bother me today. In the first picture, there's a...
Oct9-09 06:52 AM
7 3,839
This started to bother me today. In the first picture, there's a cup wheres a certain amount of water in it. A ball...
Aug16-11 10:44 PM
1 976
I can't seem to get a clear picture of how the pressure changes in liquids. Here is a small self made file, made to...
Jul23-12 08:23 AM
3 812
Okay, so Pascal's Principle (as copied from Wikipedia): A change in pressure at any point in an enclosed fluid at...
Oct27-12 12:41 PM
1 1,015
lets imagine a cube kept in the outer space....and lets take a small element inside the cube....with thickness dy and...
Apr11-07 04:24 PM
5 3,926
Could someone please help me with this?? I am working on a problem with 2 pipes, one 100mm and one 150mm in...
Dec11-12 10:49 AM
4 826
Hi Guys I am trying to use a water filter in line with a 12V water pump rather than off the mains. The water...
May31-09 09:37 PM
Bob S
1 3,528
If you shake an (unopened) soda can or bottle, will the pressure inside increase or stay the same? If it does...
May23-06 03:44 PM
41 28,016
What are the conditions required for the pressure inside the object to be fixed?any examples are appreciated.:smile:
Oct19-12 08:10 AM
1 513
Hello All, I work in the refrigeration industry, and I'm trying to put a hard number on a hypothetical situation....
Oct17-13 09:31 PM
1 563
Say we have a highly idealized though experiment where a container of ideal gas is moving at constant velocity through...
Feb6-11 10:07 PM
13 2,747
hi, does anybody know how much pressure there is inside a discharge tube?
Aug4-10 10:06 AM
1 1,230
can pressure be less than 1 atm in a container kept on the ground of the earth , i am getting puzzled , pl....
Jan1-11 10:19 AM
Dr Lots-o'watts
6 2,259
what would the pressure of liquid at a depth be in a container which is slanted?
Dec2-11 06:25 AM
24 3,926
Hi, I want to calculate the pressure loss coefficent for a diffuser but I can't find the equation. I tried with...
Jul27-09 12:33 PM
1 8,039
Greetings! I locate buried water pipe leaks ( however attempting to approach more...
May3-12 09:48 AM
0 2,436
Hey, I am working in a lab and I simply can't figure out a method to measure the pressure between two plates I'm...
Feb22-11 02:09 PM
1 2,254
I want to find when the pressure of a diver is 10X that when she is on the surface of the ocean. I know that at the...
Oct19-03 03:10 PM
2 1,038

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