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- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 68,628
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 181,894
Why exactly does thermionic emission happen? ie - Why does heating a metal cause electrons to be emitted? I know...
Jan8-05 12:16 PM
2 1,676
Ok so I am trying to figure out what type of material a thermistor should be, and am using the equation ΔR=kΔT (R...
Mar12-14 08:21 AM
2 364
Hallo I am going to make a micro-calorimeter and in this micro-calorimeter I need very sensitive temperature...
Mar25-10 05:31 AM
0 1,466
I'm trying to calculate the final pressure. I was given initial and final temperatures as well as initial pressure,...
Oct10-11 08:32 PM
0 1,255
Dear PF, I am hoping you can help. I am trying to test the the speed that a beetle heats up under standardized...
Aug20-13 12:11 PM
9 961 Look at the graph and answer the questions below. The graph of pressure P versus V...
Feb20-12 02:13 PM
0 1,546
If you look at liquid crystals in things like moodrings and LCthermometers then you will notice that they can change...
Jul12-12 08:47 AM
3 1,163
Can some 1 pls tell me how to measure the surface temperature of the filament bulb with a thermocople, do you put the...
May17-04 06:12 PM
1 1,168
I recently made a Type K thermocouple (Chromel-Alumenel type) and am trying to see if it is working correctly. I do...
Aug2-06 10:04 PM
Andrew Mason
13 2,080
Hey, Anyone know where I might be able to get a thermocouple voltage compensator (an electrical "ice bath" circuit)...
Sep7-09 12:12 PM
8 1,387
Hello there fellow physicist, Well for my A2 investigation I have done Thermocouples. I investigated the potential...
Mar9-05 02:12 PM
0 6,692
I looking for a software which can optimize thermodynamic (power or refrigeration) cycle. Generally cycle consists of...
Sep4-08 10:22 AM
0 3,013
If the thermodynamic arrow of time says that entropy and time are related, and relativity says that time slows down...
Jul20-04 11:00 PM
0 1,044
Consider the following situation: A sphere is surrounded by a shell of larger radius. Both are concentric. Assume...
May16-06 04:00 AM
5 1,490
Consider the following situation: A sphere is surrounded by a shell of larger radius. Both are concentric. Assume...
Nov4-06 03:33 PM
5 664
Can someone give an example of how to compute the "thermodynamic limit" of some model? I am very confused by this...
Jan19-08 12:00 PM
3 1,633
If I know the vibrational frequencies of a reaction how can I obtain thermodynamical properties such as S(T) H(T) U(T)...
Jul24-09 04:10 AM
0 561
Hi all, studying for a physical chemistry exam tomorrow morning and I'm getting really confused. I am hoping somebody...
Sep26-13 11:05 PM
0 455
Ques 1) If two bodies are in thermal equilibrium in one frame, will they be in thermal equilibrium in all frames ? ...
Aug9-10 02:13 PM
6 1,377
Hey all. I'm going through my textbook at the moment and struggling to figure out something. Here is the ideal...
Oct20-10 06:59 PM
1 2,063
You have a butane torch and an oven. Two scenarios: 1. Butane is burning in an oven heated to 200 C, does the...
Jan26-13 05:45 AM
6 912
I understand entropy is a state function, insofar as we deny the existence of irreversible cycles. However, for a...
Feb19-08 09:38 PM
0 895
What is the work done on a paramagnetic? I have seen both of the following: \hat{d}w = -MdB \hat{d}w = -BdM ...
Apr19-14 06:52 AM
3 395
Ok I read in a book that thermodynamics is an experimental science. What exactly does experimental science mean? ...
Mar29-12 02:25 PM
8 1,518
Hi, I just microwaved some food in a plastic container and noticed that it started to buckle inwards. So I wonder what...
Feb23-14 09:11 AM
4 313
I am currently learning thermodynamics and statistical mechanics. at the present time i am dealing with entropy and...
Nov1-04 05:15 PM
0 913
How does thermodynamics apply to the weather?
May28-08 08:21 AM
1 1,098
I) is it physically correct to say that something is hot or cold II) if something is cold do you say that it has a...
Mar19-14 02:47 PM
4 361
hey guys, I am trying to figure out how many btu will be put out by a coil of copper pipe half inch by 20 feet...
Mar2-09 07:26 PM
11 1,660
If we had an isolated system composed by two indentical containers joined by a valve (initially closed), the first one...
Oct11-13 11:38 AM
9 812
1. Suppoes clock A and clock B are of identical construction, both in inertial reference frames, and let the relative...
Mar25-04 03:24 PM
6 1,418
Why in the world is the notation \left(\frac{\partial T}{\partial V}\right)_S so ubiquitous in thermodynamics when it...
Mar4-08 01:56 PM
3 1,602
In an adiabatic process 16 J of work are done on each mole of a gas. If the gas has 5 degrees of freedom, how much...
Dec12-12 07:49 AM
1 650
I read from my book work done by gas is positive sign and work done on gas is negative sign. I read through the...
Mar12-11 06:41 PM
4 2,790
Hey all. I was reading that story about the physics student who is asked to show whether hell is endothermic or...
May31-05 09:06 PM
2 1,199
My textbook’s explanation for spontaneous renaturation of defolded protein is this: “Although in defolded state...
Oct5-04 08:34 AM
4 10,938
I am reading a book of thermodynamics. I have some problems and I hope you can help. But I am not sure whether these...
Jan30-05 10:04 AM
6 1,083
Hello. I have an idea for a geo-thermal cooling system which I want to use to cool the CPU and GPU of my computer. ...
Jun29-13 01:38 AM
3 637
Hi everyone. I am doing a project about engine heat that depends on work and load and how it gets cooled by water....
Mar28-11 12:38 PM
0 683
I once was asked a question about this scenario. Lets say we have an insulated box with a refrigerator in it. ...
Jan9-13 08:52 AM
6 500

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