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- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,433
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 186,374
in refrigerators, why cooling boxes are kept at top?
Aug17-12 06:59 AM
4 542
I am struggling to work out out whether the conductance will increase or decrease with an increase in temperature....
Mar29-07 03:19 AM
6 1,097
I have a system with two gasses separated by a wall as in a heat exchanger. One of the gasses changes temperature by...
Oct12-13 12:46 PM
1 425
If an iron rod, inside two coils, incurs current going through the coils in the same direction, then the rod will...
Mar17-13 07:59 AM
1 723
"For a pure substance, melting occurs at the same temperature as freezing." Does it means that if impurities are...
Nov4-11 12:15 AM
7 1,486
I am a first year Physics undergraduate. My question is with regrads to thermal energy. Many people define thermal...
Aug24-10 02:36 AM
9 6,009
Hi guys. I was wondering, what happens to the temperature of a object if it's put into vacuum? Say you have a...
Dec14-12 04:41 PM
5 849
i have a question: In an Insulated Vesse, 250 g of ice at 0 degree Celsius is added to 600 g of water at 18 degree...
Apr28-11 07:52 PM
1 1,023
I read the answer on another post and understand the PV=nRT formula, kinda. If one has 1 mole of liquid CO2 and were...
Sep23-08 07:03 PM
0 515
According to my text book... Thermal energy is the kinetic energy of the component particles of an object and is...
Jan4-12 11:27 AM
4 2,392
Why is it that the object with the heavier mass influences the final temperature (once the two objects in contact have...
Jun17-09 08:46 PM
1 872
hi, i don't quite know how to pose this question but i'll try my best. if you have an object and heat one end of...
Apr18-12 05:16 PM
3 1,134
(This is not a hw's a theoretical question based on an experiment that was conducted.) If you have...
Jun16-09 07:13 PM
Bob S
1 701
Hello physicists, I'm trying to understand thermal equilibrium, I used to know that a body is in thermal...
Aug10-09 06:25 AM
10 4,056
Hey Guys, so I had a longish discussion with colleagues and on reddit about thermal equilibrium and the sun and how...
Jun26-12 07:39 AM
1 761
Hi, I want to ask one question about linear expansion. For eg if we take tke railway rails. then during...
Mar4-06 04:12 PM
4 3,801
Hi guys, I need to find out what current i need to expand different type of coils. eg iron, aluminium, copper, etc....
Jan24-07 03:07 AM
1 1,065
This is my first post on this forum because I have a question that I cannot seem to answer myself. At my working...
Sep17-10 08:58 AM
3 7,191
I have an aluminum disc that is 15in in diameter and about 1in thick. I am going to put it in a 400°F oven and I need...
Aug1-13 07:35 AM
8 959
Friends, I have a 20mm dia.,30mm height, solid rod of stainless steel with a hole of dia.5mm, depth of 15mm at the...
Jun16-09 04:44 AM
1 3,672
Hi, Suppose a copper block is heated on one side so that one end is at 800K. Given the dimensions of the copper...
Jan15-12 11:57 AM
3 1,487
My son is studying science at the moment, and i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to answer a few question:...
Apr3-04 01:01 PM
1 1,254
Just been looking at a video of a bunch of people at night, showing up glowing white, through FLIR imager. Would...
Nov9-07 01:27 PM
8 1,735
I want to know how to calculate the thermal loading of pipe in tilted surface using Hooke’s law but the only data I...
Nov28-09 08:00 PM
0 1,052
Hi, I decided to open a knew thread since I was not sure whether my problem is close enough to the existing thread...
Sep29-08 09:08 AM
0 2,340
I was doing some research and came across the term thermal photons, but when i tried looking these up, found no...
Oct24-09 11:19 AM
Bob S
1 989
where would one post questions from a thermal physics class?
Oct14-07 05:03 AM
1 1,638
Afternoon all. I've have the following equations: Cp - Cv = nR = Nkb Cv = nRf / 2 Cp = nR(2+f) / 2
Jan8-14 07:46 PM
5 447
Ok so i had an idea! What freezes faster, tap water or the bottled water! While I have no real way of accurately...
Nov20-05 07:19 PM
Claude Bile
1 4,760
I read somewhere on the net that almost 100 percent of radiation in the universe is thermal. What then is...
Aug6-11 05:51 AM
3 970
I was wondering about the spectral radiancy curve of a black body. How does the spectral radiancy of any other body...
Jul2-13 09:43 PM
Ajit Agrawal
15 1,016
Where does thermal radiation come from? vibration of the molecules or the excitement of electrons ???
Apr3-14 03:31 AM
23 862
Thermal radiation and optical opacity The (apparently) prevailing belief at sci.astro.research, that matter cannot...
Jul1-07 05:50 AM
0 1,304
Thermal radiation and optical opacity The (apparently) prevailing belief at sci.astro.research, that matter cannot...
Jul1-07 05:50 AM
0 1,063
Suppose we have two separate containers of helium gas in thermal equilibrium and completely isolated from the rest of...
Jan1-13 11:56 PM
2 880
Hiya, I'm doing an experiment to see how thermal radiation affects the temperature of water. I have a container with...
May28-10 07:40 PM
0 1,918
Hello, I've been trying to find out how to calculate heat loss from a gas or liquid vs. temp. My understanding is...
Aug13-08 10:42 PM
3 2,450
We know that heat is transferred from the sun to the earth via electromagnetic radiation, right? Since no other form...
Nov8-10 11:12 AM
11 4,006
in thermal radiations what is the difference between effective surface area and surface area of emitting body ,and how...
Jan11-08 03:11 PM
3 1,124
I have this problem from my book here A house has a wall made of 3 layers: fiberboard, concrete, brick where the...
Nov14-03 06:26 AM
1 2,175

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