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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,005
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 184,021
Exists two varieties of infinity. 1) Illusory infinity. This infinity of the expansion. This process of the endless...
May12-03 06:21 AM
Michael F. Dmitriyev
10 2,175
Hey guys, I'm just trying to fully understand all these Circuit diagrams and stuff. If you can help me with these two...
Jun20-09 06:29 PM
3 1,267
Lets say you are looking through a two way mirror on the side where you can see through it, and there is a mirror on...
Dec26-08 03:47 PM
Doc Al
5 1,228
If two wires are holding a 500N weight up, will the tension force in each rope be greater if they are both held taught...
Nov7-04 04:18 PM
2 3,309 First of all sorry for the bad picture. But I hope you get the...
Mar17-10 11:41 AM
14 1,974
problem: before - 1st object: m=6kg, v=3m/s 2nd object: m=6kg, v=0m/s after - 1st object move off in a...
Nov24-09 07:10 AM
1 1,051
I don't like the idea of superposition and have been thinking about this, would like to know what you guys think... ...
Apr20-12 01:52 PM
Mark M
4 925
Hi all, Found this forum while looking for some resources for my short question is: does anyone know...
Nov2-09 06:23 PM
3 4,092
I've been trying to get some insight into the light scattering mechanism that occurs in colloidal solutions via the...
Nov4-10 10:30 AM
2 3,706
Note to newcomers: This is a very old thread that does not meet the current forum guidelines and has therefore been...
Aug23-05 07:47 AM
49 115,676
In Dr. Michio Kaku's excellent book entitled, "Hyperspace", he discusses about three kinds of civilizations: Type...
Jun23-04 10:07 AM
7 5,885
The copper-oxygen planes that are believed to be responsible for superconductivity are separated by many insulating...
May20-04 06:12 PM
0 1,392
I was doing some simple physics with a ball resting on a table and I made this curve (0,0) (25, 6.8) (50, 27.51)...
Jun5-13 01:02 PM
5 670
i know there are gravitational and friction force. can anyone tell me names of forces other than those?
Jul29-06 12:04 PM
6 8,494
I have received conflicting information from the internet regaurding cell phone/mobile phone communication. Some...
Jul23-11 10:30 AM
1 4,731
Sorry for such a general question; but does any know, or know where to find what type of physicists normally work at a...
Apr16-08 05:38 PM
1 1,235
I am in the process of building a piezoelectric device to harvest sound with a frequency generator at one side of a...
Dec23-12 08:40 AM
2 1,301
What is the difference between static pressure,dynamic pressure,pressure and total pressure? could anyone explain...
Jul13-14 09:57 AM
Simon Bridge
1 396
I know there are different types of waves in matter, for example P waves, S waves, etc. But do these correlate to...
Aug19-09 04:00 PM
1 978
can covalent solids like sand,zeolite be induced with charge....
May24-13 09:26 PM
Simon Bridge
5 618
Let's say I have some simple formulas I want to type -maybe inline- and I don't want to go through the trouble of...
Jul2-04 06:10 PM
11 2,584
Hi! In a non-related forum I'm trying to convince some people that the amount of dry friction has nothing to do...
May6-04 06:34 AM
Chi Meson
1 6,201
I did some searches and I see a little bit of discussion on this topic in the past but I am still not sure I fully...
Nov11-09 02:45 PM
Bob S
6 3,586
I am getting confused by the definition of the u-value . I want to do some calculations for heat loss but I do not...
May5-09 06:25 PM
4 12,369
Hello: At the APS meeting in Jacksonville, I got to talking about the groups that make up the standard model,...
May2-07 05:00 AM
3 2,764
Internal of a gas is nCvdT. why it is you know any simple proof or derivation for this.
Dec22-11 03:03 PM
7 3,196
I couldn't manage to find substantial contents on the web explaining why U(x) = -du/dx. But in thinking about why...
Mar30-14 08:38 AM
8 518
I have a problem wih my gutters overflowing and I wonder if it is because of the weight of water in the two sides of...
Oct18-09 10:54 PM
10 3,734
"The U.S. Air Force is moving forward with plans to develop new space vehicles that can launch quickly and frequently,...
Jul14-03 06:26 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,128
I'm reading the Scientific American article on the Oklo reactor. One of the statements is that U237 was produced,...
Mar31-06 04:00 AM
G. R. L. Cowan
1 1,169
I'm reading the Scientific American article on the Oklo reactor. One of the statements is that U237 was produced,...
Nov4-06 03:28 PM
G. R. L. Cowan
1 5,065
I am going to the University of Alabama in Huntsville and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the quality...
May31-04 01:31 AM
0 2,039
Just a general question. If you drop a object (air resistance negligible) and you know the t initial is 0 and you know...
May20-10 09:10 AM
2 812
Ok topic was rather unscientific i know, but yes, i want to know, what are the highest frequency waves that are...
Oct15-09 09:39 PM
Bob S
4 968
Hi! I've just created this question for my undergraduated students that are going to apply for an engineering...
Apr12-13 07:28 PM
9 802
The frequency of UK mains electricity is 50Hz. I know that this means there are 50 cycles per second & so it must...
Apr8-09 04:14 AM
2 1,365
Like we have learned in school, the ultimate speed is a light speed. Do you belive that? We may be wrong. Lets take an...
Feb29-04 02:12 PM
2 1,777
I know there have been serveral instances where protons have been detected travelling through our atmosphere with...
Jun18-10 10:03 AM
6 2,022
As described in this report, the limits on the strength of stable magnetic fields are due to the magnetic forces on...
Oct23-07 02:55 AM
0 2,787
I am working on a project involving a scanning tunneling microscope, and to move atoms i need an untra high vacuum...
Mar16-07 03:49 AM
4 2,345

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