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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,724
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
T 12:44 PM
167 160,493
Does anyone know the range of the wavelengths of the UV light that reaches the earth (ground)?
Mar2-05 10:29 AM
3 840
Ok thanks for the responses to my other question; I think I now have it. I have a follow up question – that is almost...
Jun11-12 06:53 AM
8 1,456
Need a bit of help here and am not sure where to post this, feel free to move it to the right place if necessary. I...
Jun10-11 05:43 PM
0 707
Simple question will UV glue that is supposed to be dried under a UV light dry or harden if taken and placed in direct...
Mar27-13 07:00 AM
2 473
I recently repaired some damage on my car, which isn't quite done - I still have to scrape the runs. However, the...
Nov6-13 10:08 PM
Simon Bridge
1 458
Dear All, I need a UV laser illumination on the phosphorous particles dissolved in the water. Water will be in a...
Oct6-12 07:41 AM
0 827
Is "Effects of UV Rays' a good topic in research?
Aug10-05 10:47 PM
Claude Bile
7 1,378
Hi In UV spectrscopy, is the definition of absorbance (A = ecl) derived from the definition of transmission (T =...
Jun19-10 03:05 PM
Andy Resnick
2 4,857
I have a problem with which I would appreciate any help that is offered: I have a 266nm laser (frequency quadrupled...
Sep19-07 12:45 AM
8 2,425
Folks, I'm gonna acquire a UV bulb. What stuff can I do with it? Not only glamorous stuff, but stuff that I will be...
Jul30-11 01:20 PM
3 1,292
Is there a chart of values that equates W/m2 to the ultra violet index? I've found a couple of references so far; ...
Aug20-13 11:54 AM
0 406
In relativity, when it comes to calculating the beta factor, what frame of reference are we supposed to use to measure...
Mar17-03 09:46 AM
4 3,957
A need some help understanding the concept: A person on a trampoline bounces straight upward with an initial speed...
Oct17-07 09:32 AM
5 8,916
I'm doing coursework on a circuit experiment we performed in class. I'm pretty sure the results are wrong or flawed,...
Dec1-12 09:53 AM
7 1,015
Hey there, Basically we had an experiment where we had to change the distance 'd' on a v shaped pendulum (0.5d for...
Nov28-09 12:44 AM
1 4,326
Do voltmeters work by sampling current from two points in a circuit and output the voltage or potential difference...
Nov1-06 06:22 AM
1 6,640
Why did JJ Thomson need to inprove the vacuum in his cathode ray tube? how to approximately calculate the pressure if...
Dec30-12 11:53 PM
1 558
Would it be possible for an object with pockets of trapped vacuum space be able to float just the way air pockets do...
May5-11 02:58 PM
13 1,655
I am curious how cam i make vacuum at home without having any sophisticated hardware. Not asking for 100% vacuum just...
Nov3-07 09:01 AM
13 1,847
This might sound silly , but can a vacum have a speed ?
Jan27-07 08:21 PM
2 1,403
Ok again I'm thinking some things but a simple question, You have two metal spheres , one inside the other.Now we...
Jul11-13 08:35 AM
11 641
In the world of woodworking wood verneer is often glued onto a board by putting the piece into a vacuum bag which...
Feb1-07 03:04 AM
11 1,623
Hi If a vacuum pump is operated on a test container (say at 150 degree C) and as a result at the outlet,water is...
Jul31-09 05:19 AM
0 806
I work for a company which has an interesting problem. We store at cryogenic temperatures in vapour phase, not...
Apr7-14 04:58 AM
3 251
Hi all, i was pottering away at work yesterday and realised just how little i truly understand about vacuum!! So i...
Nov2-13 07:07 PM
4 446
Will there be any change in buoyancy in bottle full of air and vacuum bottle?
Mar23-11 09:42 AM
4 732
Does anyone know what the value of capacitance in a vacuum (C_{0}) is? Would this be a constant or dependent on the...
Sep28-08 12:45 PM
1 3,912
Hello, I'd like to propose you one question. I tried to use my logic but it doesn't work. I have a chamber and i...
Jan14-08 03:48 AM
4 2,462
hello, I have build a vacuum chamber out of an acrylic cylinder. I can get down to 50 micron but if I turn off the...
Apr2-13 06:23 PM
6 628
I did a demo for my students, using a simple vacuum pump and a vacuum chamber. I put a burning candle in the vacuum...
Oct2-13 10:36 PM
1 274
This is my first post and please take easy on this. There is a CO2 bottle with about 850 psi at 70F and has about...
Mar9-12 12:38 PM
0 853
Hi! I would like to ask for some help regarding a project I am thinking of making. Well, the thing is, I would like to...
Feb26-09 06:11 AM
4 5,899 has anyone read this? skip the fist part if you wish, its the second...
Jun8-03 02:26 AM
5 1,491
russian physicists say they have developed a device that create something like 5x the energy that is inputted into....
Mar26-04 06:42 PM
0 1,072
If the vacuum was made of stable particles with rest mass (stable in the sense that the particles never decay or in...
Jul7-04 04:35 PM
0 1,086
Is vacuum energy the lowest energy state?
Sep26-11 12:57 AM
0 702
Has it been proven to exist, and if it has, has anyone succeeded in conerting it into another energy such as...
Jun18-10 09:10 AM
4 1,156
Hi everyone! I need help about understanding the Vacuum process, where can I find some information about it? and...
Jan24-05 09:56 AM
4 2,388
I understand that vacuum fluctuations can spring into and out of existence within a sufficiently short period of...
Jul20-08 05:00 AM
0 681
What is the force associated with a vacuum? If I put a straw in a soda and pinch off the end of the straw, then lift...
Feb10-14 11:30 AM
2 448

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