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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
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I'm a programmer who loves math but unfortunately is not all that good at it. I'm trying to model a simple spring to...
Apr10-08 06:59 PM
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Hi All, A friend and I were recently considering the idea of measuring water flow in a fire hose, buy measuring the...
Aug20-09 02:40 AM
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Can someone point towards some useful information for me about the frequency dependence (over the audio frequency...
Aug13-04 11:35 AM
1 734
A quick question. Let's say you had an infinitely long wire carrying a constant current, and a straight piece of...
May19-13 02:29 PM
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need help with this question Test the following combinations and explain why each does not have the properties...
Sep11-05 06:32 PM
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Tom; Thanks for airing some good points to ponder. Yes, I agree that I need to be more precise. I'm toying with...
Nov8-06 06:00 AM
Tom Roberts
2 734
Hi i am a senior that needs helps as soon as possible since its due TOMORROW! My problem is that I have to adress...
Feb25-08 10:52 PM
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Atomic physics studies the electron hull of atoms. This branch of physics is distinct from nuclear physics, despite...
Mar13-09 09:22 AM
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The total work done by the force as the object moves from position x1 to xn can be approximated by the formula...
Oct18-09 01:28 PM
mars shaw
0 734
hi, i wanted to know if there is a pair of polarizer sheet capable of blocking harmful rays from the arc of arc...
Jul27-10 01:13 AM
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Does the amount of defraction of a light photon depend on the phase of the photon -or- do all photons with the same...
Nov19-10 12:31 PM
0 734
Watch this video first, please. ( ). I had been...
Jan9-12 01:29 AM
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In order to determine the temperature that an electromagnet reached after a 3 minute period the electromagnet was...
Mar18-12 09:59 PM
3 734
Hello everybody. I would like to ask the following: Imagine a source of strong electric filed. For example a...
Mar19-12 12:10 PM
1 734
we all know wakes are very much undesirable. Also, wakes are of generally very low pressure region. Why is is so?...
Jun8-12 01:51 PM
6 734
A ball A is released from rest at a height of h and another ball B is provided with a horizontal force at the same...
Jun19-12 03:04 AM
7 734
I was looking for some help on getting displacement from acceleration data (using an accelerometer). I found this old...
Oct19-12 05:07 PM
1 734 - Wikipedia Question = I don't actually know how the...
May9-13 06:37 AM
4 734
Is the arrow of time explained by probability - i mean do we go forward in tiome because there are more possibilities...
Sep27-13 09:47 AM
Claude Bile
16 734
I have recently wondered how water can dry at normal, livable temperatures, but its boiling point is 373.15K. Is there...
Jun30-13 11:38 PM
2 733
On Jan 4, 3:56 pm, Chalky <> wrote: > On Jan 3, 9:52 am, Igor Khavkine <>...
Jan11-09 05:00 AM
Igor Khavkine
6 733
Gravitational waves are described as being polarised on Wikipedia ...
Mar26-09 07:56 AM
0 733
I was under the impression that energy had to be positive. Yet it seems we are still forced to use negative energies...
Oct1-09 03:09 PM
6 733
Is the total impulse of a rocket, divided by its weight, the Isp of the rocket?
Jul8-10 09:05 AM
0 733
Hi all, I have a question about trapped ion. How can they achieve such stable frequencies if the power supply which...
Dec7-10 05:03 PM
4 733
Ive been wondering about this for some time...can a regular surface(say a wall) be changed from its regular color to...
Jan28-11 07:17 AM
Andy Resnick
1 733
Can poisson's equation for a gravitational potential field always be represented as gauss's law for gravitational...
Feb21-11 06:17 PM
0 733
Hello everybody, I know that we can just apply Henry's law when there is a thermodynamic balance between for...
Jul27-11 06:06 PM
0 733
If you take a water molecule (H-O-H) with 2 covalent bonds (imagine, just for now, that this is the only 2 atoms...
Aug10-11 04:21 AM
2 733
Fun Fly Stick is a toy to generate electrostatic energy, please see an attached image. I am insulated from the...
Nov3-11 02:01 PM
0 733
Would Solar panels work if i were to shine strontium alluminate....if yes why and if not, why not?
Mar26-12 07:15 AM
0 733
Can anyone please give the proof for the relation between partition function and magnetization???
May30-12 08:24 PM
0 733
Hello :) I just came across the old NOVA page and it says : What experiments? When? I googled Kaluza-Klein...
Jun12-12 06:44 PM
0 733
Can anyone answer this question- I have a 3 inch ball. I want to build a manual ball launcher. I need to get the...
Jul3-12 12:54 AM
11 733
Its stated that total energy of an isolated system is given by E = \frac{1}{2}mv^{2} + \frac{1}{2}Iω^{2} + mgh. ...
Jul7-12 10:24 AM
4 733 Can anyone give me some feedback on my understanding...
Aug13-12 04:39 PM
0 733
if light is made of photons yet it has no mass, the particle is massless how can it be matter, as matter is defined as...
Nov18-12 07:13 PM
4 733
Hello Everyone! I have a question related to the ACTUAL APPEARANCE of the virtual image/object formed when a person...
Feb9-13 04:45 AM
5 733
Hi, I am trying to prove the second law of reflection using fermat's principle and I am not entirely sure how to start...
Feb15-13 06:03 AM
Simon Bridge
3 733
Is resistor a conductor or an insulator?
Aug14-13 12:56 PM
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