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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Aug12-14 11:12 PM Simon Bridge 
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All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
Aug31-14 02:46 PM nsaspook 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
168 190,907
Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 70,655
What is the physics formula that is used to determine the aeriodanic flight of a golf ball as it relates to the...
Jan25-06 11:46 AM
Terry Love
0 806
We have already seen magnetic levitation. Now comes levitation using sound (which is really air pressure). Those...
Nov30-06 03:14 PM
Chi Meson
3 806
Hi, I'm facing the problem to model a methane leakage in a methane piping. I read the 3d on a vessel leakage...
Apr4-12 04:03 AM
1 806
Hi I am thinking of ways how to transfer electricity so that I can separate the phase magnetically or otherwise, Ok we...
Sep17-12 12:15 PM
4 806
Since I couldn't start a thread in the learning materials section , I thought this would be a suitable place. Im...
Jun16-13 04:33 PM
4 806
Everybody knows that two object run together to the earth despite of their mass. For example we have a object with 30...
Sep9-13 02:18 AM
10 806
I am trying to figure out a method for using optical tweezers to manipulate individual atoms into new meta-material...
Jul14-14 02:21 PM
2 806
I have found a gravitational stress-energy tensor in GR at first order in h = g - I. It is calculated as, ...
Oct11-06 03:33 PM
1 805
I think when we talk about negative or positive of a displacement, we mean that the direction of this displacement...
Jul10-07 03:06 PM
2 805
What if i was travelling in a car with an e- with me. W.r.t to a positive charge at rest , it would seem accelerating...
Jul24-09 11:47 AM
Bob S
6 805
Hello everyone, I have no clue where this question should go as I do not have the slightest insight as to what this...
Sep1-09 05:01 PM
1 805
Hi physic peoples, I've been doing wind tunnel experiments on structures for my final year engineering project,...
Sep21-10 08:42 PM
2 805
I'm currently writing a paper on how the tension exerted on a conducting wire affect the electrical resistence. Does...
Oct21-10 02:43 PM
0 805
Ive been wondering about this for some time...can a regular surface(say a wall) be changed from its regular color to...
Jan28-11 07:17 AM
Andy Resnick
1 805
Hi everyone, I don't know how I manage it but I've gone and confused myself about something which I was fairly...
Jan22-12 10:47 AM
3 805
Power to lift* a piano A piano of mass 200 kg is lifted vertically by a 0.5 hp motor. Given that 746 watt = 1 hp, ...
May5-12 06:03 PM
2 805
I'm trying to understand the motion of projectile motion under the influence of air resistance. A website such as this...
Jun28-12 12:45 AM
Simon Bridge
3 805
Here in the 3d world, we have 2d paper where we can draw 2d representations of 3d objects. How would a 2d being...
Jul23-12 01:42 PM
1 805
First of all hi to the forum, Ive read topics here for years but this is my first post. I thought I would post this up...
Feb13-13 01:04 PM
4 805
So I've just been a bit confused over the concept of rounding curves and accelerating. Obviously its commonly...
Sep27-13 11:26 PM
4 805
Hello everyone, Being new here, and not a "Physics Guy" I wasn't sure where this should go, but General Physics...
Nov21-13 10:24 AM
4 805
Ok I need some help... I am trying to figure out if 130 pounds could make a dent in a car (I supposedly made 5 dents...
Jul8-04 04:30 PM
2 804
I am really confused, according to E=MC2 energy must contribute to the force of gravity, so that means that every...
Oct22-04 04:00 PM
1 804
I am trying to figure out the force required for a gas spring to open a load; in this case a glass plate framed in...
Jul14-05 08:16 PM
1 804
Say we have two waves of the same amplitude are about to collide with each other. The preceeding wave travels at a...
Apr9-07 06:55 AM
1 804
We've all wanted to fly before. We've all wanted to have a flying car. We've all wished we can just take off and land...
Mar28-09 12:34 AM
6 804
Two systems are seperated by a membrane which allow heat and partcle exchange. Both systems have same volume but...
May4-09 09:57 PM
2 804
If the cylinder and wire are made of the same material, then their densities should be the same or different? I...
May26-09 06:12 PM
1 804
For understand general relativity, they tell me, there have flat space, add a sun, the flat space changed to curved...
May31-09 08:48 PM
4 804
A solid metal body reflects radio waves. But a metal mesh like the one in a microwave oven cancels it and does not let...
Jul1-09 04:01 AM
8 804
A little question I hope you can help me with. If you got the low frequency bass notes and some high notes as well....
Oct26-09 08:28 AM
Denver Dang
2 804
So i'm new to the Physics Forums and am looking for some help on this problem: Wheel A of radius r=10cm is coupled...
Apr6-10 09:35 PM
0 804
never mind....
Apr4-11 04:22 PM
0 804
Hi, a question I have been asking myself is what where to happen if we where to look deeper into the atom? Is there a...
Aug9-12 12:56 PM
3 804
I am really finding it hard to work out Young's Modulus. I have my stress / strain graph I was told I should...
Oct31-12 08:51 AM
AJ Bentley
1 804
Keep in mind while reading all peaple who wish to learn must start somewhere i feel like a critique from peaple who...
Nov5-12 04:04 PM
5 804
Hi guys, I am not a physicist or a mathematician but I have a question relating to physics. I am trying to find a...
Mar4-14 05:04 PM
21 804
In school, I have been told that black appears how it is because it absorbs all frequencies of visible light and...
May28-14 01:55 PM
13 804
Ok so this may be an odd question but maybe there is someone here who can understand what I'm talking about. When...
Jul21-10 11:16 PM
6 803
Oops: Just discovered the Cosmology forum. Sorry for posting in the wrong area. (Can edit but don't see a way to move...
Sep20-10 02:46 PM
0 803

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