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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Quality answers to common physics questions
Jul24-14 11:39 AM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
May6-14 04:32 AM
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 69,519
what is the equation for finding momentum?
Feb10-04 12:41 PM
2 787
hi guys, doing damped and forced harmonic motion at college at the moment, but i don't do further maths...hence i'm...
Oct18-05 12:52 PM
1 787
Mike Fontenot wrote (about circular orbits in s states): >> I've heard this picture before, but it seems to me, given...
Feb14-06 06:01 AM
0 787
What is the main aspect of using topology in quantum hall effect?
Aug9-06 04:02 AM
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"Ralph Hartley" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag > Ilja...
Nov4-06 03:24 PM
Ilja Schmelzer
0 787
Hello. First of all I am not physicist, so plz don't expect too much knowledge from me.... I am mainly interested...
Nov4-06 03:33 PM
1 787
I am a High School Honors and AP Physics teacher and I am looking for a vector lab that can be done on the football...
Sep8-12 09:34 PM
0 786
So I could swear that a few months ago, there were dozens of papers by Dirac available on -- page after...
Sep21-11 03:49 PM
0 786
What happens to photons in a magnetic room?
Jun3-08 03:39 PM
1 786
Recently, I pulled a streached sting. and got a force on my had which was so string that I had to remove my hand frem...
May25-09 06:31 PM
1 786
Hi folks, im new here! i am currently trying to design a speed retarding system for a childs pedal gokart. ...
Jun7-09 03:06 PM
2 786
Ok, so for equilibrium (no moment about any point), all the lines of action must pass through a single point right?...
Jun18-09 05:00 AM
Doc Al
1 786
Suppose I have a space ship that can accelerate to c in one month of acceleration/deceleration of month and I want to...
Jul18-14 12:48 PM
3 786
i tried rubbing cotton with a plastic ruler, and then placing it near the dust, it doesn't get attracted. where did...
Jun17-11 11:48 PM
0 786
Hi - I have a problem that somewhat mimics an orbital mechanics problem, but I'm struggling with seeing the light. ...
Oct21-11 10:46 AM
1 786
In the way we represent an electromagnetic wave (click on...
Jun14-12 08:02 AM
1 786
As an amateur astronomer I want my primary mirror (diameter 37 cm) to maintain the same temperature as the air. Small...
Sep28-12 05:24 AM
5 786
Hello , so basically what are the main parameters describing these types of transformers? What is the typical...
Nov11-12 05:26 PM
0 786
Awhile back I had been messing around with batteries, copper wiring, compasses and small neodymium magnets; during...
Apr1-13 04:08 AM
4 786
I'm looking into different surfaces for use as a projector screen. One of the most highly-regarded screen surfaces is...
Apr23-13 07:50 AM
9 786
why the Universe was at a small point? Is this point like super small like. Plank length ...
Jul19-04 01:45 PM
3 785
Why exactly are incoming partons time-like and outgoing ones space-like?
Nov4-06 03:26 PM
0 785
Wondering if anyone has a good simple formula for rolling a weight up an incline? and the actual pull required for a...
Oct2-11 07:07 AM
0 785
For example, what happens if you put an apple in space? Or what happens when animals (or people) are frozen to very...
Dec2-09 06:19 AM
1 785
I am trying to build a Kelvin dropper, but its not working at all. I have tried all of the means possible, but there...
Mar5-10 04:55 AM
0 785
If gravitons are proven to exist, does that mean that Einstein was just lucky in coming up with the right formula for...
Mar6-10 04:59 PM
1 785
I have seen some light making stickers sold that can be put on your mobile and they emit light when you talk. Am I...
Mar19-10 09:53 AM
2 785
Greetings everyone, I am a first time poster. I suppose that my initial post will be slightly non-scientific. ...
Apr22-10 08:38 PM
2 785
Hi there, I posted essentially this question a quite awhile ago but the answer wasn't what I needed and then the post...
Dec30-11 12:56 AM
0 785
Im just about to start writing my extended essay, which is basically 4000 words on a topuc of your choice, im thinking...
Feb25-12 05:24 AM
0 785
I was working on an image processing project a while ago and was specifically working with raster images in the...
May28-13 12:23 AM
10 785 let Rg be the...
Jun4-13 04:09 AM
6 785
why or how does an object emit radiation of different wavelength for a given temperature?
Jul22-13 12:12 PM
4 785
My question is simple: suppose that I have X kg of matter and an equal amount of antimatter, would *both* produce Xc^2...
Jun22-12 02:32 PM
2 784
Hi All, B = μonI I am trying to adapt this formula to include a dependence upon the angle made by the coils...
Apr4-12 09:41 AM
1 784
This is not homework, my friend sent this to me randomly and told me to solve and idk.... "A pogo stick, ****ing...
May31-12 06:03 AM
Doc Al
1 784
Just wondering if we have a non-conducting spherical shell which is uniformly charged and we know the potential at the...
Jun9-12 07:34 AM
1 784
If my question is lacking something in terms of its validity, please let me know (I am not too seasoned in electric...
Nov2-12 04:10 AM
Simon Bridge
4 784
The violet color has a higher frequency than blue. An RGB display can represent at each pixel the frequencies for red,...
Dec12-12 03:29 PM
8 784
If an object is moving at a high velocity (i.e. an asteroid or comet) and it impacts something such as a planet is the...
Jan20-13 04:52 AM
false vacume
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