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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,620
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,189
Hey! Im 16 and love physics, but im starting to get board with the regular school course and want to start a little...
May24-06 12:58 AM
3 5,302
One of my pet peaves is how many web sites and books use "hump" theory to explain lift: "the hump on top of a wing...
May26-06 02:13 AM
11 5,666
Mathematically speaking, Einstein's general relativistic field equation admits two possibilities for the speed of...
May25-06 04:00 AM
John Bell
57 3,308
Why is the (mass)^2 term of the Higgs Boson negative in the Standard Model Lagrangian to start with? I understand...
May24-06 12:21 PM
13 2,072
I am wonder what produce the earth's magnetic field .Can anyone tell me . Besides , I am doing a experiment to measure...
May26-06 08:40 PM
29 2,805
If i have prepared an electron with a definitive spin projection along x axis (say up) and I accelerate the electron...
May24-06 04:00 AM
4 1,014
Can anyone tell where (in a textbook) the interaction and building of atoms (the cross-sections) of ions with...
May22-06 04:00 AM
Murray Arnow
3 1,843
If an elevator.. was free falling at its max speed. Would i be able to jump while im in the elevator?
May25-06 09:00 AM
31 19,344
Just like religion, modern physical analysis creates the basic concepts, which we do not understand, and...
May22-06 06:18 AM
7 897
I am surprised that there has not been even a single post on this forum even though this eems to be the hottest...
May25-06 04:00 AM
Oh No
7 1,159
If you shake an (unopened) soda can or bottle, will the pressure inside increase or stay the same? If it does...
May23-06 03:44 PM
41 27,338
In the course of treating the problem of an infinitely conducting gas accreting to a star in the presence of a...
May25-06 03:39 PM
1 1,138
Have you ever cranked a generator? When it's not connected to anything it's easy to turn but when you connect it to a...
May24-06 01:25 AM
11 1,269
Hi, In quantum field theory space-time seems to play the same role as it does in classical physics namely one...
May22-06 04:00 AM
Igor Khavkine
2 646
Hello, Just like in the topic, what causes electrons to move around the nucleus in perpetual motion (they never...
May25-06 01:06 AM
23 4,664
On a sunny day, notably in Winter, your hand can feel warmth from the Sun, but as soon as you step out of the Sun your...
May22-06 10:08 AM
4 2,241
after applying fourier transform on the interference picture i get from the object ray and the reference ray (which i...
May22-06 05:25 PM
4 1,082
Greetings all... When I pull a fairly good size/quality rubber band and then quickly hold it against my lips, I...
May21-06 09:07 PM
7 5,967
I have a question- How exactly should I go about building a projectile launcher with a ping pong ball?:rolleyes: ...
May24-06 03:07 AM
9 7,568 What causes the symmetrical patterns with the different sound...
May24-06 01:48 PM
5 1,112
I have a question about piezoelectricity in GR... In conserving energy in GR, it's accepted Div T =0 , i.e....
May24-06 04:00 AM
Igor Khavkine
1 874
When we have hail rain, that is water and little solids in the form of ice crystals falling from the sky, is that...
May23-06 08:22 AM
1 974
I had problems with the gravity option someone has any webiste to give me for help , thanks (waves would be also good)
May24-06 04:16 AM
2 809
If I look at for example my curtain I see that it is green. But why does it have this colour? I know it has something...
May26-06 09:22 PM
14 1,383
Hi, I want to subscribe to one of these two magazines: - “Physics world” - “Physics today” Which one do you...
May25-06 03:01 PM
3 2,774
Hi.Does anyone know any photoluminescent materials that have a very short glow time ( i mean very short,maybee half a...
May24-06 03:28 AM
0 849
Why is it that when I fill my plastic pure water drinkbottle with chili water from a drink tap, the whole bottle...
May24-06 07:21 PM
5 1,409
How do they make them so that these exquisite notes come from them, i mean they are flimsy bits of wood and tensioned...
May24-06 01:08 PM
5 1,423
Hello, I have a 100 LEDs with 22 candela and a 20° opening angle which I calculated to give me 3300 lumen per lamp....
May24-06 12:21 PM
0 1,618
Im working at this at the moment on this and i was wondering if is posible to reverse polarity of a permanent magnet...
May26-06 12:56 PM
11 2,942
if I set a bar magnet down next to a small metallic object, the object is displaced. Clearly, through this...
May25-06 01:01 PM
15 2,859
At my company, we have a design using thermoelectric cooling. I have no idea how they work, is there some phenomenon...
May24-06 04:08 PM
1 1,533
The Janet Periodic Table of Elements (1929) seems more "consistent" than the modern form. The location of any element...
May26-06 03:55 PM
1 2,502
Ok, since my thread got locked, I will just post a topic on how everyone else thinks gravity works. Sorry, I didn't...
May26-06 09:49 AM
Doc Al
6 19,312
"Lethbridge student solves Universe" in todays local paper. A young lad has postulated that D=distance D=E/pi ...
May25-06 11:31 AM
1 2,145
Why is there less foam the second time you fill a cup with soda than the first time. At first I thought that it had...
May26-06 07:12 PM
7 1,921
I was posting this on sciforums and it hasn't been debated yet so looking for opinions. But this forum is even better...
May25-06 07:15 PM
Doc Al
1 1,201
Hi, I am trying to learn Constructive Quantum Field Theory (CQFT) a la "Quantum Physics" by Glimm and Jaffe. As the...
May26-06 04:00 AM
Martin Chang
0 2,258
What is the factor that determines whether an object will be transparent, translucent, or opaque? Also, what makes...
May26-06 09:02 AM
1 890
I'm puzzled. If light is made up of photons and photons have no mass, how can black holes 'attract' light into...
May26-06 12:18 PM
2 1,448

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