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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,609
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,161
what is the source of gravitational force will gravity be same for objects with same mass but with different...
Mar4-12 04:05 PM
19 2,493
I just got done watching Stephen Hawking's Into the Universe episode 2, which is about time travel. They think that...
Mar5-12 07:26 PM
11 1,977
What would be the most basic and solid way of doing this for a gasoline engine? I've thought about using a ultrasonic...
Mar3-12 03:23 PM
7 2,825
Dear Experts Does anyone know how big can we extend the gap between the 2 plates? Thanks. Regards Ramone
Mar4-12 08:16 AM
11 1,490
Hi As the word suggests, a monochromatic wave has a single frequency. However, usually it also said in various...
Mar5-12 05:08 AM
20 6,812
If you search electric charge on the German Wikipedia (search electric charge on Wikipedia and click on the "Deutsch"...
Mar5-12 08:08 AM
4 1,325
My buddy and I are planning on doing a shooting competition at our local gun club and need some help. I have asked...
Mar5-12 09:00 PM
jim hardy
6 2,237
So I was reading about De Broglie's theory of particle-wave duality the other day and I came across the equation:...
Mar3-12 05:11 PM
3 2,744
Ok everyone, ever since i was 16 i have been studying this kind of stuff. Anyways I'm now 18 and a senior in high...
Mar3-12 09:43 PM
23 2,095
So I have and inclined plane at 1 degrees, and on top of it, there is an object 361grams. I gradually increase the...
Mar5-12 04:12 AM
1 731
Work=force x displacement. This displacement is the whole displacement that the force causes or just the...
Mar5-12 01:48 AM
2 936
The YouTube video here will get you to think a bit. Basically, 15 separate pendulums that create various patterns: ...
Mar3-12 02:32 PM
3 1,074
Yes, they make things simpler. But how? I've never come across a comparison of life with complex numbers and without?...
Mar4-12 08:57 AM
10 1,710
Hello All, I am a masters student in electronics engg and reading technical electrodynamics. Please let me know...
Mar3-12 10:21 PM
3 1,556
What are the possibilities of using a waste heat recovery systems in the coolants of cars? Why is it not being done...
Mar4-12 02:25 PM
1 1,209
My class is working on a bio-mimicry project. Long story. Recently we've been looking at bio-luminescent light, and...
Mar4-12 01:44 AM
Michael C
3 965
And what has been the greatest discovery in the last 50 years? QED? For 100 years, it's clearly general relativity.
Mar4-12 06:39 PM
5 1,924
hlw, this is Shafieur......i m in a problem to calculate the range of water with pressure 2bar and angle 45 degree....
Mar5-12 01:09 AM
Md. Shafieur
2 587
i have two questions i think are asking almost the same thing. 1) in this typical centripetal force experiment;...
Mar4-12 09:58 AM
Doc Al
3 982
so what i am about to write is quite possibly wrong, but this is just how i was thinking about why the speed of light...
Mar4-12 11:30 AM
1 1,035
hello! is it totally true that there is no way to change the volume and pressure of a given amount of liquid? ...
Mar4-12 04:56 PM
8 1,178
Hello All, I am a masters student in electronics engg and reading technical electrodynamics. Please let me know...
Mar4-12 04:24 PM
1 936
My professor asked the cost of running a hair dryer of 1500 W for 15.0 minutes for 5 days a week for 4 weeks. The...
Mar5-12 11:20 AM
8 2,254
I'm a game developer and I have an idea to make something heat up and cool off and I would like to use realistic style...
Mar4-12 06:18 PM
jim hardy
4 1,267
Ok, this has been on my mind all day. Sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm still a H.S student trying to figure out to...
Mar5-12 05:42 PM
Dirty Mike
3 2,383
Can someone explain the following formula to me? I would like to know what m, kg, and s are. At glance I believe this...
Mar5-12 01:28 AM
3 1,103
I am reading George Gamow's book on gravity and in his book he says: The American physicists AA Michelson found from...
Mar5-12 07:16 AM
2 1,117
Hi everyone, my first post here. I have worked out some of the problems facing physics in general and quantum...
Mar5-12 06:22 PM
Vanadium 50
3 874
Hi, Is it possible to control the attitude of helium balloons without cutting the balloons or dropping the weight? ...
Mar5-12 12:13 PM
4 829
On a dirty car that's been travelling at a reasonably fast speed (I'm guessing at 50mph+) there is always dirt...
Mar5-12 05:31 AM
0 623
I've read Feynman lectures on physics. Can you recommend some physics books for me to carry on!
Mar5-12 07:25 AM
1 1,110
Hi, I am an an artist hoping that you scientists can kindly help me with some advice. I am making a simple liquid...
Mar5-12 08:52 AM
2 1,136
I need this book, very much. Help me... Thanks "Field giude to geometrical optics" John E. Greivenkamp...
Mar5-12 08:00 AM
0 1,000
Is there a way to find out by how much a temperature of 20 degrees Kelvin (or Celsius, same magnitude) will drop, with...
Mar5-12 08:02 PM
2 1,033
Is there a formula to calculate, let's say, how much light is absorbed in 100m of air, taking into account wavelength...
Mar5-12 10:28 AM
0 992
This is my first post so bear with me. I have available 7600 gallons of water per minute with the head pressure of 150...
Mar5-12 03:33 PM
0 768
Hey I've been looking around about lens flare's within the eye. well not necessarily lens flares, but the category it...
Mar5-12 07:13 PM
kamari rised
3 5,602
I've be looking up research on Quantum Teleportation and after reading a discussion about it, it had me wondering. If...
Mar5-12 07:34 PM
1 810
I had a problem where we had to write out the sinusoidal function for the rotation of a ferris wheel. My teacher said...
Mar5-12 10:26 PM
2 2,173
hey, i wanna understand how does the molecules of a rope or cable generate tension when force is applied at both ends....
Mar6-12 03:27 AM
1 1,152

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