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May25-09 10:31 AM ZapperZ 

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General Physics

- Nature and properties of matter and energy. For any physics topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Before posting anything, please review the Physics Forums Global Guidelines. If you are seeking help with a...
Apr22-11 05:27 AM
2 63,715
The aim of this thread is to highlight recent (as in within the past 3 months) noteworthy physics papers that have...
Apr8-14 10:13 AM
166 160,468
ala the sun? Jupiter's upper atmosphere is composed of about 8892% hydrogen and 812% helium ...
Mar2-12 10:10 AM
13 3,204
What would be the most basic and solid way of doing this for a gasoline engine? I've thought about using a ultrasonic...
Mar3-12 03:23 PM
7 2,834
Thinking about rotating mass (for example a bike tire) and the disadvantages / advantages that come with differing...
Mar3-12 09:55 AM
13 2,342
This follows some questions/points made in my light and sight thread. I have been trying to work out the...
Mar2-12 12:24 PM
28 3,185
What is the most beautiful mathematical model that describes the our universe? It's not just restricted to the pure...
Mar2-12 07:32 AM
5 1,819
how do you calculate the amount of water that can be supplied to pvc pipe with an exact number of holes drilled into...
Mar1-12 07:53 PM
0 1,198
How is it that the water in a bucket, spun fast enough, does not spill? The formula at the top would be Total Force...
Mar2-12 07:21 PM
2 1,262
I have a f(n*t) vs t data areay how to find out its (DFT) fourier transform in c. I find every time that every program...
Mar3-12 03:40 AM
10 778
I've made fiber laser system. Previously, there's no problem in my set up and achieved good result. Further, when I...
Mar2-12 12:22 AM
3 1,074
Hi, I live in 6th floor of an apartment. To prevent birds from pooping beside my window, I hang some unlabeled CDs...
Mar2-12 05:08 AM
4 1,272
When I apply a force to a wall and the force applies a contrary force, what is causing the wall to apply this force on...
Mar2-12 07:08 PM
1 892
I often see, when people talk about black holes, someone claim that since there are no huge tidal effects at the...
Mar2-12 12:17 PM
29 1,878
Hi all, Having trawled the web for too long, I don't seem to be able to find any resources surrounding a question...
Mar3-12 11:18 AM
24 2,345
Hello people, this is my first time on here so i hope im posting this in the correct category. if not im sorry. Im a...
Mar2-12 09:29 AM
11 1,362
I was wondering how to calculate the drift of an object that is falling though air. If I know the mass, air density,...
Mar2-12 01:53 AM
1 1,091
why stream of water blown in upward direction spread like a fountain. I failed to explain it can you please help. -
Mar1-12 07:26 PM
6 1,169
We are finishing up our unit on light in physics, and I was a little confused about refraction. What I want to know...
Mar2-12 12:27 AM
1 879
Does Electron spin generate electricity? I know that with the electron spin generates a magnetic field, but does...
Mar2-12 04:59 AM
1 1,086
I am currently installing some sail shades in my back yard. The manufacturer is callin for 6" tube steel supports but...
Mar1-12 11:51 PM
1 1,665
I was looking at the value of Avogadro's number 6. 022 141 29(27)1023 and was trying to figure out what exactly...
Mar2-12 05:03 AM
1 1,235
In the same way that if you reduce the radius of a spinning object it accelerates due the conservation of angular...
Mar2-12 12:04 AM
0 991
how this both parameters behave when there is more number of charge carriers. what is relation between drift...
Mar2-12 02:53 AM
0 796
Hi, This week I was in an accident - one track road head on round a bend. My impression was that the other car...
Mar2-12 12:25 PM
5 2,312
Hi, We are running an experiment where we pull a velocity measuring probe through water at certain speeds to...
Mar2-12 07:25 AM
0 862
What is the effect of change of wavelength on diffraction pattern?Does it effects intensity or fringe width?
Mar2-12 07:05 PM
1 772
Hey, A coulomb is the amount of charge that passes a point through a wire carrying one ampere for one second....
Mar2-12 06:32 PM
jim hardy
16 10,833
Hi I have a question, I am working on a project at work, designing a cable tray that will run across a road...
Mar2-12 08:26 AM
0 625
Hello all, The standard meter was said to be the distance between two scratches on a platinum iridium bar. ...
Mar2-12 05:51 PM
3 1,198
Theoretically, would everything be REALLY REALLY blue at the singularity of a black hole because of the blue shift...
Mar2-12 04:52 PM
1 766
I've read that using potential flow, an inviscid fluid flowing past a rotating cylinder can be simulated as a...
Mar2-12 09:27 AM
0 655
Imagine a mass in an elliptical orbit around a central force. If such force is inversely proportional to the distance...
Mar2-12 06:07 PM
12 2,375
So I was reading about De Broglie's theory of particle-wave duality the other day and I came across the equation:...
Mar3-12 05:11 PM
3 2,756
Ok everyone, ever since i was 16 i have been studying this kind of stuff. Anyways I'm now 18 and a senior in high...
Mar3-12 09:43 PM
23 2,100
change in internal energy is a function of temperature. So if there is no change in temperature then there should no...
Mar3-12 08:52 AM
4 2,164
Since particle accelerators need to be a cyclical structure in order to generate the collisions it has associated to...
Mar3-12 08:58 AM
9 1,748
Hi My lecturer was talking about hook and loop fasteners in class the other day and since then I have done some...
Mar3-12 05:17 AM
0 865
How do you derive the results, a=dv/da
Mar3-12 09:36 AM
1 897
The YouTube video here will get you to think a bit. Basically, 15 separate pendulums that create various patterns: ...
Mar3-12 02:32 PM
3 1,076
Hello All, I am a masters student in electronics engg and reading technical electrodynamics. Please let me know...
Mar3-12 10:21 PM
3 1,556
My class is working on a bio-mimicry project. Long story. Recently we've been looking at bio-luminescent light, and...
Mar4-12 01:44 AM
Michael C
3 967

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