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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:47 AM
0 20,391
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 50,395
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Mar17-14 06:22 PM
982 197,120
What is an effective rule-of-thumb for determining the following distance between cars? It might incorporate reaction...
Oct2-09 11:44 AM
19 8,307
I am trying to figure out whether I possess the mental prowess to become an engineer of any sort. This spring I...
Jun13-13 02:15 AM
1 767
Maybe some of you have seen the video, where they make a match-lighting capable laser pointer out of a DVD burner...
Aug19-08 11:56 PM
3 1,954
I recently picked up a copy of "Nanosystems" by Drexler. Are there any companies or schools currently doing...
Mar13-14 04:53 PM
2 577
Hi guys, this may not be a regular question but, I am a competitive long range rifle shooter. I would like to make a...
Feb25-08 04:46 PM
1 948
i quess this can be the second part of a "Theme" of posting to present my little works of passion... first I'm sure...
Nov29-05 04:11 PM
ricardo kuhn
2 29,557
I ride Motorcycles a lot,,, I also crash motorcycle A lot.... ussually my body do just fine but sadlly the bikes end...
Nov30-05 06:52 AM
4 2,080
if one reverses the direction of flow in a pitot measuring system (i.e the pitot tube doesn't face the flow), will...
May7-07 06:44 AM
2 2,325
Hi, I have a strange problem to solve. Imagine having a surface defined in 3D, say for example a cone, pointing up...
Dec3-07 01:21 PM
3 1,609
I have bounced around various sites and forums but I wanted to get a feel from some of those that may actually know. ...
Dec11-08 04:39 PM
6 3,162
hey all, i recently had an idea to combine the concepts of a magnetic bearing i.e. using the repulsion of magnets to...
Jul2-12 03:45 PM
44 13,712
I passed my statics course and am currently taking material stength course. The thing that has been on my head is...
Jun11-11 05:20 PM
3 3,273
I'm wondering if people can give their views on what the practical differences are, and emphasis given to the type of...
May21-05 01:20 PM
6 2,299
Recently, my hot water geyser wasn't heating water.. so I called up the electrical guy and he came to repair it. I...
Mar12-08 05:06 PM
3 3,662
I only have a BSME with a very small amount of work experience (I graduated recently). I'm hoping that there is a...
Mar30-11 05:17 PM
3 1,541
Dear all members, I just need anyone of you to verify my system and some equations I have worked out for my problem...
Aug1-13 03:33 AM
1 1,141
Hello everyone, as the thread title implies, I'm in a bit of a bind when it comes to understanding the Moment...
Nov14-12 01:30 AM
1 1,751
Hi, I am doing some undergraduate work in Sweden, and for one of my tests, I need to place a material at -40 to about...
Jun9-08 04:54 PM
3 2,498
Are there any program that be be used to read a .CAM file and pull measurements from the program. Where I work we...
Mar1-13 09:27 AM
2 818
I am working on a simple motor and I would love input or tips to increase the rpm on it. The motor is built by having...
Nov17-11 10:50 PM
6 2,906
I have been reading into some of the engineering behind the Wright Flyer. It's pretty astounding. These guys were...
Dec17-03 01:40 PM
1 1,419
Have any of you heard of the hydrosonic pump? It is an "over unity" device that actually works. It is said to...
Jun19-06 07:29 PM
6 29,405
i want to produce 1000 K/nm of torque using motors and gear , output rpm needed is 30 and 1000 k/ nm of torque 1)...
Y 07:26 PM
8 283
Why have guns been essentially the same mechanism since the invention of gunpowder? Has there been any improvement in...
May16-07 07:34 PM
9 2,576
i saw a hindi movie that had an end scene with a bus with a few passengers involved in a mishap and end up hanging out...
Jun4-08 10:49 AM
0 1,545
hey ppl, In a nutshell, need to come up with a 10mX2m foot bridge over a river made from steel and...
May22-10 09:12 PM
7 2,875
I need help finding a device that can generate a sustained arc while utilizing only a 12 volt power source. Does...
Sep11-10 07:39 PM
19 3,147
Ok, according to Wikipedia, Tetraoxygen forms at 20 GPa and turns into a metallic form at 96 GPa. Elsewhere on the web...
Apr6-06 07:15 AM
4 2,410
I want to use 24v to break 120v loads. I understand the logic for dc circuits but im not sure how to break 120v...
Dec23-11 12:45 PM
Ivan Seeking
6 5,320
I'm looking for 12 VDC (preferred) or 24 VDC electric motor that can output >2hp (preferred 3hp) and with gear...
Jun25-11 02:57 AM
20 22,260
Here is some basic information: Part A requires 23.34lb.ft. (31.644 Nm) of torque @ 3600 RPM to function. Part B...
Jan16-11 06:06 PM
3 3,159
hi I have no idea at all what the first moment and 2nd moment of area are, and how to calculate the centroid of an...
Apr5-07 07:10 AM
0 2,215
If I can to calculate the 1st and 2st moment of inertia of areas and volumes, I can compute for curves and surfaces...
Jan25-14 07:50 PM
2 432
Here is an interesting question that arose during some random things I was doing: If you have a 4" duct, and have TWO...
Dec3-07 11:09 PM
11 4,759
I want to put a hammock in my room but dont want to damage the walls from putting too much lateral pull on a 2X4 stud....
Jul8-12 09:52 PM
2 1,818
Hi All, Can anyone care to explain what are 2 pole 4 pole 6 pole 8 pole motors? What are the Asian Countries...
Jun26-11 12:47 AM
4 22,994
Hey, I just fnished med school and I have been conduction biomechanical research for the past 3 years now. I am...
Jul19-10 12:48 AM
14 2,388
Tan(x)=3 tan(x/2) solve where 0<x<2pi? sin3xcosx+cos3xsinx=1, where 0<x<2pi? tried a long time...
Oct19-09 01:09 PM
3 1,537 Here is the problem. I came up with two equations: Upper Lc: 21.75=k(Lo-Lcu) Lower...
Feb27-11 02:36 AM
1 1,532
\inthi all, I need just little bit of confirmation about what I'm doing. Normally I know how the stiffness...
Jul11-12 12:07 PM
1 1,047

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