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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Mar17-14 06:22 PM
982 197,325
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 50,439
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:47 AM
0 20,409
hi: i designed an active low-pass filter,but i don't know if it correct method or not i want fc=200 Hz and...
May11-13 07:07 PM
4 915
In a situation that involves a "ball in socket" type scenario: How would one go about determining the maximum...
May11-13 11:49 AM
0 1,073
I have several questions that are related to something I am designing. I am having a hard time finding the correct...
May11-13 01:46 AM
3 791
I am interested in going into Semiconducting Engineering as a career. What would be a good major to start in for this...
May10-13 12:21 AM
2 763
Looking for a bit of help on finding some advantages and disadvantages of using this proposed stewart platform (cable)...
May8-13 04:32 PM
1 893
I'm trying to heat a 55mm x 55mm piece of aluminium to a minimum temperature of 250 Celsius (max is 300C) using LPG at...
May6-13 12:35 PM
5 1,492
I've been asked to approximate a dollar amount for heating and cooling an occupied tenant space in a commercial office...
May5-13 10:56 PM
5 1,251
Hi, My name is Ken. I am currenlty 42 Years old and have been working as a freelance camera operator for several...
May5-13 12:11 PM
Ken's Journey
6 2,568
The complex amplitudes of a monochromatic wave in the z=0 and z=d planes are f(x,y,) and g(x,y), respectively. If...
May4-13 01:32 PM
0 873
Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster! Here is my query... I need to send a load weighing 10-12kg down...
May4-13 07:26 AM
2 1,386
whats the the Rayleight number formulae of vertical cylinder in natural convection?
May3-13 09:03 AM
1 822
Probably a more low-brow topic than you're used to but I have plenty of gadgets, materials and tools at my disposal...
May1-13 08:14 PM
17 1,526
im going to need help filling holes and someone to explain to me what im trying to say/do ill start with what i want...
May1-13 06:47 PM
10 1,499
I've got a beam of Length 500mm under third point loading. width = 100mm depth=100mm Force at rupture is 6.627kN...
May1-13 04:42 PM
3 1,341
I have a very large ANSYS model with many loads and load cases that results in an array of stresses and strains. I...
May1-13 03:29 PM
0 1,022
Hey everyone! Could you please explain to me what the term "piping whiplash" stands for? It is a very rare...
Apr30-13 09:30 AM
3 1,109
In layman's terms why does a projectile that spins axially travel "true"?
Apr29-13 04:56 PM
2 1,527
whats would be typical value for free air convection heat transfer coefficient at high temperature of 1000 degree c? ...
Apr29-13 02:28 AM
5 13,111
I know this is a complicated question, and depends on a lot of factors. So, I will do my best in explaining the...
Apr29-13 01:45 AM
2 1,658
let say a cylinder(steel) is 6 cm diameter and length of 3.5 cm length. and is heated to 1000 degree c. in a room...
Apr28-13 11:52 PM
2 1,733
Hi, fellow physics friends! I'm doing a small interior decoration project in which I need optical image rotation as...
Apr28-13 02:22 AM
3 1,210
I am working on a project and more precisely about aeronautics in 2040, can you please provide me with your feedback...
Apr27-13 05:11 PM
7 1,228
I have a tube with a rod inserted into it at a set depth. The rod is held in place by a round pin that passes through...
Apr27-13 10:21 AM
1 1,057
Very recently I had been to a restaurant and the ceramic table grabbed my attention. What is this kind known as?? And...
Apr26-13 11:09 PM
5 866
trying to make a device but dont know what i need, only what i need it to do... my aim is to use a lever...
Apr26-13 05:18 PM
6 1,004
Is it possible to create a portable steam unit similar to this but without the use of the a heating element from a...
Apr25-13 12:11 PM
8 1,099
Hi - sorry I'm not an engineer just desperate! I want to remove pitting and marking in a shotgun bore and am...
Apr25-13 08:04 AM
2 957
So the school is trying to blame, and make us pay for the alleged breaking of an elevator on me and my two friends and...
Apr25-13 03:56 AM
43 1,855
Dear All, I did post this issues in the physics forum, however there is somebody ask me to post it in the...
Apr24-13 11:39 PM
2 958
I'm a retired engineer who lives on a sail boat. I'm tired of frequent replacement of my flags that tatter rapidly as...
Apr24-13 05:58 PM
13 1,318
Hey there, I was just wondering if its actually possible to configure a RAM Pump to deliver up to a height of 300m...
Apr24-13 02:16 PM
4 1,442
Greetings PFers, I'm trying to find the most efficient way to pack the lawn clippings after mowing my lawn. I need...
Apr23-13 07:34 PM
5 1,106
Hi, I am a sophomore mechanical engineering student looking for an internship to get some real life experience. I...
Apr23-13 03:12 PM
8 1,277
Hi ! I'm trying to calculate a conductance for free molecular flow of a tube which is closed by a disc. The distance...
Apr23-13 07:32 AM
0 1,077
Hey all, first post! Looking to find a deflection equation for a simply supported overhanging beam with two...
Apr22-13 09:28 PM
3 1,266
16. As part of a heat-treating process, an alloy-steel billet, initially at 1032F, is cooled in a 32F air stream. ...
Apr22-13 02:01 AM
1 1,450
what is the cheapest and low power diesel engine available at present? i am seeking 3 KW engine with of minimum weight...
Apr21-13 04:17 PM
4 1,320
hi, i assume this would be a structural engineer or an architect. i assume that an architect would have to have...
Apr21-13 10:04 AM
3 843
Hi all, I've heard people try to estimate the carbon footprint from the production of cars based on the cost of...
Apr20-13 08:58 PM
Simon Bridge
1 1,139
If an accelerometer reads +1 g when it is at rest and facing upwards, must I subtract 1 g from each reading when it...
Apr19-13 01:02 PM
0 748

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