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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Mar17-14 06:22 PM
982 197,690
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 50,526
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:47 AM
0 20,431
Hello PF, I have been really interested in controls theory, and the applications of controls. I'm currently...
Feb21-13 09:53 PM
jim hardy
3 914
Have a fluid flow in a cylindrical pipe with insulation around it. The insulation is in the shape of a truncated cone....
Feb20-13 11:46 AM
19 1,784
How would one derive the equation for (dP/dV)H? That is the partial of P over the partial of V, holding H constant....
Feb19-13 09:36 PM
1 1,138
Hi!! I was watching Discovery channel the other day and it was showing a series on evolution of guns and ammo.. It...
Feb19-13 01:03 AM
7 1,435
Hi, I would like to share this content with you. This content will be useful for engineers that are involved in the...
Feb17-13 01:35 AM
0 1,125
Hi Guys, I am trying to calculate a starting torque required to move the drum at 6rpm that weights 2000kg and has...
Feb15-13 12:21 PM
7 1,132
Hey, guys. I know this isn't the academic section, but I wanted to direct a question to the Engineers in here. Im...
Feb15-13 03:06 AM
2 1,089
Hi, Lets say I have two metal circular plates of diameter about 10mm. If I press them together with a force of...
Feb14-13 04:28 AM
4 850
I am going to be graduating with a undergrad Radiation Health Physics degree. I was wondering, for job prospects out...
Feb13-13 07:58 PM
1 800
I have a cryogenic (a liquid that vaporises rapidly in air) flowing on water. I would like to know what forces are...
Feb13-13 05:34 PM
0 670
Hi I am just finishing a 2 year diploma in Biotech and would like to continue in that specialization. Which...
Feb13-13 03:08 PM
0 1,073
It has been several years since I have dealt with fluid mechanics. I have a 4hp pump that circulates the water in a...
Feb12-13 01:41 PM
2 1,694
Last summer, I was taking apart a fan because it wasn't working. It turned as I expected that it was a burned out...
Feb12-13 12:00 PM
2 944
In a delta strain rosette problem if normal strains are given and asked to find the six components of stress and...
Feb12-13 11:32 AM
karthik m
3 1,120
In an effort to approach the EPA on the subject of eliminating unnecessary stop signs in an effort to reduce fuel...
Feb12-13 07:52 AM
7 1,088
I have been trying to understand how PV cells work in solar panels and have become a bit confused, here is what I have...
Feb10-13 05:05 PM
1 946
Determine the shear-force and bending-moment equations for the beam. Then sketch the diagrams using the...
Feb10-13 01:18 AM
3 1,432
Like the title says is it possible to build a generator which will make around 5 watts of power for an hour? or even...
Feb9-13 03:31 PM
27 3,861
Hi, I am new to this type of material and am hoping that someone may be able to assist me. In short I am putting...
Feb9-13 02:05 PM
1 1,572
Hello everyone, new to this forum, hoping you can give me a hand with finding formulas. Background I'm at Humboldt...
Feb8-13 10:42 AM
1 845
Firstly, I'm sorry for posting this here it seems like the best place possible, but I'm not quite so sure I didn't see...
Feb8-13 10:33 AM
3 1,754
I need some help!My problem is a problem of moving boundary with loss of mass.... I started to use COMSOL and I need...
Feb7-13 06:22 AM
2 1,538
Hi and thank you in advance. I want to understand how do fractures/breaks/fatigues occur in general. I remember...
Feb6-13 05:25 AM
3 1,029
I want to calculate mass flow rate from cylinder to valve actually at valve inlet the means of connection is hose...
Feb6-13 01:29 AM
0 956
this falls into civil engineering, but as we all know everything boils back to physics. and, i couldnt find any good...
Feb5-13 05:01 PM
6 1,294
This is a real world project. I'm building a giant roll-up window shade to be used for a special effects green...
Feb5-13 10:16 AM
27 2,186
I am trying to figure out what I am doing. Forgive me, I’m not very sharp when it comes to differential equations… or...
Feb4-13 04:33 PM
3 1,328
I have a design where a beam gets welded to a plate. The plate is not against a wall or foundation, but for simplicity...
Feb3-13 10:30 AM
21 3,129
I do a small theoretical project, in this project I need to investigate some technologies or devices or knowledge that...
Feb2-13 09:08 PM
3 874
Hi!! I have trouble understanding this: Given Temperature: If pressure < saturation pressure => Overheated Vapor...
Feb2-13 08:55 PM
1 941
Hi there, first post on these forums. I have a seemingly simply question about beam bending. We (mechanical...
Jan31-13 05:58 PM
3 1,607
I have been looking at the basic operation of a heat pump. On these pumps there is an expansion valve. This valve is a...
Jan31-13 09:45 AM
6 1,574
Hi all, I'm planning to drive the automobile ac compressor via a BLDC motor instead of IC engine. This is only...
Jan31-13 09:38 AM
2 970
Hi there, Had a physics project in university that looked at the heat transfer of a pipe in a cement block for snow...
Jan31-13 12:41 AM
1 1,021
I am trying to begin with fuzzy logic, but this initial question is preventing me from moving any forward. It appears...
Jan29-13 10:27 PM
5 2,505
Hello and thanks! I apologize in advance if I picked the wrong place to post this thread. I'm a high school student...
Jan29-13 02:06 PM
2 1,232
Hi everyone! I searched all over the web and nobody/nothing gives a good explanation on how to plot nyquist...
Jan27-13 07:02 AM
6 1,260
I was wondering if it's possible to know the difference between order of numerator and order of denumerator of open...
Jan27-13 06:50 AM
2 988
I am looking for ideas for a contemporary engineering issue to write a paper about and give a brief presentation on.
Jan25-13 05:03 PM
9 2,692
I converted a lot off my DVDs that are of 1970's TV show Land Of The Lost to avi files so I can watch them on my pc....
Jan25-13 03:25 PM
5 1,337

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