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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Mar17-14 06:22 PM
982 197,407
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 50,457
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:47 AM
0 20,412
Ok so this should be a simple caclulation like those easy tension problems in phsyics books but i want a more accurate...
Mar20-11 11:24 AM
1 2,702
Hi guys, Im eager to find out about our spectrum usage. Cause Im working on LTE and it uses either 2.7 GHz or 900 MHz,...
Mar20-11 08:46 AM
1 1,357
Not a homework question, I was just hoping someone could assist me with understanding some math. Actually, more...
Mar20-11 12:54 AM
1 1,688
Hello, I want to ask about what is the equation to calculate the pressure drop in a double heat exchanger and shell...
Mar19-11 02:48 PM
0 1,897
Very simply put. Is it possible to determine bending stress in a beam without knowing the young's modulus of the...
Mar19-11 01:51 PM
2 6,000
Greetings. I am a woodworker, and i build lockboxes with hidden compartments and complicated homemade magnetic locks....
Mar19-11 10:21 AM
Kenneth Mann
5 1,918
Hi, why does a sensor, eg a temperature sensor, have an accuracy? Is it just because of a random error, or...
Mar19-11 09:20 AM
6 2,778
So I can follow the sequence of operations: the refrigerant enters the compression stage as a saturated vapour(a gas?)...
Mar18-11 10:01 AM
2 3,066
Hello I used a digital angle gauge recently, how does it work? Is there a (MEMS) gyroscope inside perhaps? But...
Mar18-11 08:53 AM
0 2,213
Hi. Can someone help me please. I have a steam generator which is designed to operate from natural gas with pressure...
Mar18-11 12:21 AM
2 1,807
Hi, How to check my transmitter signal power? I have found my transmitter in my friend shed and needs some new output...
Mar17-11 09:00 AM
3 2,363
do strain gauges need calibration
Mar16-11 08:15 PM
4 2,890
Hello All, I am a novice with Ansys Mechanical. I have to do a thermal analysis of thin walled composite layer (3...
Mar16-11 04:31 PM
0 2,685
I'm currently studying complex numbers in my high maths class, moving onto trigonometry. I already know some...
Mar14-11 09:10 AM
ashish kumar
2 16,875
Hi, ***I just noticed this that I posted this in the wrong section thinking I was in the engineering...
Mar13-11 07:23 PM
0 1,449
Hai Guys....... I want to check the AC current by using digtal multimeter.Please give me instruction.
Mar13-11 03:23 PM
7 14,268
Imagine that i have a source of _constant_ wind. It travels, with negligible variance, at 50 mph. The problem is...
Mar11-11 05:38 PM
1 2,247
hello..i m doing power hydraulics and i have a circuit which has a pilot relief valve. The relief valve is connected...
Mar10-11 05:53 PM
0 1,522
I’m calculating a discrete integral from distinct water-flow measurements. That means I have a few thousand data...
Mar9-11 09:07 PM
1 2,083
Hello. I have been asked to calculate the pressure drop across our fuel system. It is a large system with many...
Mar9-11 01:13 PM
11 6,265
How do i develop a wind turbine model for electricity generation.
Mar9-11 12:29 PM
6 3,583
Can anyone tell me where I can find a basic T parameter table for RF design. One with the T parameters for shunt...
Mar9-11 06:35 AM
0 1,422
Does anybody have any experimental data on flat back airfoils. I would like to know the experimental data,...
Mar8-11 10:11 AM
3 1,797
I am working on a swinging component. The component can swing with a varying amount of forces, which I need to...
Mar8-11 03:53 AM
1 2,905
Sumitomo Corp and Kyoto University have jointly come up with a new sodium-based molten salt battery which is claimed...
Mar8-11 03:41 AM
1 6,092
If my car goes twice the distance on the same amount of fuel, doing twice the distance the friction and wind...
Mar7-11 07:58 AM
2 1,371
i'm looking for two reports with headings approx. as below (1) world market and trends in Switch Mode Power...
Mar7-11 05:21 AM
4 1,904
im working on a simple pressure rocket for fun, and am running into a problem. my basic design is using a 2 liter coke...
Mar7-11 03:44 AM
1 1,826
I'm beginning to study control theory, and I keep reading about matched and unmatched uncertainties in the literature,...
Mar4-11 11:34 AM
2 3,011 Sea is the place where they should be but too far from...
Mar4-11 11:05 AM
2 2,473
i want to plot these equations in 3d Eq 1= 5x^2 - 2y^2 + 4x+ 4y -4 +2xy Eq 2 =x^2 +3x +2y +xy +5 eq 3 = -7x2 +3x...
Mar3-11 05:44 AM
6 43,738
We are working on an outdoor display unit. It will operate at a wide range of temps. There is not a requirement to...
Mar1-11 07:22 PM
3 1,814
I am currently doing my Physics BSc and I'm thinking about my future job. So far, I've decided that I would like to go...
Mar1-11 10:35 AM
2 4,338
I am researching the best shape for a hose clamp to provide a consistent and predictable friction loss in the 1 to 2...
Feb28-11 07:52 PM
4 1,865
i never heard of such a thing but what could be the circuit analysis to this? what...
Feb28-11 03:07 PM
4 2,663
Okay, so I'm not really in High School (second year of college), but this is still a High School level problem....
Feb28-11 02:53 PM
4 7,831
Attached are two diagrams. One describing Moore's law, the other describing the development of atomic clocks since the...
Feb28-11 02:04 PM
1 1,551
I have picked up a very old (possible 100 years of age), hand operated, bench drill. After cleaning years of dirt and...
Feb28-11 11:53 AM
1 1,329 Here is the problem. I came up with two equations: Upper Lc: 21.75=k(Lo-Lcu) Lower...
Feb27-11 02:36 AM
1 1,536
Suppossedly, it is a possible for a moment to occur (with the same magnitude) at any point along a beam. But this not...
Feb26-11 01:58 PM
1 3,581

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