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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Jun23-14 12:38 AM
1,027 223,830
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 1,771
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 58,200
Assuming that funding is not an issue, is it within the limits of engineering to move Hoover Dam, including the...
May19-11 11:51 AM
3 2,612
I understand that thermal conductivity is W/(m.K) and u-factor is W/m K. Obviously U factor is energy transfer over...
May18-11 05:24 PM
11 4,486
Ok, so I have a problem as follows: A beam is simply supported at joints A, B, C D and E. there is a UDL acting...
May16-11 11:07 PM
4 4,857
Air flow in shop is through 1/4" hose. pneumatic motor has 1/2" inlet plus the tubeing to and from valve is also all...
May16-11 08:24 AM
8 6,844
Hey everyone, hoping someone can point me in the right direction with a deflection question. A pressure vessel I'm...
May15-11 05:34 PM
4 5,771
Hi, ill keep it short. im doing a design project where im planning to keep heated water/ethylene glycol in an average...
May14-11 02:30 PM
0 1,161
Can any one suggest good books for linear control systems and measurements?
May14-11 04:52 AM
0 1,193
I'm in need of a specific heat exchanger (a quench cooler). It needs to cool fast (in seconds) and it needs to cool a...
May13-11 04:05 PM
1 3,182
Pertaining to conduit bending and ease to pull wire, would it be easier through one 90 degree bend of a set radius, or...
May12-11 08:00 PM
7 2,655
I just finished my second year of Engineering Physics at McMaster (specifically, nuclear) and I'm on a summer coop...
May11-11 08:24 PM
2 2,513
Hello. The title of this post may seem too hardcore. Actually, I am building a simple wind turbine made from wood...
May11-11 07:46 PM
8 4,906
So in my mechanics of materials class we were taught about stress-strain curves. I asked a couple of times for the...
May11-11 08:21 AM
9 3,113
May10-11 04:45 PM
1 1,399
I am positive when I was a kid some Candian guy, maybe from Alberta made robots without microchips. They seemed to...
May10-11 10:32 AM
14 3,780
I have a question regarding the design of pressure vessels, which is: what is the 'maximum allowable working...
May9-11 10:49 PM
28 48,587
Where can I find a student version of AutoCAD? I have looked and can not find one. Surely they offer one. I bought...
May9-11 05:05 AM
6 10,130
I know how well you do in high school has little to do with how well you go in uni. But in Australia, the entry...
May9-11 02:52 AM
1 2,063
So I'll be a senior next year in high school, and all of us students must take on the dreaded senior project. I've...
May8-11 09:26 PM
0 2,093
Hey guys! I'm new to Physics Forum and I have a question. I am building a mousetrap car for my 8th grade science class...
May8-11 09:13 PM
7 7,118
I am in Africa and need an non electric non gas water pumping application. I have design information and what I have...
May8-11 04:12 PM
Michael Hayes
1 2,752
I have received the following private message. Questions should not be asked this way. However it is a reasonable...
May8-11 02:29 PM
3 1,823
So I am trying to figure out this shear stress problem that I have no idea how to approach. I have a shaft which is...
May8-11 02:18 PM
3 3,205
Please delete this I was in the wrong section. Sorry.
May7-11 04:50 PM
0 2,314
Hi, i dont even know if there is any solution to this... still trying my luck i am working pn a project related...
May7-11 08:13 AM
2 2,706
If I have something that can lift 400lbs. How would I determine how much pressure this could generate if used in a...
May6-11 08:32 PM
6 17,968
No is the one sided noise spectral density in communication systems. N is the double sided noise spectral density. ...
May6-11 06:20 PM
1 10,668
Alright guys, some trees fell in a really weird way. I made a video of my perdicament. I have 10 hours to figure...
May6-11 05:33 PM
0 1,140
Hi I have recently been researching engineering degrees and cannot make a decision as there seem to be so many...
May6-11 12:46 AM
5 2,660
good afternoon i have a project to build a water dispenser. i'm strugling with heat transfer equations since it's...
May5-11 11:49 AM
3 1,719
When a signal from an accelerometer is being filtered should a high or low pass filter be used? I am trying to isolate...
May4-11 02:42 PM
2 1,735
Hi, I'm a graduating senior in high school in NY. I'm going to be attending a mostly liberal arts college in NH next...
May3-11 10:31 PM
1 1,526
I guess this goes under engineering, but if not then whoops. I sat down hard on a wooden chair recently and heard a...
May3-11 08:58 PM
5 1,894
A roof drain leads to a pipe that lies horizontaly in the roof's insulation layer which in turn lies on top of a 26cm...
May3-11 05:43 PM
0 3,171
May3-11 05:09 PM
4 5,550
Ok, so I am working on a project for the summer that involves building a robot-like RC car/atv (for off-road). I...
May2-11 03:01 PM
6 4,300
I'm wondering of there is an open access archive of engineering topics, similar to ArXiv. Does anyone have any...
May1-11 12:22 PM
5 2,757
I've got a question concerning the resultant force due to hydrostatic pressure. I understand how to calculate an...
May1-11 12:06 PM
3 2,613
I've had to conduct an experiment with strain gauges attached to each member and when I've calculated the forces in...
May1-11 04:17 AM
2 1,375
Hello, I am planning to design, and maybe build, a CubeSat, or a satellite that is 10cm x 10cm x 10cm, and weighs less...
Apr29-11 04:58 PM
23 4,164
Hello colleagues Im new here and I'm from delicias, Chihuahua, Mexico and the reason of my post is that I want to do...
Apr29-11 03:50 PM
10 4,226

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