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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Aug13-14 11:01 PM
jim hardy
1,039 236,897
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 2,652
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 61,772
For the last two+ years I've been involved in a project for a large company, that began as a back-of-a-napkin idea. I...
Oct9-10 02:45 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,776
Hello Everyone, I'm new to your forum and have a personal project that I need some help with. I'm not an...
Oct8-10 01:20 PM
2 2,942
Help required in order to determine required horsepower to rotate a steel hollow cylinde containing approx. 0.75 tons...
Oct7-10 02:52 AM
1 2,213 I got this question in a practice midterm and i can't...
Oct6-10 10:33 AM
2 1,986
I have a engineering question that hopefully you guys find interesting enough to help me with. It works as follows. ...
Oct6-10 12:18 AM
11 3,426
Hi, I've been mulling over an idea (you know how it is, just to keep the grey matter ticking) on how to build a...
Oct4-10 11:02 PM
11 2,148
I am looking for any information on the feasibility of spacecraft construction in LEO. Does anybody know of any papers...
Oct4-10 06:19 AM
2 2,320
what is the meaning of Video bandwidh for rf detector?
Oct1-10 11:53 AM
1 2,539
Basic electricity is often explained using the so called water/electricity analogy. This works, but I've never...
Sep29-10 06:37 PM
17 8,110
I've been reading a book on step motors. There is a equation: L1-L0=(2^0.5)*L3 L0: leakage inductance L1:some...
Sep28-10 07:31 AM
0 2,009
Hi I am having trouble to measure the volume flow of a rebound valve with a venturi flow meter. The valve itself...
Sep28-10 04:51 AM
0 1,900
Fairly basic question. Within the constraints, do the variables have to be all to one side? X1 + 2 > 3 is a...
Sep28-10 02:56 AM
0 2,187
G'day everyone, I was not sure where to exactly post this question, but here goes. I am currently doing some...
Sep26-10 06:30 AM
1 1,668
If you look at a engineering stress-strain curve compared to the true* stress-strain curve of a steel for example,...
Sep25-10 05:47 PM
3 23,688
Hello all. I've been wanting to build a Stirling engine at home out of parts that i could easily afford/scrounge up....
Sep25-10 04:11 AM
19 8,633
how to define different material in ansys workbench by mesh attribute.
Sep24-10 06:13 AM
hitesh verma
0 2,995
Hi, I'm trying to understand the viability of making or having made - a hot -mould that can resize the neck of a...
Sep24-10 04:47 AM
5 2,636
What applied science has the potential to cause the greatest societal advance in human history?
Sep23-10 04:01 AM
19 4,446
My truck was rear ended. It has a steel and chrome bumper, the vehicle that hit it has a soft bumper, and was...
Sep23-10 02:48 AM
7 2,889
When hydrogen combusts it is turned into h20. H20 can be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. NASA has been using...
Sep23-10 02:47 AM
36 11,179
Hi, I'm having trouble producing 22 AWG polypropylene cable. I keep on getting "missing insulation" and "reduced...
Sep21-10 05:22 PM
2 3,091
What a stressful evening. I figured I wanted to do a pretty complex valve system just to learn a bit, using solenoids...
Sep21-10 02:46 PM
14 2,608
Hello All, I have a quick question for you. I have small sample of a cement-like-like-material and I am high shear...
Sep21-10 10:55 AM
6 4,175
I'm an EE with a fried brain right now, how would you describe the device in the attached picture in technical...
Sep19-10 09:34 AM
Dr Lots-o'watts
3 2,885
This doesn't have to be exact. so if a some what simple formula might do the job, great. I am requesting a...
Sep16-10 03:21 PM
5 2,468
Hi, I am having a doubt with centre of buoyancy. I referred some books but still the doubt is not clarified. ...
Sep14-10 10:50 PM
6 6,778
Here is the deal, we are testing a 24" pipe for leaks doing a pressure test. the pressure at the pipe in question is...
Sep14-10 02:45 PM
3 6,351
This may be a silly question, but... I recall one of the points of failure in the Deepwater Horizon's BOP was the...
Sep13-10 01:20 PM
3 2,183
I need help finding a device that can generate a sustained arc while utilizing only a 12 volt power source. Does...
Sep11-10 07:39 PM
19 3,310
I wasn't sure exactly where I should have posted this but here I go.... I was reading that Voltage is a measure of...
Sep11-10 07:11 PM
3 2,840
I have an enclosed back porch with a concrete block foundation that must be replaced. It`s foundation is separate from...
Sep11-10 12:28 PM
1 10,368
Hi everyone. I'm supposed to do an interview for my Principles of Engineering class. If anyone wants to help out...
Sep10-10 05:35 PM
1 1,460
I've been running it through my head almost constantly for awhile now if engineering is the right choice for me and...
Sep10-10 04:58 PM
0 999
In my thermodynamics book it states that the first law is, " When a system undergoes a complete cycle the net heat...
Sep9-10 08:57 AM
3 1,860
I have a plan for the private colonization of the moon. My plan includes 5 aerospace companies they are 1.SpaceX...
Sep8-10 11:19 PM
15 3,566
I am designing a prototype of my patent and I am a little stuck. The main part of my prototype involves the use of a...
Sep8-10 12:44 PM
21 3,628
Hi, I am a second year civil engineering student. I have decided I want to learn a language that will help my...
Sep8-10 02:35 AM
1 1,614
If you had a pressure vessel with an end-cap welded on and this girth weld was to fail, how might you calculate the...
Sep7-10 09:09 PM
1 2,884
Well i been doing engineering for a while but i wanted to know what should i start learning if i want to go father or...
Sep7-10 02:24 PM
dr dodge
4 1,806
Hi all, I am trying to upgrade my car's audio system. There are kinds of free air loud speakers. I am not what...
Sep7-10 01:47 PM
dr dodge
3 4,388

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