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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Sep7-14 05:02 AM
1,040 239,425
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 2,906
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 62,335
Hi, Does any one know which insulator will have very high dielectric strength at room temperature? The...
Nov5-10 10:43 AM
3 2,994
Anyone know where will i be able to get a 24VDC Electric Motor that can take up to a maximum of 500 kg load at a...
Nov4-10 10:54 PM
Ivan Seeking
3 3,025
Hello folks! How can we find the best path to drive in a circuit in order to do the best lap time? :) I've been...
Nov2-10 08:24 PM
18 3,560 Obviously, I am a newb here, so thanks for reading...
Nov2-10 05:41 AM
4 4,501
Hi all, I hope to get some help from you here. I'm a quality engineer working for a coal briquettes company in...
Oct31-10 03:12 PM
6 5,523
Good morning all. I need some information on Pad eyes for offshore work. Said padeyes have to receive a annual...
Oct31-10 03:26 AM
0 2,090
OK, if someone could please help. I need a GENERAL rule for finding cfm in pipe 120psi at source 1/2in copper...
Oct30-10 08:58 PM
2 3,327
Hello I was wondering if centrifugal force had a gradient, what i mean by this is this:- A train is travelling...
Oct29-10 04:05 PM
1 1,513
Hello, I am looking for the most effective shape to pinch a rubber tube. The most effective shape requires the...
Oct29-10 03:17 PM
5 2,479
just wondering how u guys consider if an engineer is sucessful or not? for example, - come up with the next big...
Oct28-10 02:51 PM
3 2,565
Well I have tried a different approach to make speakers. Normally speakers contain permanent magnets for producing...
Oct28-10 02:34 PM
8 12,047
I am designing a golf buggy with an electric motor drive. How do i determine what torque and power output i need from...
Oct27-10 09:10 AM
5 2,268
Hi, I am experimenting with traction controlling of wheels. I have to calculate the speed difference in two wheels...
Oct27-10 08:56 AM
0 1,073
Hi everyone, Im currently doing my final year project and I need to calculate the torque of a DC motor so that I...
Oct26-10 07:48 PM
3 11,851
Hi, I have some question about the full well capacity and dynamic range of the CCD camera. The following link lists...
Oct26-10 09:35 AM
1 6,369
Hi guys, what are some ways to visualize the deflected shape of a simple structure? I know that there is no slope or...
Oct25-10 10:47 AM
1 3,422
Hello all,. I have been doing work on my brakes and now I would like to get new brake rotors. I replaced the...
Oct25-10 02:29 AM
12 5,928
I am getting a bit older, and I have a Aluminum Communications Tower, and used to angle it up by myself from the back...
Oct24-10 08:17 PM
9 3,449
hi, Some one can explain to me? what is the different between of mean and mean2 in the matlab? For an example, i have...
Oct22-10 12:43 AM
0 2,671
Hello everyone, I am making a 3.4kJ railgun with the following specs: 30F 15V (therefore 450C) PowerAcousitk...
Oct21-10 05:56 PM
0 2,270
Okay, so I was watching Trucks! on spike tv last week, and he did an episode on biodiesel, even made some right before...
Oct19-10 09:54 AM
28 3,959
I have an electric motor that I want to use with a bike chain and not the small chain that is already on it. Using cad...
Oct17-10 12:15 AM
2 2,357
Yo. As many of you know, the solar sunspot cycle is scheduled to peak again around 2012-2013. With it will come...
Oct14-10 10:33 PM
4 2,813
Hi, I want to build a pressure vessel for casting Polyurethane under pressure. Does any one know if it is safe to...
Oct14-10 09:39 PM
5 3,709
I am a senior in high school and i like aerospace science and physics and i dont mind calculus and im pretty good at...
Oct14-10 02:40 PM
5 2,145
I've been following up on the rescue efforts and everything but have not seen if there is a braking mechanism on the...
Oct13-10 02:52 PM
4 4,477
I have to design a boomilever for a class i am in. I do not know the requirements yet. I have never built any thing...
Oct11-10 11:47 AM
6 3,793
I'm looking for a good source of information on electromagnets. Does anyone know a good source?
Oct11-10 09:15 AM
3 3,269
Hello, I am in process of building a set up where i will be using a pendulum to impact a cylinder to generate...
Oct9-10 04:57 PM
3 2,230
For the last two+ years I've been involved in a project for a large company, that began as a back-of-a-napkin idea. I...
Oct9-10 02:45 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,788
Hello Everyone, I'm new to your forum and have a personal project that I need some help with. I'm not an...
Oct8-10 01:20 PM
2 2,968
Help required in order to determine required horsepower to rotate a steel hollow cylinde containing approx. 0.75 tons...
Oct7-10 02:52 AM
1 2,227 I got this question in a practice midterm and i can't...
Oct6-10 10:33 AM
2 2,001
I have a engineering question that hopefully you guys find interesting enough to help me with. It works as follows. ...
Oct6-10 12:18 AM
11 3,453
Hi, I've been mulling over an idea (you know how it is, just to keep the grey matter ticking) on how to build a...
Oct4-10 11:02 PM
11 2,168
I am looking for any information on the feasibility of spacecraft construction in LEO. Does anybody know of any papers...
Oct4-10 06:19 AM
2 2,336
what is the meaning of Video bandwidh for rf detector?
Oct1-10 11:53 AM
1 2,560
Basic electricity is often explained using the so called water/electricity analogy. This works, but I've never...
Sep29-10 06:37 PM
17 8,192
I've been reading a book on step motors. There is a equation: L1-L0=(2^0.5)*L3 L0: leakage inductance L1:some...
Sep28-10 07:31 AM
0 2,019
Hi I am having trouble to measure the volume flow of a rebound valve with a venturi flow meter. The valve itself...
Sep28-10 04:51 AM
0 1,907

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