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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Aug13-14 11:01 PM
jim hardy
1,039 237,954
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 2,706
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 61,961
In my thermodynamics book it states that the first law is, " When a system undergoes a complete cycle the net heat...
Sep9-10 08:57 AM
3 1,865
I have a plan for the private colonization of the moon. My plan includes 5 aerospace companies they are 1.SpaceX...
Sep8-10 11:19 PM
15 3,576
I am designing a prototype of my patent and I am a little stuck. The main part of my prototype involves the use of a...
Sep8-10 12:44 PM
21 3,651
Hi, I am a second year civil engineering student. I have decided I want to learn a language that will help my...
Sep8-10 02:35 AM
1 1,625
If you had a pressure vessel with an end-cap welded on and this girth weld was to fail, how might you calculate the...
Sep7-10 09:09 PM
1 2,893
Well i been doing engineering for a while but i wanted to know what should i start learning if i want to go father or...
Sep7-10 02:24 PM
dr dodge
4 1,811
Hi all, I am trying to upgrade my car's audio system. There are kinds of free air loud speakers. I am not what...
Sep7-10 01:47 PM
dr dodge
3 4,394
I'm reading a book on step motor. There is an equation: F=\phi2\frac{dR}{dx}/2 F is mmf \phi is flux I don't...
Sep7-10 09:38 AM
0 1,354
Ive got a beam that I cant seem to calculate the loading of. Lets say beam ABC supports are at A & B, BC is a...
Sep7-10 03:45 AM
3 4,553
If I have a beam tilted at an angle with a weight hagning off of one end and it is fixed on the other (see...
Sep6-10 06:23 PM
3 1,705
Hi, I am trying to design a small machine that lowers a raised weight slowly. For example if i raise the weight by...
Sep6-10 01:30 AM
2 2,176
I was wondering how long would it take to charge a capacitor at 5volts if there are 4 parallel. This is the details on...
Sep5-10 10:00 PM
4 2,125
As a fun project, I'm trying to design a mechanical machine as simple and elegant as possible to "crease up" a round...
Sep4-10 11:48 PM
20 3,133
Looking at the steam tables I see that the entrolpy of steam at a constant temperature increases with a decrease in...
Sep4-10 05:46 PM
27 16,989
Hi I am new to refregration field please help me to calculate / design for the condenser coil evaporator coils based...
Sep4-10 02:10 AM
Balan Suresh
0 1,374
how fault recovery is done in Milcan? if there are two Milcan buses and if one of them fails how the other will take...
Sep4-10 01:52 AM
0 1,146
Hi, I am a small doubt...its so said that for an axis-symmetrical loading, the shear stresses in \theta direction...
Sep3-10 03:24 PM
0 3,974
It's been a while since I've had to do these calculations.. I'm looking for the flow rate at the wall of a 3.175 mm...
Sep3-10 10:12 AM
1 8,247
I'm looking to calculate the horizontal force produced on a plate covering a pit from a fork lift truck coming to a...
Sep2-10 05:19 PM
10 3,197
Hello, I have students that are doing a project where they need to interview an engineer in their chosen/assigned...
Sep2-10 05:10 PM
3 3,508
I am trying to design and build a small scale desktop water tunnel so I can observe the fluid dynamics of airplane...
Sep1-10 11:19 AM
13 8,256
Basically I am researching on compaciton (employing vibration) of a layer of soil (sand, with no cohesion) deposited...
Sep1-10 01:28 AM
0 1,887
Hi everyone, I'm working on COMSOL's ac-dc module and I'm trying to find the magnetic field which is created by an...
Aug31-10 02:29 AM
1 3,415
Dear colleagues I`m working on liquefaction resistance of sand utilizing shaking table tests. i want to draw shear...
Aug30-10 07:45 AM
2 5,085
hi, i am trying to calculate angles and velocity. i believe i have to use PID (never done before) angles i have a...
Aug29-10 04:44 PM
2 3,546
So I posted this in the Electrical Engineering forum, and with 41 views and no replies, it appears I put it in the...
Aug28-10 09:41 PM
0 931
please can someone help me with the equations to use for Cp and h(convection coefficient) because i am doing a finite...
Aug27-10 06:55 AM
5 3,510
This is not homework, but a problem from work. If 4 tanks with fixed 90m^3 volume contained Nitrogen gas at 701.3...
Aug26-10 08:47 AM
3 4,646
Hi all, I bought a small gearhead motor for a uni project, however the shaft is a strange shape. Round for the most...
Aug25-10 12:52 PM
8 3,411
how do you read of these tables to get them filled. Can you please show me how to do them not do them for me only...
Aug25-10 09:00 AM
1 3,055
Eager young mind at work im trying to come up with a concept of a suit that you ware at work, the main purpose is...
Aug25-10 07:50 AM
3 2,373
Hi. I was trying to calculate a situation where you have a piece of cable that is attached to a horizontal bar and...
Aug24-10 11:30 PM
7 1,997
Hello, everyone, I have a question on how to calculate the heat transfer and change in temperature for a project I...
Aug24-10 08:05 PM
1 4,402
Hey would really appreciate help with this question, thx :) A lorry, of mass 12500kg, starts from rest up a hill....
Aug24-10 07:46 PM
2 1,613
Are there any applications of optical devices in environmental science? What technologies, companies and research...
Aug24-10 06:08 AM
3 2,460
I am looking for some textbook recommendations in Systems Engineering: decision support, modeling, mathematical riqor....
Aug23-10 03:03 PM
3 5,010
Hi All, my first post on this fantastic forum. I am attaching a timber ledger to a concrete pool with 10mm...
Aug21-10 06:50 PM
jack in oz
2 3,033
I'm currently a masters student in nuclear engineering, as part of my thesis, I have been trying to develop a...
Aug20-10 03:30 PM
0 4,370
I need help answering this question. So theres a slab beam and column layout of a reinforced concrete structure....
Aug19-10 09:17 PM
1 12,489
Hello everyone. I have been trying to determine the tensile force needed to rip a threaded tube out of its female...
Aug19-10 09:05 PM
2 1,929

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