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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Aug13-14 11:01 PM
jim hardy
1,039 236,985
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 2,663
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 61,788
I'm currently majoring in biological sciences. Throughout high school I was not interested in engineering because of a...
Jan12-09 10:49 AM
5 5,876
i need some help with my one engine hc i have a 85lb snomo engine and a 45lb deck and me (130lbs) is that too heavy...
Jan11-09 08:48 PM
5 1,986
I had a idea a while ago about a possible energy generator. I was wondering if you set up a plasma arc, then...
Jan11-09 03:05 PM
17 5,705
what is the diference betwin a rocket and a misile? from what I can tell,a rocket is something small,like a...
Jan10-09 09:43 AM
4 7,353
I am a new product development engineer and am working on figuring out a UV sanitization product. Do you know of a...
Jan9-09 05:56 PM
2 1,179
Hello. I'm planning on building a green house in my garden with a wind powered heating element to help sustain higher...
Jan9-09 05:41 PM
4 2,145
Where can I buy some dees (aside from acquiring them at a university)?
Jan8-09 06:20 PM
1 1,450
Hello. I am not quite sure this is the correct place for this question so I will apologize now if it isn't. As a...
Jan7-09 11:25 AM
Ohio Homebrew
8 2,194
I'm working on a project to split water. The idea is to have a spherical container of aluminum with the inside given...
Jan6-09 04:02 PM
1 1,244
A pipe broke on the roof of a public building here in Chicago. Although I am an electrical engineer and very rusty on...
Jan6-09 05:42 AM
1 1,502
Hi, I have a question, it is related to flows between two resorvoirs where I need to calculate the discharge...
Jan5-09 06:59 AM
Chunmao Jia
10 2,015
I went to visit the space center in my new home of Huntsville AL the other day. I figured i'd do a quick calculation...
Jan4-09 07:59 PM
4 1,806
I personally inform that i still beginner in Comsol Script. I wanted to learn about the comsol, how to simulate the...
Jan2-09 02:09 AM
1 2,363
Hello there, My project is a Smith Chart calculator/simulator that takes the Zo and ZL of a transmission line and...
Dec31-08 02:49 AM
6 2,995
I was talking with an enginering student and arived that "moment" and "torque" mean basically the same thing. Are...
Dec30-08 08:49 AM
3 46,626
Hi, I'm new here. I've something in mind for sometime now, that is what happen if a car has its front and rear...
Dec28-08 08:16 AM
Ranger Mike
7 2,240
A water based heating system is to be regulated by 2-way valves. How do these work exactly? Do they simply constrict...
Dec26-08 08:05 PM
1 19,841
Could anybody provide information on the bulk modulus of oil (say API Gravity 30-40) in the range of pressure 0-3000...
Dec24-08 07:53 AM
6 14,400
What is the simple way to write a code for making a graph in comsol script? i nub in comsol. Hardly need some help...
Dec24-08 01:04 AM
0 1,909
Hi guys. I need some help. I need to get the graph on this script but i could find the way to process the graph....
Dec23-08 11:51 PM
0 1,141
Can somebody explain the the difference between Hydrostatic test and Air test. Instead of hydrotest can we test the...
Dec23-08 08:42 PM
5 18,796
Hey, I am looking to build a generator that goes on a bike stand so when i ride my bike on the stand it will...
Dec22-08 12:56 PM
5 1,053
I am looking at what I am going to do after high school, so far I am looking at physics, but I am keeping my options...
Dec18-08 09:19 PM
21 10,168
I know this may not be the right place to post this question, but I figured some of you engineering folks might have...
Dec18-08 08:29 PM
6 1,151
Hi guys, While working with coordinates, I notice that for those that deal with axi-symmetry, the R-Z plane is...
Dec18-08 03:53 PM
1 2,405
Hi, Please help me with this problem: Suppose a round steel bar of 25 mm diameter and 72 m lengh, which is...
Dec18-08 02:56 PM
10 1,431
I've been reading a lot of papers lately about temperature measurement. Most them involve temperature measurement in...
Dec17-08 06:43 PM
11 5,057
To my surprise, through experimentation, I have found that the "Flux tubes"/lines of force, do not move when the...
Dec17-08 01:10 AM
13 2,334
I was wondering if anyone has suggestions in terms of wireless transmitters/receivers for a system that will have over...
Dec16-08 09:48 AM
5 1,143
Hi everyone, Anyone out here who knows how to use matlab to generate rate random walk, angle random walk and flicker...
Dec16-08 03:47 AM
1 6,698
Can someone point me to a good comparison of the various forums of temperature measurement? (Thermocouples,...
Dec15-08 11:07 AM
1 2,187
Hi, I have Two eccentric cams consisting of 100mm dia disks with a shaft hole 15mm off centre. They are 400mm...
Dec13-08 02:14 PM
10 1,555
How does one calculate efficiency for an incandescent light bulb? Assume the bulb is 40 W, has a tungsten filament at...
Dec13-08 11:47 AM
4 1,650
Hello..i have 2 questions to ask about the IEEE,so if someone czn help me,please tell me so i can PM him the questions...
Dec12-08 07:55 PM
Proton Soup
4 2,420
"Normal to the reference surface of the beam remain normal to it and undergo no change in length during deformation"...
Dec12-08 11:11 AM
6 1,464
I work for a contractor and we're currently discussing drains on the roof of a building, and whether they should have...
Dec12-08 06:21 AM
1 2,477
I have bounced around various sites and forums but I wanted to get a feel from some of those that may actually know. ...
Dec11-08 04:39 PM
6 3,226
Hi, Was wanting to read a good book on Engineering, not a text book, just a good read on engineering in general....
Dec10-08 10:09 PM
3 3,256
This isn't really an "engineering" question but I really didn't know where else to ask. I just want to know if any of...
Dec10-08 12:06 PM
3 3,625
Is it possible to create an object that is basically a spinning top but because of the way it is made will spin...
Dec10-08 11:59 AM
1 1,353

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