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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Mar17-14 06:22 PM
982 197,855
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 50,564
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:47 AM
0 20,444
I know that it's likely impossible to predict exactly when an earthquake will strike or when a volcano will erupt, but...
Aug29-08 11:25 AM
1 1,232
Does anyone here know what developments are being made in nuclear detection technology? Is there anything like, say,...
Aug29-08 07:01 AM
0 1,040
Hey guys, I need some help. I have an old fortran program that needs axial moment of inertia as well as polar moment...
Aug27-08 12:03 PM
3 5,741
Just a thought that occured to me while sitting around. Well?
Aug27-08 08:52 AM
5 4,449
Hi guys, So I'm going into my senior year at high school. I'm sure that I am interested in Engineering, I love math...
Aug24-08 08:05 AM
2 4,831
I'm wondering about the the term 'Diametre Nominal', or 'NPS' as it's called in the US. I've realized that pipes that...
Aug22-08 04:12 PM
13 11,309
Nasa is facing more problems with it's Shuttle replacement. following Ares-I being too small to lift anything the...
Aug22-08 11:28 AM
7 3,083
I have a double wall steel tank system, where the inner sealed tank is 300 gallons and the outer sealed tank is 600...
Aug22-08 08:37 AM
3 2,088
Hi all, i have been assigned to study indoor air quality and car cabin air quality project. My Problem is: How...
Aug21-08 08:41 PM
10 36,839
Maybe some of you have seen the video, where they make a match-lighting capable laser pointer out of a DVD burner...
Aug19-08 11:56 PM
3 1,957
Original Post " Using electro gravity tiles, there is an emerging technology that can generate electricity from...
Aug19-08 05:28 AM
17 9,805
i know climate science is pretty inaccurate at the moment and its difficult to predict the effects of lowering carbon...
Aug18-08 04:31 AM
7 1,440
Does anyone know how to determine what size/type of pipe/tubing would be necessary to withstand given wind speeds? ...
Aug13-08 08:48 PM
4 6,027
Has anyone tried engineering mechanics: statics by hibbeler? Is this a good book? From the reviews on the 10th...
Aug12-08 11:27 AM
2 2,232
hello, first off i would like to say that im new here, and this being my first post, so if i did something wrong,...
Aug12-08 08:01 AM
4 1,290
Does anyone know if it is worth doing both Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering? Does it help or hurt? ...
Aug11-08 11:16 PM
9 2,249
I am trying to figure a way to turn an automobile type generator shaft at realtively high speed (1,000 - 2,000 rpm)...
Aug11-08 06:24 PM
1 1,566
Aye, ill try and keep this quick and easy.. I'm trying to get all the info i can on what maths and physics is...
Aug5-08 07:57 AM
7 4,183
Hihi, 5. high-sensor From...
Aug5-08 05:53 AM
3 2,289
Hi, I am a physics major and I have been building an ion mobility spectrometer. I have gotten to the point where I...
Aug4-08 03:21 PM
0 1,031
I have a simple pipe (with water) that reduces in diameter. I've been trying to calculate the pressure after the...
Aug4-08 09:56 AM
6 1,556
Hey guys, Just a basic question. If I have a beam loaded like that in the picture below, I would like to calculate...
Aug3-08 12:42 PM
7 5,984
Hello, I have been trying to find recent developments for wind turbines (post 2000) but so far haven't been...
Aug1-08 07:22 PM
11 2,704
I would like to know if anybody have experience in machine design with flux software from cedrat? Sebastião Carmo
Aug1-08 12:35 PM
0 1,347
I've always loved taking things apart and putting them back together, but I've never tried to build any kind of...
Aug1-08 11:12 AM
6 1,320
Hello, I'm a student at the University of Minnesota and as I was moving out of my dorm last semester I found a co2...
Aug1-08 12:35 AM
0 980
Hello, I am currently using COMSOL to do multi-component unsteady state 1D diffusion modeling (symmetry). The...
Jul31-08 12:40 PM
0 4,137
Is it possible to use acetone as the working fluid in a Rankine cycle engine (like steam engine)? How efficent would...
Jul30-08 11:35 AM
11 2,243
Hey, I am doing my B.Tech 2nd year and would like to present a paper on VLSI & Embedded Systems. Plz help me out as to...
Jul30-08 11:12 AM
1 5,162
I just read about some applications of AI in drive. one of them is AI-based compensation of non-linear effects in...
Jul30-08 10:14 AM
0 859
I'm looking at project investigating thermal dissiplation around circular and square concrete piles, resting in a...
Jul30-08 07:44 AM
3 2,651
Im thinking about going into nuclear engineering but i have this fear that its going to be astronomically hard. Like...
Jul27-08 07:13 PM
13 11,636
The schematic shows a central heating system. I'm wondering if I can drop the twin pump? If each of the single pumps...
Jul24-08 08:00 AM
2 2,811
With a Hydraulic motor and disel engine for a pump.
Jul23-08 07:11 PM
4 1,434
The term defines a material possess electrical potential under different in temperature. That means we can harness...
Jul23-08 05:47 PM
3 1,687
Hi everyone! I have a question for you :) I am wondering, if there already is a developed model, imitating...
Jul23-08 09:55 AM
1 1,326
I was just wondering why solar paneling is shiny. Doesn't that mean light is reflected and wasted?
Jul22-08 10:09 AM
2 1,320
Hi there! I just got my first job as a mechanical engineer (I took me diploma a couple of months ago) in a crane...
Jul21-08 04:31 AM
0 1,559
I have a dilemma for which I could use some input. I sponsor a Math/Science Computer Modeling (sort of Science Fair)...
Jul20-08 10:39 PM
0 1,475
So many places I've seen components (fancoils and such) with inlets that are let's say 1", but where the pipe leading...
Jul20-08 06:59 PM
3 1,770

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