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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Jun23-14 12:38 AM
1,027 232,740
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 2,377
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 60,662
Can someone point me to a good comparison of the various forums of temperature measurement? (Thermocouples,...
Dec15-08 11:07 AM
1 2,167
Hi, I have Two eccentric cams consisting of 100mm dia disks with a shaft hole 15mm off centre. They are 400mm...
Dec13-08 02:14 PM
10 1,539
How does one calculate efficiency for an incandescent light bulb? Assume the bulb is 40 W, has a tungsten filament at...
Dec13-08 11:47 AM
4 1,642
Hello..i have 2 questions to ask about the IEEE,so if someone czn help me,please tell me so i can PM him the questions...
Dec12-08 07:55 PM
Proton Soup
4 2,407
"Normal to the reference surface of the beam remain normal to it and undergo no change in length during deformation"...
Dec12-08 11:11 AM
6 1,458
I work for a contractor and we're currently discussing drains on the roof of a building, and whether they should have...
Dec12-08 06:21 AM
1 2,467
I have bounced around various sites and forums but I wanted to get a feel from some of those that may actually know. ...
Dec11-08 04:39 PM
6 3,219
Hi, Was wanting to read a good book on Engineering, not a text book, just a good read on engineering in general....
Dec10-08 10:09 PM
3 3,241
This isn't really an "engineering" question but I really didn't know where else to ask. I just want to know if any of...
Dec10-08 12:06 PM
3 3,601
Is it possible to create an object that is basically a spinning top but because of the way it is made will spin...
Dec10-08 11:59 AM
1 1,345
This is just something I was thinking about... would it be better to design a scuba flipper that has only one up and...
Dec10-08 10:37 AM
4 4,035
I believe it seems possible that a plasma generator could be constructed to ionize the gases used in the making of the...
Dec8-08 05:24 PM
7 5,862
I work at a cement distribution terminal. We load bulk powdered cement pneumatically into ships. Part of this...
Dec4-08 10:05 AM
6 27,523
Why is magnesium not used much for engine castings? the old air cooled VW engines were light enough (bare) to be...
Dec3-08 08:34 PM
9 7,476
I was just curious if anyone knows of any new and upcoming methods of hydrogen storage to be used for fuel. The only...
Dec3-08 06:07 PM
6 1,870
I need some infos about Semenov's equation that estimate AIT's hydrocarbons (autoignition temperature) at different...
Dec3-08 11:47 AM
0 1,744
I'm doing a project on flow rates in a pipe system using the hazen williams formula, does anyone know of a spread...
Dec2-08 04:14 PM
2 1,080
Hello Forum , i am new here and new to this domaine ( laser and laser displays ). I have a motor ( polygonal mirrors )...
Dec2-08 09:17 AM
0 645
Hi, I am testing or trying to figure out how much heat would be generated for a piston that moves up and down and...
Dec1-08 07:07 AM
4 1,984
Synchronizing panel contains of number of generators, and there is some cases of these generators - standby...
Nov30-08 01:19 PM
4 1,140
hi, i have managed to find alot of information on what causes shimmy and how it can be prevented, but i am...
Nov26-08 12:36 PM
0 2,414
i have got a problem with a calculation involving a filter, i hope you all with lend me a helping hand. to...
Nov25-08 11:31 PM
5 7,480
I am wondering what the upper limit for frequency is currently as far as audio signal generators go. Basically I...
Nov25-08 02:52 AM
3 1,640
So me and a few friends have a crazy idea for a science fair project. We want to make a small toy car that runs from...
Nov24-08 04:06 PM
7 3,559
Hi I'm trying to find a value for the density of the exhaust gases emitted from a Honda CBR600 motorcycle engine...
Nov22-08 08:29 PM
5 3,907
I need to spec out some bolts according to the NAS standard. The problem is that I only have the...
Nov21-08 02:15 PM
4 8,654
I have few question about wind turbine and its theory for the situation, the average wind velocity is 2m/s 1. what...
Nov20-08 09:31 PM
11 14,698
Is this possible to efficiently concentrate diffuse light? Is this possible to build light concentrator to focus...
Nov20-08 06:45 PM
0 4,204
Does someone here know about high energy lasers? As I understand it, at a certain field strength you damage your...
Nov20-08 04:15 PM
1 1,486
Need to deal with Maxwell's Equations by a numerical point of view. Usual, Whitney Elements are used for Finite...
Nov20-08 10:30 AM
0 4,743
Story on the BBC about a urine recycling system for the ISS - it doesn't have a lot of tech details but a few points...
Nov18-08 04:18 PM
Proton Soup
6 2,830
Hi all, Not entirely sure where this should go, but does anyone know where to find the set-up for cymatic image...
Nov17-08 02:25 PM
0 1,047
Hello, I am supposed to find the change in position at c by superposition. But I dont really know how all the parts...
Nov17-08 07:33 AM
3 5,492
could anybody suggest me a book on fluid mechanics which provide strong basics as well as detailed knowledge thanks
Nov16-08 01:49 PM
3 5,624
Hey This may seem like a homework question, but its actually extending my knowledge... I attended a lab, and it...
Nov16-08 12:24 PM
5 2,318
i want to listen to radio on my mobile without earphone. so i need a very good wave absorbing material in d stereo...
Nov15-08 10:39 PM
Proton Soup
4 875
I want to calculate the maximum shear stress, that two surfaces joint by a single lap joint, would be able to take. ...
Nov15-08 06:59 PM
1 12,085
I am a Civil Engineering major, and I work full time as an Energy Rater and would like to pursue this career path....
Nov15-08 01:49 PM
2 3,477
I have bought a new house in Washington (Seattle), which has two lots of 30 x 40 ft and 40 x 60 ft sizes. The second...
Nov15-08 11:08 AM
4 1,495
"The Pickens Plan" I've started this thread because I recently heard about a billionaires plan to utilize the...
Nov15-08 10:57 AM
139 15,222

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