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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Y 06:11 AM
1,042 239,741
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 2,927
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 62,381
Hi Guys, I am not an engineer and was hoping someone could help me with a question I had about piping in cold...
Oct26-13 11:06 AM
13 1,850
Greetings PFers I’m thinking about building a Tiny House similar to the one below, except outfitted with solar power....
Oct23-13 09:21 PM
3 1,966
Why is it important to ensure flow separation does not occur in the back of a vehicle or wing? I know that when...
Oct22-13 05:47 PM
6 3,439
Hi everyone! I would like to discuss the pros/cons and engineering challenges one would face in order to create a...
Oct22-13 06:25 AM
20 3,498
Hi, What is the purpose of having a caster angle / "trainling" in a bicycle or bike? Many websites say it is for...
Oct21-13 07:32 AM
2 2,200
I'm a high school physics student, so keep my limited knowledge in mind. Basically the other day I had the idea to...
Oct19-13 05:22 PM
7 4,426
I'm having to design a screw pump and i'm a bit confused about things, I've never really seen a screw pump before....
Oct15-13 07:05 AM
4 6,068
I have a dosing pump spec. sheet from Milton Roy (a fairly reputable manufacturer) which says: Steady State...
Oct13-13 12:43 PM
9 5,818
Hello, I was wondering if anyone can recommend any good articles or journals with valid and good velocity data for...
Oct12-13 04:21 PM
1 3,295
hi guys......can anyone tell me that whether v use only globe valve in steamline connections in common practice????
Oct10-13 07:17 PM
1 2,050
Hello. I've regained a certain interest in lighter-than-air-craft recently. To satisfy this interest, I wish to...
Oct9-13 08:48 PM
3 2,926
Often there's these stories on TV about someone accidentally damaging a large diameter natural gas pipeline while...
Oct9-13 01:46 PM
2 1,478
Hi, guys. I have been involved in one of my school project with this title. Is there anyone who can give me some...
Oct8-13 07:32 PM
3 2,628
I'm doing a little project of mine and I have encountered a problem.. The project is basically a motion platform...
Oct8-13 10:25 AM
2 1,962
The problem: cracked or bent tabs upon installation of a Lexan 141 lens in to an ABS piece that causes rattles or...
Oct7-13 03:51 PM
0 1,193
Hello. What sort of commonly accessible material can block harmful UV from a 150W Xenon arc lamp, without blocking...
Oct7-13 12:16 PM
2 2,653
I would like to design a 3D printer. I know that sounds very ambitious (and probably stupidly unrealistic), but I'm...
Oct4-13 09:39 PM
Simon Bridge
5 3,078
How can i calculate the initial force of this mechanism? I dont...
Oct4-13 08:48 PM
7 1,873
I have some problem with potassium choloride(KCl) which got stuck on metalic nozzle at high temp.(above 750C) how...
Oct4-13 04:34 PM
4 1,736
Hi dear PF'ers, I have to develop a tank lifting system similar to the picture :...
Oct3-13 08:35 AM
13 4,265
Somehow I have really hard time wrapping my head around the concept.I mean,I get it,but I can't seem to solve any...
Oct3-13 12:36 AM
2 2,215
Hey guys! So I have a final project idea for an instrumentation class I'm taking. The class uses LabView for all...
Oct2-13 07:58 PM
Dante Tufano
0 1,457
I am not sure if this is the right place or not for this post so i apologise in advance if not. I am trying to find...
Oct2-13 02:27 AM
M Quack
8 2,052
Like the topic,if in my system derivation, there is an independent gravitational force independent of the state...
Oct1-13 03:07 PM
7 1,578
Say there's a pipe that pumps a liquid that empties into an elevated tank The discharge end of the pipe is 5 m higher...
Oct1-13 01:51 PM
9 3,047
Can a flow meter whose scale has graduations only 2 units apart (e.g. 90,92,94,96,98,100) have a legitimate advertised...
Oct1-13 09:03 AM
2 1,527
This years ASME Student Design Competition is building a UAV to navigate a simple obstacle course and drop a 1 gram...
Sep28-13 07:05 PM
3 1,943
Hey guys, I know you all wish you never had to do all the weird conversions required for our current system of...
Sep27-13 12:37 PM
64 13,069
I have some square tubing 3x3x1/4" A36 that will be fixed on one end and free on the other the material 9' long how...
Sep26-13 09:27 PM
Brian Simpson
5 2,309
I recently saw a massive new crane at a ship-repair yard. Something like this one: ...
Sep26-13 12:53 PM
15 5,031
Hi I have a small petrol generator. How Large/Long/Heavy would a CV spring need to be, to run it for four hours. ...
Sep26-13 08:41 AM
2 1,985
Suppose that a problem involves 2 unknown forces at certain specified points (point forces), along with other relevant...
Sep25-13 09:46 PM
1 1,851
Hi All, So here's the problem. A project I am working on has a composite metal panel assembly, which a previous...
Sep25-13 04:46 PM
4 1,832
Hello I am currently an aerospace engineer at university and was beginning to wonder whether it was the best idea...
Sep24-13 09:25 AM
3 1,731
I just downloaded this software since it is free and can supposedly be used for CAD. Does anyone have experience with...
Sep24-13 07:54 AM
4 1,829
I often leave my golf clubs in the car rather than bothering to take them out I just wondered how much extra this is...
Sep22-13 08:13 PM
4 1,566
How do I find deflection (displacement) in point C at the end of the beam? Answer is to be given in mm. There is a...
Sep21-13 10:12 PM
4 1,524
Hello, I'm working on my first year engineering project. I'm an electrical engineering major but this is a general...
Sep19-13 02:10 PM
8 2,497
Does anyone know any Forumulas or how to calculate the dimensions of a pulse jet engine? I have already built...
Sep19-13 01:04 PM
Keith R
4 7,063
hi, i am doing an electric bicycle project. The basic improvement required would be the asist of the motor using...
Sep19-13 02:36 AM
2 1,254

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