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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 50,395
In response to the growing needs of our membership, we're excited to announce the restructuring our Science Education...
Oct12-05 01:47 AM
0 20,391
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Mar17-14 06:22 PM
982 197,102
Hey guys, any of you interested in following precisely the next step in BP's attempt to fix the oil leak in the Gulf?...
Jun3-10 07:28 AM
7 2,315
So the school is trying to blame, and make us pay for the alleged breaking of an elevator on me and my two friends and...
Apr25-13 03:56 AM
43 1,852
There has been a lot of talk about developing a fifth mode of transport, and most of these involve some sort of tube...
Nov3-13 05:20 PM
16 2,258
Hello, I have recently started work as a researcher at a university investigating heat transfer fluids (HTF). One of...
Feb8-12 07:53 AM
0 1,991
Iím currently working a project to produce a roadside speed camera which displays vehicle speed to drivers to improve...
Aug16-13 04:25 AM
8 1,021
Just curious if anyone knows an approximate for the average rate of heat gain for a common fridge? Im going to do an...
Apr26-11 01:32 PM
3 7,275
Hi; In a regular 1900 TDI car engine,if the turbo were to be operated by an electric motor instead of by the...
May15-13 09:15 AM
jacques dichi
6 1,321
Could anyone please inform me the relation between needed hp in engine in order to generate a certain amount of kw ? ...
Aug9-11 01:25 AM
jacques dichi
3 2,272
Suppose I've got a 6mw wind turbine with a very small wing span - 5 meters-, what would the minimum wind speed needed...
Mar9-13 02:51 AM
jacques dichi
2 921
Hi forumers, I've got a question,and of course all proper answers are welcome, I think however a sailboat...
Mar23-13 06:01 AM
jacques dichi
4 1,309
Hi, I'd like to know if any engineers out there use what they've been taught at university or is it the fundamentals...
Jul2-06 08:57 AM
Ivan Seeking
4 1,297
Is this the opposite of an air lock? I want to make a bag/membrane/lock device that can carry water, yet keep it...
Jul8-10 03:27 AM
5 2,155
Hey.. just came across an article where the person did his MS in Financial engineering.. i have personally not heard...
Jan7-05 10:16 AM
20 3,974
Ok so right now the best solar cells get only about 20-30% of the energy available to it from the sun. This is because...
Jan20-05 07:24 PM
29 3,037
Hello, For the purpose of developing a pasteurization system to kill food-borne pathogens, I am trying to devise a...
Feb18-11 07:22 PM
Jake Platt
5 2,669
I put up a security gate requiring a code at the entrance to my property 6 months ago but the electric company has...
Feb5-12 08:51 AM
3 2,324
My ag-processing company needs to filter 1200 gpm of water. This is beyond the capacity of most commercial systems...
Jan20-14 06:32 AM
3 654
Hi everyone, I am currently trying to recognize different activities such as walking, sitting and falling, using a...
Dec16-10 01:19 PM
1 1,987
As you know i've been asking questions about alternative fuels and honestly its getting me no where, because I desire...
May26-10 03:20 PM
36 2,939
Hi, I currently attend Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, and I'm looking to interview an engineer over the...
Nov10-08 11:42 PM
5 3,209
Will 3"od X .250" wall ASTM A500 Grade B square tubing safely carry a single point load of 180lbs. over a 12ft span. ...
Aug1-12 05:42 AM
3 832
If a space-themed amusement park or something wanted to simulate zero gravity for people to walk around a fake moon or...
Nov18-11 09:53 PM
1 1,593
Could a crystal radio use a lead sulfide or lead selenide antenna an pick up in the infrared?
Jul28-04 12:38 PM
1 1,497
After reading an article a few weeks ago about a man who had made a bicycle with a triangular & pentagonal wheel &...
Jun13-09 08:43 AM
2 2,982
Hi All one of my cline has recently changed his double drain sink with a single drain sink. I now need to redo all...
Jul7-08 10:19 AM
2 1,406
I'm trying to calculate the power required from forced induction with this equation; W˙=m˙CpT1ηc⎡⎣(P2P1)(γ−1γ)−1⎤⎦...
Sep4-13 04:32 AM
4 975
Hi, I am currently doing a project to design a lamp and am really interested in using physics to gain a perfectly...
Feb7-12 03:55 PM
4 1,690
Hi, i would be grateful if anyone could help me find out the angular acceleration and angular velocity of a flywheel?...
Feb26-08 08:09 AM
1 5,655
Hi, Could someone tell me the rough temperature the air gets to under compression, just prior to the diesel being...
May30-10 05:47 PM
3 4,681
In my thermodynamics book it states that the first law is, " When a system undergoes a complete cycle the net heat...
Sep9-10 08:57 AM
3 1,822
Calculating wind load is wind speed squared x .00431 x area in sq. ft. A 5 mph wind with a vertical 100 sq. ft. wing...
Jun29-09 10:05 AM
1 1,556
Hey, I am from Melbourne,Australia I have been looking at courses and am very interested in sustainable systems...
Aug19-12 03:12 AM
1 938
hi, for a task at school i have to design a pump and water storage system that will be able to work with a wind...
Apr1-13 11:13 AM
1 857
Im aware that in the Bradford transform, a matrix containing certain constants is used to obtain the end result. I...
Jun13-08 07:07 AM
2 4,061
For anyone who has read this paper, I have a question regarding the colour eqns shown on the top half of page 24 (the...
Dec6-07 06:35 PM
0 2,395
Using a 555 timer (square wave input) as a NOT gate, can the logical state (0 or 1) be determined during rise and fall...
Nov8-05 10:23 AM
2 1,603
I am trying to predict pressure drop in a pipeline with a range of different materials. I have used a surface...
Sep6-13 10:06 PM
2 3,405
Hi, I've got a little mental block with something I'm working on and was hoping someone could help out: I'm...
Mar11-07 03:34 PM
4 1,774
Hi I am new to this forum and would like to know if anyone of you guys have any guidance on designing a high speed...
Apr11-11 06:39 AM
0 909
SUMMARY Iím making a small turbine. Iím looking for suggestions as to how to measure efficiency and maximize the...
Apr20-11 11:57 AM
3 3,383

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