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General Engineering

- The design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures. For any engineering topics not applicable to the categories below.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
We always have threads on various pieces of the puzzle, but what I want here is for people to post a coherent plan of...
Jun23-14 12:38 AM
1,027 229,175
A number of questions, particularly involving homework, often involve some basic engineering. In the US, the...
Nov22-13 02:02 PM
38 59,741
You're just one click away from posting your homework help request! Click here to post.
May17-14 06:51 PM
0 2,141
Dear all, I was trying to calculate the shear stress due to fluid flow inbetween two parallel plates from the...
Dec13-09 01:42 AM
1 5,636
Can you give me some advice on this: ------------ Are you in a position to supply us the below item: Please let...
Nov23-09 11:31 AM
9 13,474
Some years ago i read of an attempt to make major engine componets from ceramics, i see now that ceramic coating is...
Dec15-09 11:56 AM
dr dodge
18 16,128
Hiya Im doing material science as part of my dental technology course. I've got a question, and i'm fidning it hard...
Dec2-09 09:18 PM
20 11,519
Motoring. With fuel prices so high it seems a good idea to try every way we can to save fuel, Are there any TESTED...
Dec11-09 05:00 PM
du nuthin
289 23,705
does anybody know of a good program/software which flowcharts of a chemical plant can be made? one which includes the...
Dec8-09 12:07 PM
3 6,548
First Demonstration Of A Working Invisibility Cloak ScienceDaily (Oct. 19, 2006) A team led by scientists at Duke...
Nov19-09 12:30 PM
dr dodge
4 1,953
I want to shorten my boat trailer so that it will fit in my garage in the winter, It has to be able to be put back...
Dec16-09 10:15 AM
53 9,540
I'm trying to calculate the max load of a rack made of 3X3X1/4 steel tube. It is 8ft long and 4ft wide. I just want to...
Dec6-09 07:24 PM
6 38,329
Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard of using sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate (liquid crystals) as a viable...
Nov19-09 06:17 PM
4 2,830
Hello there. I'm taking my first physics course which happens calc-based physics (Mechanics) this semester. I just...
Dec8-09 07:46 PM
5 2,469
Curious. I have a video camera and I've decided to take it apart. I posted a thread a while ago about building a...
Nov28-09 10:20 PM
13 2,327
Hi All.. Scratching my head here! does anyone have a circuit solution to a project I am working on? I have a WWII...
Dec2-09 09:48 AM
19 7,043
Hi. I'm new here, so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. Wasn't sure if I needed to post this in the Homework...
Nov24-09 07:17 PM
1 6,036
I was wondering if base isolation systems are used in the design and construction of skyscrapers. I was reading up on...
Nov24-09 07:10 AM
1 3,030
Hi everyone, I'm designing a light-weight hovercraft (2 light fans, 4x1.5 V batteries, 30x20cm in size). It needs...
Nov24-09 05:37 PM
Bob S
5 1,733
Hello all! Again I am a lost molecular biologist in the realm of physics, but this question shouldn't be so...
Nov26-09 02:42 AM
4 2,740
I recently found the following research and found it to be quite interesting: ...
Nov26-09 05:27 PM
0 3,254
I want to find the coefficient of friction. could you pls provide me how to determine the friction coefficient for...
Dec3-09 06:29 AM
1 2,251
I am building a H-bridge to control motor in forward mode and reverse mode , in the attachment i draw the schematic of...
Dec2-09 12:30 PM
4 3,413
Hey, does anyone know how many observation is needed before we can prove that a trend is significance?
Dec2-09 11:48 PM
6 1,759
What is the difference between the stream function and the equation of the streamlines(if any)? cheers
Dec2-09 08:58 AM
3 1,788
Hello everyone, I am newbie here. Can someone please tell me how can I convert force F into flow rate Q? ...
Dec2-09 11:10 PM
4 3,457
I've been trying to determine which is stronger, square tubing or Round tubing. I searched the forum but came up with...
Dec4-09 07:14 PM
2 1,819
A very heavy unit sitting on a plane at 1degree angle.... i checked that with friction only the unit will stop sliding...
Dec6-09 04:57 PM
1 1,891
this is a power calcualtion using 1 magnet pair with the turbine turning at 1 rpm..34 inch diameter rotor. i hope...
Dec7-09 08:59 PM
0 1,528
I'm using FEA to simulate an in plane bending moment on a plate. The moment is 200Nm, and the plate is 80mm tall....
Dec8-09 07:27 PM
1 4,700
I'm trying to determine the time required to heat up one side of an insulated wall of length L if there's a known...
Dec8-09 11:00 PM
0 2,026
Hello, I wish to model with Comsol a simple situation: a plasterboard undergoes locally with one 3 ms duration a very...
Dec11-09 08:14 AM
2 1,467
Hi. I am hoping that someone can explain, in the language of physics, the solution to a problem encountered during a...
Dec13-09 04:52 PM
15 2,503
Hello everyone, I am a first year engineering student and I am really interested in learning about refrigeration (this...
Dec11-09 01:06 PM
Green Zach
4 2,797
Futurist: Juan Enriquez: who, quoting his TED bio: "thinks and writes about the profound changes that genomics...
Dec12-09 04:55 AM
Ranger Mike
1 1,571
So i feel that as engineers it is our responsibility to help anyone and everyone. This is a challenge i am presenting...
Dec15-09 11:31 AM
dr dodge
26 2,932
i tried searching the web for a detailed simulink model for discrete model reference adaptive control, but i found...
Dec13-09 08:49 PM
0 1,963
I have noticed in many of the medical TV shows that Dr. X in danger of getting his medical license removed is a common...
Dec15-09 07:45 PM
3 3,137
Finally!!! It is two years late. It is supposed to fly from Everett to Seattle right about now. This has a direct...
Dec16-09 08:20 PM
110 10,019
Tell us why did you choose to be an engineer? Click Link and Leave your reply < link deleted > Regards,
Dec17-09 07:42 AM
7 4,847
What are the effects when welding takes place on a fastener. If the head of a bolt or nut is welded to a plate how...
Dec17-09 07:48 PM
9 5,341
we need to make a wind turbine using this motor ...
Dec19-09 02:20 PM
15 3,049
Hi! i have some problems with simulating a problem about reflected and transmitted spectrum of a thin film of Si on...
Dec20-09 02:42 AM
0 2,155

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