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Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
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Academic Guidance

- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 182,077
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 607,629
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Y 12:46 PM
3,572 864,988
Hello, I am a rising sophomore at university majoring in physics. Since high school and through university lectures...
Jul14-13 03:48 PM
0 373
Hi, I was accepted into a college and I'm going to attend next year in the US, and as I was looking for majors, I...
Jun16-13 02:19 PM
0 373
So I went to a local community college straight out of high school, and received an associates in science-transfer. I...
Aug10-13 08:22 PM
0 373
Hello, Im wondering about internships for high school graduates in Europe. I want to study theoretical physics in the...
Jun2-13 12:12 PM
0 374
Hello PF community, My name is Charlie Johnson. I just graduated from Stanford where I did a B.S. in Engineering...
Sep7-13 09:22 PM
1 374
Hey, I am taking the FE exam next year and need advice on the discipline to take it in. I am majoring in chemical...
Dec16-13 12:59 PM
1 374
Anyone doing it? This is my first semester as a lab instructor. I do physics lab and astronomy labs. I enjoy...
Feb23-14 11:32 PM
14 374
Hi all, I'm a first year undergrad and I'm currently struggling with Physics. I aced high school physics (A-levels)...
Apr10-14 02:12 AM
8 374
So, I'm coming up to the last year of undergrad physics at Oxford Uni, and am starting to think about PhDs. I'm really...
Apr14-14 01:49 PM
5 374
hi all once a student graduate from High school he will start looking for a university (there are exceptions for...
May22-13 11:56 AM
1 375
Hello I am a senior in high school and intend to study aerospace engineering at university.I have some university...
Aug22-13 06:22 AM
1 375
Hi everyone, I'm trying to get some ideas of how academia should be structured. I created this thread to learn how...
Apr7-13 02:41 PM
0 376
Good afternoon. I have thus far taken for my math major: Linear Algebra (with proofs), Complex Analysis for...
Apr30-13 04:30 PM
0 376
Suppose you apply to a grad school with intrestes in nuclear physics experiment and then you are accepted, but you...
Feb9-14 04:43 PM
5 376
What do you peeps think of the ranking of one's PhD-granting institution and non-academic jobs? We all know that...
Mar15-14 11:34 AM
5 376
Its my 3rd try at an exam in graduate school. I failed it the 3rd time and now have a last attempt remaining,but this...
Mar24-14 03:51 AM
3 376
So I'm coming up on my senior year and I'm taking ionizing radiation next semester and I was wondering exactly what is...
May23-13 03:00 PM
2 378
I want to do a PhD in Quantum Computing. Which universities in English-speaking countries have prominent research...
Feb6-14 08:39 AM
2 379
Hi everyone. I think for grad school I want to do work on neutrinos. Anyone know of any good and up and coming schools...
Jul10-13 03:32 PM
1 380
Does CollegeNet provide a service for professors to make account and upload Letter of Recommendations, saving their...
Nov22-13 06:58 AM
Ravi Mohan
0 380
I want to attempt GCE A2 Physics. I just want to ask if I need an AS book to study for A2 exams (I'm using the Edexcel...
May16-11 06:37 AM
0 381
So I am going into my senior year at a canadian university this year. I plan on pursuing graduate school in...
Aug16-12 04:31 AM
0 381
Hello All, I am Acharya, from INDIA . I need some career guidance. I have done my B.Tech in Electronics and...
Aug21-12 08:44 PM
0 381
Hey I will be taking Quantum Mechanics 1 and 2 next year, and I am free until the end of the summer. The professor...
Jul6-13 11:39 AM
1 381
Graphene research has been going on for a decade now, with huge numbers of researchers piling in to get a cut of the...
Feb24-14 07:53 PM
4 381
I'm going to enter college this fall, and I will have a choice between UCSB CCS Physics and Berkeley Physics. The way...
Mar29-14 01:30 PM
9 381
I am a Junior in high school, and am currently considering a career (though highly unlikely to find one, from what...
Apr8-14 10:21 PM
9 381
I really like physics and engineering, and am currently taking the prerequisites required to transfer to a full-time...
Apr20-14 04:31 PM
1 381
I'm making a literature review for my forthcoming paper and I find the process of reading long papers, most of which...
Feb10-13 12:48 AM
Urmi Roy
0 382
hello i am gonna be in highskool next year wat shud i take sciene or technical drawing and woodwork? science...
May12-13 12:15 AM
Julio R
5 383
I have great research experience, letter writers, GRE scores, and have ideas for a good SOP, but I have a GPA of 3.3...
Apr12-14 08:09 PM
10 383
Does anyone know how to decline an offer of admission that you already accepted...? Especially if it is one from a top...
Jan21-14 09:32 AM
1 384
Hello, I will soon be a Freshman in college pursuing Electrical Engineering. I was wondering if I want to research...
Mar11-13 08:59 PM
0 385
Browsing through the archives here, I have seen many, "how do you study for upper math?" threads. This is not so much...
Aug21-12 07:33 PM
0 386
Hello all, I am new here, but I believe this is the correct place for this type of thread. If not, I am sorry. ...
Jun23-13 05:04 AM
1 386
Greetings everyone, I am in the application process for graduate schools and the online forms occasionally require...
Nov21-13 11:29 AM
0 386
I'm hoping to CLEP the biology exam in a few weeks. I feel like I can do a good job depending on the question...
Nov22-13 01:49 PM
0 387
I'm currently coming towards the end of my first year in university and I have found that there are two things which I...
Mar24-14 05:38 PM
5 387
Hello, I am seeking the opinion of mathematicians. I want a solid understanding of pure mathematics. I would like...
Jan18-14 03:26 AM
2 388
Hello everyone. I have a rather unusual issue in which I do not seem to some know/understand basic concepts in...
Feb20-14 03:29 PM
5 388

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