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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
T 04:11 PM astromme 
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
Jul21-14 12:52 PM donpacino 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
T 05:14 PM
x BlueRobot
3,589 936,711
T 11:53 AM
7 3,087
OK, I've seen this question, or various incarnation of it, being asked several times on here. People with various...
Jul3-14 08:12 AM
103 90,058
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 655,139
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 198,584
I'm currently a junior at university and I'm contemplating whether or not to study a foreign language. I already know...
Jul28-14 09:25 AM
Vanadium 50
4 348
I am in the process of selecting colleges to apply to this fall. I plan on majoring in Physics or another STEM related...
Jul28-14 09:04 AM
4 288
Hey guys! I'm in high school right now, going to Year 12 (British curriculum). I'll have to start applying to...
Jul28-14 07:05 AM
25 1,047
I switched majors after my third year to physics. As a result, I have an unordinary schedule. I will be graduating...
Jul28-14 12:42 AM
6 1,254
Hey guys! I am in community college, and this will be my first semester. But I am basically confused in making...
Jul27-14 07:33 PM
5 370
I am a B.Sc. 2nd year student of Maths (Honours-equivalent to an US Maths Major), Physics and Computer...
Jul26-14 04:51 PM
2 381
Hi physics forums, I'm in a bit of a situation and I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. I'll start...
Jul26-14 02:40 PM
4 393
Hi, I am starting graduate work next fall in biophysics, mostly simulations. It's not that biophysics doesn't...
Jul26-14 02:15 PM
2 277
My real passion lies in nuclear medicine, which of course, contains physic albeit NOT straight physics in the sense of...
Jul26-14 06:49 AM
2 350
I have a graduate admissions question for anyone who might have been part of a graduate admissions committee. How do...
Jul26-14 06:02 AM
2 488
Hello everyone, I have two questions about physics in general. The first one being, how do you effectively learn...
Jul26-14 04:47 AM
8 492
I'm hoping you guys/girls can give me some advice / techniques to getting a good grade in a 3.5 week summer calculus 1...
Jul26-14 03:40 AM
7 377
Alright, so I am a math major at a community college and I am very interested in mathematical Physics. I am curious if...
Jul25-14 09:47 PM
2 435
I will try to be as objective as possible and not inflate my post with excuses. I am currently taking a college trig...
Jul25-14 02:53 PM
12 550
ah, but which ones? There's some personal stuff mixed in here, which I hope you don't mind reading, but which is...
Jul25-14 02:26 PM
3 402
Hi, I am Leigh, a 28 year old mature aged, soon to be student. I got 92.5 on my ATAR in chemistry/life sciences/...
Jul25-14 01:49 PM
1 360
I will be turning 21 soon and still have two semesters of prerequisites left until I can enter into a post-secondary...
Jul25-14 01:34 PM
2 364
Hello everyone, I have a question regarding aerospace technology civil engineering. What are the chances that you...
Jul25-14 10:31 AM
3 494
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany has recently introduced a new international full-time Master’s programme in...
Jul25-14 10:26 AM
1 272
Hello, all. Recently, I've been looking into grad school and trying to find research areas that interest me....
Jul24-14 11:10 PM
4 485
Hello, i'm studying 11th grade in an european country that I will not specify for the second year. English is not my...
Jul24-14 01:29 PM
4 526
Hi guys, I've got a few questions about the (QFFF) Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces MSc at Imperial College. ...
Jul24-14 07:55 AM
0 364
hi, i am really confused. i want to be an aeronautical engineer but getting an admission into mechanical stream and...
Jul24-14 05:07 AM
1 409
Recently I've started to investigate Spacesuit Design and different aspects of it. I was just wondering if anyone...
Jul23-14 10:18 PM
3 511
Hello, My name is Leon Pierre, and I am a physics major . I want to double major both in physics and math. My main...
Jul23-14 05:37 PM
5 792
I'm a student and I get all these math/science camp emails I was wondering what topics do they typically explore?
Jul23-14 04:01 PM
1 501
Hi, I am planning to pursue a masters in automobile engineering and would require a couple of decent research...
Jul23-14 03:16 PM
1 419
So I would like to study physics in Italian or English. Are there any universityes in Switzerland or Austria that...
Jul23-14 02:17 AM
2 804
Cc student here with a big question regarding classes in the university in regards to a math major (not sure if theory...
Jul22-14 09:30 PM
7 790
the university I'm going to has a bachelors program in Mechantronics and Biomedical engineering, but ultimately I want...
Jul22-14 01:32 PM
1 450
I'm considering a double degree in physics and aerospace engineering. This double degree in Australia (where I live)...
Jul22-14 11:46 AM
2 554
I am currently studying physics at "Tecnológico de Monterrey", a university in México, which is a good university, and...
Jul22-14 10:44 AM
12 1,486
Hey guys, So I just finished my third year of the 4 year MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics course at Imperial...
Jul22-14 04:10 AM
0 604
what countries(aside from canada and USA) have good schools for going to engineering grad school? I'm also looking for...
Jul22-14 12:56 AM
3 837
So I am going into my third year at a college. I am a double major math and mechanical engineering. And I'm trying to...
Jul21-14 02:41 PM
7 743
Hey, I'm a first year Economics student. I've just finished my first semester. I started Economics with the...
Jul21-14 10:52 AM
4 751
Hi all I'm an electrical engineering student currently looking for a thesis topic. I did a project previously in...
Jul21-14 10:15 AM
jim hardy
2 576
Hello to everyone in the forum. I am a new member here and i betaked here in order to aquire some help for this matter...
Jul21-14 08:33 AM
0 517
Hello, I just finished high-school (sixth form in the UK) and I will start studying Mathematics and Economics...
Jul21-14 07:46 AM
8 996
Hi guys, I'm about to be a senior in High School, in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. I am a San Diego native,...
Jul20-14 11:07 PM
12 1,275

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