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Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
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Academic Guidance

- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Apr23-14 12:46 PM
3,572 865,156
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 607,711
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 182,130
I am a 3rd yr student of IIT KGP..what are the options for me to do PHD outside India I don't have a good cgpa...
May25-10 09:12 PM
0 953
I have to take a required course for my major this fall titled Mathematical Thinking. The course description says...
May25-10 08:57 PM
3 864
Hi everyone, I'm planning to major in chemistry double minoring in physics and math. Next year I'm registered for a...
May25-10 07:58 PM
11 1,636
I am using Stewart's textbook right now and it is horrible. I really wonder how my other classmates get their work...
May25-10 05:03 PM
3 1,906
When I did my undergraduate thesis, my project was a small part of a larger project being done by an MSc. student at...
May25-10 04:50 PM
Count Iblis
21 4,213
I didn't quite know where to post this topic... so if this is the wrong place then sorry, however I am looking for a...
May25-10 03:48 PM
sentient 6
0 590
I am a math major who is about to finish his junior year. I am still not so sure what I want to do over the summer...
May25-10 12:33 PM
1 1,141
I'm pretty clueless about how to get scholarships... I have tried searching online but all I have found are...
May25-10 11:11 AM
3 759
As a first-year-student, does it immediately begin? Or do those things happen during 3rd year? Or does it depend on...
May24-10 01:02 PM
10 1,419
I'm starting university in Ireland in October, and I want to pursue Theoretical Physics. Could someone please give me...
May24-10 12:13 PM
3 1,362
I unofficially have a PhD place at a great university to study an area of research in Physics that is not *quite* in...
May24-10 09:11 AM
3 858
Hi everyone! I'm currently a second year at UC Irvine. I'm working on majors in Computer Science and Engineering...
May24-10 08:40 AM
4 1,333
While surfing the websites of many collleges i found an engineering stream i.e. "ENGINEERING IN PHYSICS" . Someone...
May24-10 07:53 AM
2 751
I have a passion for pretty much all scientific subjects and I gladly spend all day accumulating knowledge relating to...
May24-10 04:34 AM
33 3,964
I think I've screwed up my future. I am in my third year, double major in physics and math (math major more to...
May23-10 11:03 PM
20 6,928
I have been extremely interested in aerospace engineering and am considering to take it in college. I currently go to...
May23-10 10:28 PM
2 790
Hi, I just finished a College Algebra course. I did well for the most part getting high 80's and even a 100% on one...
May23-10 07:29 PM
3 921
I am looking to transfer to a petroleum engineering college. I am not sure which ones I should apply for. So I have a...
May23-10 07:13 PM
1 5,290
The path students take going from undergrad to PhD seems to vary greatly between countries, and I was wondering if...
May23-10 05:50 PM
11 1,285
Hello there. I am a high school student with a passion for physics. I want to study physics in university and have...
May23-10 05:14 PM
7 1,334
So I'm going into my physics major in the fall, and I'm very excited. I've been doing some serious catch up with...
May23-10 04:38 PM
4 1,105
I previously started a thread about which major to take and decided to go with physics over astrophysics for my B.S....
May23-10 03:39 PM
1 1,744
Can anyone give me reviews on 89 chestnut residence at U Toronto??? I have been accepted into Engg.Science
May23-10 03:36 PM
0 1,309
Hello, I was hoping someone can help with some information. I was in my last year, and I needed to pass quantum...
May23-10 12:13 PM
6 1,780
I recently got the idea of being a physics major. I was accepted for chemical engineering, but I'm not sure I want to...
May23-10 11:05 AM
2 1,104
So I got to might be better for me to delay graduation by a year..or maybe just a semester. But I need...
May22-10 11:19 PM
7 2,209
Hi there. Just for clarification, I am a Junior in High School getting ready to wrap up this year. As such, we have...
May22-10 11:10 PM
Anthony A
3 3,603
Today i had my math exam, and i hoped to get at least a 35 of 40 points, now i think i get less than 20, i am very...
May22-10 10:49 PM
11 2,099
I want a career in wich i use a lot of physics, i was thinking in a career as a phycisit but i am afraid that my...
May22-10 07:40 PM
18 2,677
Hello, I am currently working on my AAS in Physics and am aspiring to be an Astronomer. The area that I live in...
May22-10 03:15 PM
5 3,822
I know a good number of people who seem to be able to self study physics material - aka read ahead for classes, read...
May22-10 12:37 PM
3 1,128
Best regards to all of you, I am 30 and some years old.I finished general high school-gymnasium in my country about...
May22-10 12:07 PM
4 1,473
Well i would to have a career that have a lot of physics and that one is mechanical engineerng. But i also want to se...
May22-10 10:06 AM
5 1,456
Hello everyone. I have a few questions about postgraduate study. At the moment I'm studying chemical and biological...
May22-10 02:48 AM
2 1,742
Here's the deal...I had a really bad precalc teacher in high school. She had a baby a week into the course and we had...
May21-10 08:37 PM
3 1,291
Hi all, I wanted to request your help in discerning what kinds of things seem to help students get into some of...
May21-10 08:21 PM
21 3,877
This month's Physics Today had an article about the Bologna Process- a comprehensive reform of the EU's higher...
May21-10 06:57 PM
Andy Resnick
77 5,950
I'm a guy who is really an aspiring fiction writer, but right now i may have stumbled upon serious stuff that may...
May21-10 05:14 PM
1 883
I now is studying the Applied physics in a university of technology in China,which is not the best university in China...
May21-10 12:21 PM
1 659
I have to gain a real deep understanding of everything I'm learning in university and luckily for me I don't have to...
May21-10 08:41 AM
2 654

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