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Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 607,426
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Apr3-14 04:59 PM
3,571 864,637
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 181,921
Which grads are in greater demand right now?
Aug10-09 06:05 PM
7 2,440
HI, I admittedly have trouble making important decisions and would like some experienced input that I could mull...
Aug10-09 04:03 PM
2 2,390
Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone out there knows of any good (less expensive) universities that offer...
Aug10-09 05:51 AM
Shawn Gossman
0 1,175
Can anyone give me some suggestions of some essentials, calc or non-calc, that I should review and be comfortable with...
Aug10-09 02:29 AM
1 663
Before deciding to pursue physics I was on track to complete an A.A. in business admin. As it stands I have 4 more...
Aug9-09 11:56 PM
13 1,735
My first two years of attending the university i basically flunked out. I was in a bad personal situation that just...
Aug9-09 10:08 PM
5 1,054
I've been looking into Architectural Engineering. I'm an undergrad right now and planned on pursuing Physics as a...
Aug9-09 06:19 PM
0 934
Do you think engineers/programmers are relatively mobile, and can relocate often? How often?
Aug9-09 06:05 PM
0 1,170
Sooo. I'm entering my final year of high school this fall and by Christmas have to decide what I want to do in...
Aug9-09 05:15 PM
7 1,192
I hate to post two threads in a row, but I have too many physics questions going in my head to sleep. My TA last...
Aug9-09 11:36 AM
6 1,193
In two months, university application will start. So I have this little time to decide what to do. I don't think...
Aug9-09 12:14 AM
2 714
Hey all, I just graduated from a small-ish northeastern private liberal arts university known more for it's law and...
Aug8-09 11:11 PM
10 1,889
Hey, As far as graduate school admission is concerned, I've heard that a second math major may help you succeed in...
Aug8-09 09:55 PM
0 549
I have applied to do a course at a top UK university for physics. The first year being a foundation year (maths...
Aug8-09 06:09 PM
9 1,990
Hello, Let's say that my undergrad institution does not have any groups working in experimental AMO, but does have...
Aug8-09 02:45 PM
0 585
Hi everyone. I would like to ask questions since I am interested in studying at US university and previous threads and...
Aug8-09 01:29 PM
2 715
I'm starting my second year as an astronomy/physics double major. Up to this point, I've only had basic foundation...
Aug8-09 09:49 AM
1 945
Not sure if this belonged here or in Career Guidance, but since TA/RAships are in academics, here it goes: I'm...
Aug7-09 02:40 PM
3 1,315
Hi All, I am a physicist from Hungary. I was involved in quite a few programming tasks back in the university,...
Aug7-09 09:41 AM
20 6,242
Is there some place or some website where it will collect and post the information of international physics...
Aug7-09 05:07 AM
2 619
Hi! I believe that I have asked a question to this similar before but I was unable to find it. I am going into...
Aug6-09 10:33 PM
6 2,087
I want to be a research doctor who specializes in how nuclear energy interacts with human tissues..especially neural...
Aug6-09 09:44 PM
1 1,003
Hello PF. I have a bachelors in pure math. I've always gone back and forth between physics and math, but math...
Aug6-09 09:26 PM
10 2,509
I recently checked out a college physics book from my high school library. It is a Sears and Zemansky College Physics...
Aug6-09 06:57 PM
4 2,602
Sorry, I just realized that this should be in the Career Guidance forum. I find the topic of my recent dissertation...
Aug6-09 06:50 PM
1 782
I am a double major (physics, comp sci) at a small relatively unknown college. I am a senior and will graduate in...
Aug6-09 01:10 PM
3 3,657
Hi all, my situation is as follows: I'd like to pursue a career in research in the absurdly competitive field of...
Aug6-09 06:54 AM
11 1,454
Well, first off, the subjects I take at school are Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics English Literature ...
Aug6-09 06:20 AM
29 2,354
Hi, i'm an incoming freshman at SUNY Stony Brook. I know it might be a little early planning for my next summer, but I...
Aug5-09 11:06 PM
7 3,199
I graduated with a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (2009) from India(One of Premier Engineering Institutes in...
Aug5-09 09:57 PM
0 630
Hello everyone, So there is only one month left between my glorious summer and the beginning of my fall semester,...
Aug5-09 04:46 PM
7 1,269
Last year, my senior year of high school, I took an AP Physics C class which was devoted solely to mechanics. Starting...
Aug5-09 04:42 PM
6 944
I took calc 2 6 months ago... and im just wondering which parts of calc 1,2 i should review for both diff eqns and...
Aug5-09 03:45 PM
5 4,360
Title says it all: how does a mathematics BS/MS holder work alongside a physicist? Do they share work? Who gets what...
Aug5-09 01:58 PM
14 2,513
I am an electronics and comms engineering with Masters in space systems and am currently working in spacecraft...
Aug5-09 10:46 AM
2 1,994
I'm starting grad school this fall - direct entry PhD in astronomy & astrophysics. I eventually want to do...
Aug5-09 09:57 AM
Count Iblis
9 1,200
hey so im in a particularily difficult postion for my future right now. I know i want to be an engineer one day, but i...
Aug4-09 11:35 PM
4 953
I recently found myself interested in Physics, especially solving physics problems, I want to serie "Problem in...
Aug4-09 02:36 PM
1 979
Hi everybody I solved today the questions that the college board put in it's free guide pdf. But these questions...
Aug4-09 01:03 PM
4 1,997
Hi all. I'm studying mathematics (I have one year left) and can't get any good answers from my professors. I'm...
Aug4-09 11:08 AM
5 1,344

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