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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
Aug21-14 03:29 PM LawrenceWirth 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Aug25-14 05:17 PM
1,021 663,664
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Aug24-14 01:19 PM
3,593 949,149
Jul31-14 11:53 AM
7 4,083
OK, I've seen this question, or various incarnation of it, being asked several times on here. People with various...
Jul3-14 08:12 AM
103 93,456
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 202,058
Hello all I am in dire need of engineering statics or structures help and was wondering if anyone knew of a good...
Oct30-09 03:49 PM
0 742
hi all, I am an Indian student and I got my BSc in physics (Distinction) in 2006 followed by an MSc from UK in...
Oct30-09 02:11 PM
0 1,594
I currently am in the Engineering program at PSU, hoping to get into mechanical, but my advisor said that due to how...
Oct30-09 01:12 PM
5 916
Well I'm in high school right now, grade 11 to be exact and I've started looking around for any interesting...
Oct29-09 05:26 PM
2 2,256
I've recently graduated, my specialty is Nuclear and Radiation Engineering, I am looking into graduate courses in my...
Oct29-09 04:29 PM
Nomy-the wanderer
4 1,214
I had an analysis mid-term today. I misread a question and while checking my test over, I realized I had misread it,...
Oct29-09 09:11 AM
3 966
Hello all, I am a student in need of advice. I am a Physics and Applied Math senior at Humboldt State University in...
Oct29-09 07:58 AM
3 1,813
What would be the best field to do original research with all the math from the first 4 years of uni?
Oct29-09 07:12 AM
8 870
Cliffs: - ChE & Math double major, currently a junior. - Just got offered a project in ChE department that...
Oct29-09 07:08 AM
3 1,077
Hello! I hope I'm posting this thread in the right subforum. As in the thread title, I'm 31 and I currently work a...
Oct29-09 01:46 AM
36 6,255
what's the difference? it looks like a chemical engineer and material scientist does the same thing
Oct28-09 11:08 PM
4 10,296
I have
Oct28-09 11:07 PM
1 1,536
Hello, I am an Engineering Physics major. Are there graduate engineering degrees offered for engineering physics? ...
Oct28-09 10:49 PM
1 1,210
I'm a freshman physics/math dual major. Everybody's dream. My important classes are Honors Physics I, Differential...
Oct28-09 07:52 PM
9 7,964
I'm a freshman in the honors college, and we were told to make a resume that we'd like to have in four years when we...
Oct28-09 03:10 PM
23 7,891
hi, im a second year physics student at İzmir institute of technology.i m thinking about erasmus internship...
Oct28-09 12:38 PM
1 867
I am in my senior years. I am applying to the University of Toronto, St.George Campus as my first, the other campus...
Oct28-09 08:44 AM
12 1,811
Hi I am studying electrical engineering and I will graduate next year, recently I have grown an interest in...
Oct28-09 05:05 AM
2 4,180
Is there a special field of physics called phenomenological physics? What is the exact definition of it? Is it...
Oct27-09 11:48 PM
1 870
Hi guys, I've recently decided to go back to my education (after a while away) and do a physics A level (AQA...
Oct27-09 02:41 PM
0 1,067
Hi folks, Simple question: does anyone here have an idea of the quality of physics graduate study at the university...
Oct27-09 11:51 AM
The thinker
10 1,565
Hi, Today I want to ask you an important issue is the subject of the certificate, education, and a way to get this...
Oct27-09 10:31 AM
0 565
I love them both. Which one do you think is more useful? Which one has more general application in everyday life?
Oct27-09 10:28 AM
2 2,338
I'm only at the end of the second year (out of 5) of a physics bachelor. I plan on to do a Phd although I've...
Oct27-09 09:01 AM
15 1,919
If i have three or four papers pending publication, review, rejection to another journal etc (a process out my...
Oct27-09 07:12 AM
3 858
I have my bachelors degree (Hons) in EE and wanted to know whats a good plan of action on self learning/study towards...
Oct27-09 03:21 AM
0 1,551
I am applying for a PhD in mechanical engineering I have a question regarding the importance between my research...
Oct26-09 10:35 PM
0 1,408
I'm only a freshman in college so I still have plenty of time to decide but I'm sort of worried by my E&M class. I...
Oct26-09 07:56 PM
4 1,150
Hi There, I am getting close to the end of my undergraduate life and am looking on to bigger and better things. ...
Oct26-09 07:26 PM
6 1,672
I'm trying to find grad schools to apply to, and I'm particularly interested in universities with strong programs in...
Oct26-09 03:53 PM
2 803
I'm a freshman college student and I'm confused about what I want my major to be. My current major is Mechanical...
Oct26-09 03:21 PM
2 3,748
As a current high school senior, I am currently applying to colleges. Which universities have well developed physics...
Oct26-09 02:29 PM
9 1,309
Senior in high school, considering my choices in college. Is it a smart decision to have a dual major in Asrtospace...
Oct25-09 11:37 PM
0 719
Here is the short background. I am a senior graduating May 2010 (BS Physics) and planning to go on to graduate school....
Oct25-09 09:28 PM
15 1,515
Not sure if this is the right forum for this but... I'm not sure how to study for my upcoming analysis test. It's a...
Oct25-09 08:43 PM
3 851
Hi, i have a few questions regarding to transfer student and college program 1. What do the college look at when...
Oct25-09 07:20 PM
2 693
I was looking through the graduate profiles on (another good site btw) and I realized if I even want a...
Oct25-09 04:15 PM
4 814
I'm currently a sophomore in mechanical engineering and I am heavily considering minoring in communications. The extra...
Oct25-09 12:21 PM
0 537
Hello. I am a student at a junior college in the bay area of California. I plan on transfering to UC Davis or SJSU...
Oct25-09 11:41 AM
5 4,431
never mind
Oct25-09 11:34 AM
0 710

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