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Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 606,977
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Apr3-14 04:59 PM
3,571 863,996
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 181,594
I was accepted to both UC Merced and William and Mary. Objectively, which of these schools would be a better choice...
Mar30-09 05:12 PM
debra donato
16 2,133
OK. Here's my issue. I want to study physics as an undergrad. I applied to some schools that I believe have strong...
Mar30-09 03:00 PM
1 699
This is an odd question. Now when it comes it grad school, I am sure that it is A LOT of work. But are there any...
Mar30-09 09:26 AM
1 907
Hello thar everyone! I was just curious about three things. -At the moment I'm taking a 3 credit Calc. class and...
Mar30-09 08:34 AM
2 819
I have a chance to be doing some research this summer in some good labs. My level of proficiency with physics is...
Mar30-09 06:26 AM
3 969
Ok so i'm aspiring to become either a mechanical or aerospace engineer. I really like aircraft but also enjoy the...
Mar30-09 01:02 AM
0 1,429
Hello again, I'm planning on apply to a few medical physics programs in the fall, most of which do not require the...
Mar29-09 11:53 PM
3 1,348
I'm a high school student, looking for colleges. This is what I want to do as a career: ...
Mar29-09 08:43 PM
4 760
I want to take a statistical physics class next semester which requires that I take ODE first, and recommends that I...
Mar29-09 08:40 PM
3 949
If I don't get accepted to UC Berkeley, should I go to UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, or UC Irvine? This...
Mar29-09 03:11 PM
1 694
Hi all, I've tried writing this three times, but it keeps turning into a long essay, so I'll try to keep it short. ...
Mar29-09 01:21 PM
21 4,076
How much leave do phd scholars in physics get annualy? Is it it not possible to do research work at home,incase the...
Mar29-09 11:24 AM
Dr Transport
5 1,994
I Have a question. I have this project presentation that requires the use of a Tri-Poster. The theme of the project...
Mar29-09 09:42 AM
Vanadium 50
3 1,235
Hello to everyone, I know there is a barrage of these sort of threads at this time of year, so please bear with me....
Mar29-09 06:46 AM
5 1,315
Hey guys, im a Sophmore Engineering Physics student and kinda have a decision to make. Basically after i get my...
Mar29-09 12:44 AM
9 5,196
I know it's kind of a long way off (since I graduate in May 2010), but I was wondering what most people do for the...
Mar28-09 11:13 PM
4 1,454
You know when you are disputing (i think is the word) infront of people and another doctor is grilling you on your...
Mar28-09 11:04 PM
2 2,989
I am at Rutgers in New Jersey. My grades are good, my extracurriculars are good but I have no real field experience...
Mar28-09 08:07 PM
4 1,005
Well, I'm in 5th year and I want to drop out. I find school boring, a waste of time and homework just horrendous. ...
Mar28-09 07:42 PM
16 1,549
hello all i want to be a physicist when i grow older, and i want to get started in high school taking the classes i...
Mar28-09 02:28 PM
13 1,295
The title of this may be a little confusing. My delema is this: I am a physics undergrad with only one more...
Mar28-09 10:47 AM
flying fish
2 1,200
I originally wanted to go into graduate school for exp. HEP. I now have several options for graduate studies and I'm...
Mar28-09 10:31 AM
18 2,197
Afternoon peoples, I'm a student in the UK and I have the intention of apply for a PhD in the area of medical...
Mar28-09 09:30 AM
1 1,214
hey guys i m a undergraduate student in pursuing b.e electronics and communication.I am currently in second year.Can...
Mar28-09 07:50 AM
0 646
I am analyzing my payment options for my last year of college and I just wanted to confirm this: You do not have to...
Mar27-09 08:02 PM
2 816
I am currently a sophomore in high school and am interested in taking precalc this summer. I would prefer a...
Mar27-09 06:35 PM
6 970
Some background first. I have received a conditional offer from University of Strathclyde to ' MEng electrical and...
Mar27-09 10:31 AM
2 819
I am not sure if this is the correct place to post so feel free to correct me if I am wrong. I would like to ask if...
Mar27-09 05:10 AM
16 4,184
I have to give five different lectures on related topics physics for my senior seminar. I want to do something really...
Mar27-09 01:22 AM
14 892
I was wondering if anyone knows any good ways of finding out how one's courses (specifically grad classes) stacks up...
Mar26-09 09:42 PM
3 912
Hi, I was admited for graduate studies at University of British Columbia, McGill University and University of Toronto....
Mar26-09 08:24 PM
1 1,410
hey everyone, I first started doing independent research myself, exploring topics myself, but how do I do "offical"...
Mar26-09 06:57 PM
18 5,772
i have one tomorrow for a defense contractor. it will be for a stats intern position. its a formal interview, where...
Mar26-09 05:31 PM
13 1,099
I'm a senior engineering major. I'm currently taking my general education requirements, particularly a theater class...
Mar26-09 01:48 PM
physics girl phd
1 1,512
This is what I do to study for tests (particularly for my qualifying exam which is coming up in two days): 1. ...
Mar26-09 11:33 AM
1 920
I just turned in my application to the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the State University of New...
Mar25-09 12:08 PM
0 2,812
Whats the difference? i know that after 3 years you become a c.e. but what about the other one? Dont know which one to...
Mar25-09 07:33 AM
13 2,226
Right now i'm a freshman physics student, interested in eventually going to grad school for theoretical physics. I...
Mar24-09 07:12 PM
9 1,442
So I'm thinking of going into Aerospace engineering but have no idea if i will enjoy it. I'm a junior in high school...
Mar24-09 06:49 PM
2 738
Hello all. I recently decided I was going to go back to school at the U of Akron this fall, declaring a double major...
Mar24-09 02:06 PM
4 1,690

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