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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
Aug12-14 02:09 PM Greg Bernhardt 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Aug5-14 08:43 AM
1,017 661,457
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Aug2-14 09:52 PM
3,591 945,705
Jul31-14 11:53 AM
7 3,813
OK, I've seen this question, or various incarnation of it, being asked several times on here. People with various...
Jul3-14 08:12 AM
103 92,570
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 200,950
I had one degree done before going into Civil (a degree in Psych) which I bombed horribly because my father passed...
Jul8-09 07:13 AM
0 616
Hi, Im wondering if I am aiming too high for gradschool in aerospace engineering. I am going for a PhD. Major...
Jul8-09 06:08 AM
0 1,084
Hi PFers! I'm physics major in a big state school and I plan to go to graduate school. Due to some financial...
Jul7-09 06:07 PM
5 3,370
Within a week, I am to select a field of study for the next three or more years of my time as an undergrad. The fields...
Jul7-09 04:52 PM
12 1,361
what college major is the most related to clean energy field, finding new energy sources or improving existing ones...
Jul7-09 03:41 PM
17 19,292
Hi all... I have a friend who did not graduate from High school and he was asking me about the GED.....he was told...
Jul7-09 01:27 PM
5 1,005
If I wanted to become involved in the renewable energy field, which university major would serve me best? I've...
Jul7-09 08:00 AM
8 5,034
I was accepted to an electronic engineering course as a mature but I only put that course on the list for the sake of...
Jul7-09 07:53 AM
5 1,491
There seems to be a lot of info out there (on the web) on the pay packets for Quants/Actuaries however there isn't...
Jul7-09 05:12 AM
adnan jahan
4 4,296
I have two questions: 1. What is the average number of credits one takes per semester in Grad school in the US? To be...
Jul6-09 09:36 PM
2 1,747
I will complete my bachelors in physics next year, and plan to do a masters in either aerospace or mechanical...
Jul6-09 06:22 PM
3 2,451
Hello, I currently "work" on one of my physics professor's lab projects, basically I do some coding and make pretty...
Jul6-09 12:03 AM
5 1,893
I was wondering what you should be familiar with before taking Calculus II. I just finished the Calc I summer class...
Jul5-09 11:36 PM
6 978
Hey it's me again. I'm at the stage now where i'm practically picking universities to apply to & courses and the...
Jul5-09 03:38 PM
6 1,516
Can someone obtain a minor in something that the school doesn't offer. My school offers a Power Engineering speciality...
Jul4-09 03:43 PM
0 657
i'll be writing my GRE next year, and i don't have any publication till date. i'm a student of iit bombay(Masters'...
Jul4-09 02:45 AM
Vanadium 50
6 11,583
I plan on pursuing my PhD in aerospace or mechanical engineering and I am wondering, what are the...
Jul3-09 11:59 PM
2 2,230
Hello I have some questions about the credit hours system in physics and math undergraduate courses in the american...
Jul3-09 11:02 PM
3 840
Hello All...I'm new to the forums here. I'm really needing some advice/input on where to go with my education. I'm...
Jul3-09 05:31 PM
15 1,517
Hey, I'm about to be a sophomore, my gpa is lower than I'd want. I have a 3.5 Physics gpa and a 3.56 general gpa. The...
Jul3-09 02:28 PM
7 10,267
Hi all, I've just finished my first semester of study towards a BSc in physics. My original desire to study physics...
Jul3-09 09:02 AM
physics girl phd
1 740
I'm into my first year of masters in medical physics and wondering what criteria do schools look at most when...
Jul3-09 07:26 AM
3 1,641
hi every body i am len hao from china and i am looking for school which offering bachelor degree of spychiatry in...
Jul2-09 01:52 PM
chinese boy
3 1,444
I plan on studying math through real analysis. I am taking calc 3, and linear algebra at the moment. Calc 3 is not a...
Jul2-09 11:16 AM
4 1,157
Hello, I am interested in attending a graduate program in Ireland after completion of my BS in physics but am...
Jul2-09 08:33 AM
16 1,440
Thank you first, What is your advice ? While writing this, I am in a bad mood and emotion. I must get to...
Jul2-09 02:03 AM
3 1,421
which one is more marketable/versatile? can you get a job from just getting a bachelor's in either one of them? ...
Jul1-09 09:28 PM
4 5,993
I am going into my last year at a small private college, which means that my pool for math classes is limited. I have...
Jul1-09 03:13 PM
3 3,896
I was wondering what you think is the toughest Chemical Engineering course or which course gave you the hardest time...
Jul1-09 08:43 AM
0 1,044
I'm looking for book "heavy ion reaction " by Satcher any help thx
Jun30-09 04:59 AM
0 818
Halfway through an undergraduate course in engineering, I'm now planning to review math fundamentals from pre-algebra,...
Jun29-09 11:23 PM
49 12,392
Hi all, I'm new here. I'm reentering college and I'm looking to major in Chemical Engineering. I have a few concersn...
Jun29-09 10:55 PM
6 815
Hello, I am interested in attending a graduate program in the UK after completion of my BS in physics but am unsure...
Jun29-09 06:43 PM
16 2,200
Hi, I just finished my second year at Virginia Tech in Mech Eng and have been doing a lot of thinking lately about...
Jun29-09 03:46 PM
4 2,936
my major is mechanical engineering and im not sure which school is better. Penn State University is always listed...
Jun29-09 12:17 PM
2 1,978
I'm trying to fill in an application for a scholarship to study medical physics. The instructions are thus: My...
Jun29-09 08:21 AM
1 952
Hi In my one year search for good e-books(don't ask why not books),I found a lot of interesting of them (don't ask...
Jun28-09 11:14 PM
63 4,841
I've been trying to start teaching myself Calculus recently out of interest and the amount of useful info on PF is...
Jun28-09 08:53 PM
Cantab Morgan
15 5,584
Hi, a month ago it was brought to my attention that I will need some sort of research experience as an undergraduate...
Jun28-09 03:09 AM
2 1,315
Hi everyone, I guess I'm coming to that point of realization that I'm not going to pass my calc course. I don't...
Jun27-09 09:14 PM
8 9,567

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