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Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 606,123
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Apr3-14 04:59 PM
3,571 862,959
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 181,219
Hello everyone, I am an incoming freshman at U of Illinois and I have a dilemma. My proposed major is physics and I...
Jul29-08 04:52 AM
10 2,887
Firstly, I preface that I'm 18 and in my final year of high school, pending completion of my GCE A level courses in a...
Jul29-08 12:12 AM
8 2,618
Hi, So I was going over my course selections for my next three years and I after putting aside the courses that are...
Jul28-08 08:22 PM
4 1,145
I'll be a freshman in the fall studying physics, math, and astronomy. A guy from my old HS is a master's degree...
Jul28-08 08:16 PM
7 1,390
I'm trying to find (with no luck, obviously) some sort of database of people and papers in condensed matter physics,...
Jul28-08 07:50 PM
4 1,055
I will be a junior in physics this fall. I am done with all undergraduate level classical mechanics, E&M and quantum...
Jul28-08 01:42 AM
4 1,401
When books say things like, this book intended for the strong student, or for a sharp class, who exactly are they...
Jul27-08 01:35 PM
11 2,815
I was wondering about which journals, one should read to get an idea of how far humanity is getting in the human...
Jul27-08 11:48 AM
0 744
Im a first year engineering student; just about to start my second semester infact. Ive been thinking, and i thought...
Jul27-08 11:47 AM
7 2,535
In another module, I have just finished a round of tutorial classes. I structured it as follows: 1st hr: provided a...
Jul27-08 10:02 AM
18 2,099
Other than four semesters of calc., are there any other math courses to take as an undergrad to be well prepared for a...
Jul27-08 06:47 AM
3 1,390
Can I find classical works on Physics online somewhere?
Jul26-08 03:55 AM
2 1,115
Hi, I was wondering what was the general consensus on getting a rescore on the analytic writing part for the...
Jul25-08 06:36 PM
3 2,499
I've been certain for the last couple years that I wish to pursue a career in research. I'm interested in the...
Jul25-08 05:16 PM
0 1,137
I need help on this one immediately!!!!!!!!
Jul25-08 10:36 AM
8 2,633
Hi, this being my first post and all I guess I should explain who I am. I'm Dave, I study physics at the University...
Jul25-08 10:17 AM
10 2,170
Hello all. This fall will be my first semester at a University, and can not figure out how I should take out loans. My...
Jul25-08 03:21 AM
9 2,135
For my undergraduate mathematics program the required classes are Calculus 1,2,3, Linear Algebra, Differential...
Jul24-08 11:39 PM
28 4,136
this is my first post and im new here so forgive me if this is in the wrong forum but I have a general question to ask...
Jul24-08 10:53 PM
1 833
Hi I'm a senior in college and have one more year left until I get my structural engineering degree. I am thinking...
Jul24-08 10:42 PM
6 1,497
HI, Well, I need some help to make a decision between Nuclear Engineering and Electrical Engineering, which major has...
Jul24-08 10:38 PM
2 3,299
So, for essentially every physics program in the U.S. (including the one I'm about to start at =), you get a tuition...
Jul24-08 10:29 PM
2 1,214
Hi, I am taking a course in physics, and I have noticed that Newtons Laws, and Newtons Mechanics just bores me to...
Jul24-08 06:49 PM
17 2,418
Hi, I'm an EE student thinking about my career after I graduate. I have had one internship in the aviation industry...
Jul24-08 05:43 PM
4 4,293
I'm interested in doing research in quantum computing. By that I mainly mean the algorithms and theoretical computer...
Jul24-08 04:46 PM
2 1,265
Hello, I come from Belgium where I did my Master in Physics. However, in this country, with this diploma you can...
Jul24-08 03:38 PM
7 1,098
What exactly is the criteria for a research paper to get published? It seems that few papers contain major...
Jul24-08 12:55 PM
26 3,419
I already know that math skills are required for physics, but what other skills are required for physics? P.S....
Jul24-08 11:39 AM
6 3,695
Hi Everyone, I know there have been many posts about people's stats and thoughts on where they might or might not...
Jul24-08 08:15 AM
16 2,308
Is it possible (common) to proceed to graduate studies in Astrophysics starting from a Masters degree in Engineering...
Jul23-08 10:44 PM
3 6,757
Hi, I'm a last year student in Mechanical Engineering in Belgium (Europe). Next year I will have the degree Master...
Jul23-08 07:27 PM
1 4,997
Hello everyone, This is my first post. My problem is that I'm getting terribly frustrated trying to decide which...
Jul23-08 04:55 PM
2 1,906
hello everybody I know by googling that there is a preparation online for the Princeton SAT online. I have tried to...
Jul23-08 07:57 AM
0 941
Does everyone who is an engineering major spent most of there time studying during school. Cause I'm in my 2nd year...
Jul23-08 07:43 AM
Andy Resnick
13 2,968
Hi everyone, I am a student in Electrical Enigneering at Iowa State University. I'm in my senior year I have about 3...
Jul23-08 12:58 AM
0 989
Do all Phd students in the USA get paid to cover for living expenses? What are the latest dates for applications...
Jul23-08 12:07 AM
3 1,279
Hi, I was wondering if studying these CHEM courses all in the same year would be too much for a person that is...
Jul22-08 11:31 PM
5 1,350
I've recently gotten interested in statistical physics. Notions derived from this area are frequently applied in...
Jul22-08 06:48 PM
4 1,262
I dropped out of an Electrical Engineering major in my old school, and now I'll be studying Computer Science in...
Jul22-08 05:41 PM
6 2,847
I am absolutely enraged after looking at this years Intel Science Fair. I would like to start a legitimate discussion...
Jul22-08 05:16 PM
25 4,705

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