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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
Aug21-14 03:29 PM LawrenceWirth 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Aug25-14 05:17 PM
1,021 663,108
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Aug24-14 01:19 PM
3,593 948,272
Jul31-14 11:53 AM
7 4,026
OK, I've seen this question, or various incarnation of it, being asked several times on here. People with various...
Jul3-14 08:12 AM
103 93,254
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 201,817
Why is getting a job in pharmaceutical sales sometimes so difficult and competitive.
Oct6-08 04:28 AM
0 1,297
Do we even need mathematicians? I ponded this question because I came accross this site: and...
Oct5-08 11:49 PM
33 6,520
Hello, I'm the type who learns by going over examples and practicing things. I have this course in engineering...
Oct5-08 08:47 PM
0 909
Quantitative: 90% 780 Verbal: 85% 600 Analytical Writing: 58% 4.5 :( I haven't taken the physics subject GRE yet....
Oct5-08 04:06 PM
17 7,361
Does anyone have any recommendations where to go for a Phd in the US where one can do research in applied and...
Oct5-08 02:53 PM
0 1,273
*I posted this in the EE forums... whoops :tongue:* Hey everyone! I've been going to a school for EET and I've...
Oct5-08 12:34 PM
2 1,389
Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that a reasonably good student (GPA > 3.7 in math, physics, a couple publications...
Oct5-08 11:40 AM
3 1,918
hey guys, I am new to this website and this is my first post, and I had some questions regarding physics. These will...
Oct5-08 02:55 AM
1 1,721
im asking for feedback from people who have done mechatronics engineering, most desired would be those who came from...
Oct3-08 10:32 PM
0 1,390
Yes, that's right, I said it. Most of the grad students, professionals, and upperclassmen are probably laughing at...
Oct3-08 06:15 PM
19 17,007
Hi everyone, I'm applying this year for a snazzy 2 (maybe 3) year scholarship for graduate study at Oxford. I want...
Oct3-08 05:58 PM
8 4,449
So right now I go to Georgetown College, a small liberal arts college in Kentucky. I am a junior and my majors are...
Oct3-08 03:29 PM
1 1,183
Hi guys... I'm just wondering, I'm taking this course about group theory in physics. The lecture sometimes really goes...
Oct3-08 12:49 PM
8 2,347
hey guys i am sitting for the A level Cambridge Exams this October and November. Could someone tell me what are the...
Oct3-08 06:47 AM
5 876
I am starting Calculus soon (self-study) and would like to know if I can also start Physics. I plan on using Halliday...
Oct3-08 04:19 AM
8 1,170
Are there any Math/Finance Majors in here? I am currently a Math major, but I am also thinking about doing a...
Oct2-08 09:51 PM
3 2,291
Well, I know I want to get my degree in Software engineering - that's what i am currently pursuing. But the more the...
Oct2-08 12:05 PM
0 1,904
I've asked a similar question before I think, but now it's a bit more specific. If I get a Ph.D. in Applied Physics...
Oct1-08 10:10 PM
4 2,684
Hi I need an average this year of over 62%. I am in 4th year physiology and just lecture notes are not enough to...
Oct1-08 06:29 PM
3 1,615
Hey everyone, I would like to know if there are any physics texts out there which prepare people for olympiads? I...
Oct1-08 04:48 PM
1 1,565
I was looking at this school, since it's relatively close and has a top-notch physics program (or so I understand). ...
Oct1-08 01:10 PM
15 2,064
Hi everyone! I graduated with a major in theoretical physics (mathematical aspects of quantum mechanics) and I...
Oct1-08 08:03 AM
1 3,371
Hi everyone...thanks for all your very-helpful comments so far. You are really helping a student who has a B.S. in...
Oct1-08 07:20 AM
0 1,070
This is my first college physics class and I am having some difficulty with the problem solving aspect of the...
Sep30-08 07:26 PM
8 2,938
As an undergraduate I've studied engineering physics. It seems in general that graduate students in engineering have...
Sep30-08 12:59 PM
0 3,064
Hello, I think you've seen my kind before, and maybe you've been my kind before. What I want right now is your...
Sep30-08 07:34 AM
Nick M
13 2,633
I graduated two years ago. Major in computer science, minor in math. Since then, I've been programming full time. It's...
Sep29-08 07:45 PM
4 1,431
I am a second year AE major. I am also doing a minor in CS. I want to do masters in either AE or CS..and I am...
Sep29-08 07:14 PM
2 1,641
i have been offered to Course a Master on Physics , it would last one year (2008-2009) and would consist on 8 subjects...
Sep29-08 06:57 PM
1 1,562
Hi, I'm currently a senior and about two years ago did an independent research study with a professor. I...
Sep29-08 06:50 PM
1 1,163
Ok so im a EEN major and while I know there are others with alot harder course load im taking...Vector Cal(252)....
Sep29-08 04:36 PM
4 1,638
Hi guys, Its coming to that time when people are deliberating about there Uni choices. I wanted to seek the advices of...
Sep29-08 04:06 PM
3 990
Hi all, I was thinking about continuing my studies in physics. I read through the docs about IMEC's PhD topics and...
Sep29-08 09:24 AM
2 1,182
Hey guys, I have posted a few times before, as have a lot of others, on being unable to decide on a career in...
Sep29-08 08:32 AM
oedipa maas
4 839
I am an engineering undergrad, and always get top grades in my courses, but find myself quickly forgetting the...
Sep28-08 10:12 PM
2 1,558
If anyone remembers, I switched from mathematical physics to business as well as some biology (to keep medical...
Sep28-08 10:05 PM
35 4,477
Hi everyone, I'm applying for graduate school in physics this year (if the PGRE goes okay). I've got pretty...
Sep28-08 09:02 PM
13 1,596
analytical physics 1 chemistry 1 biology 1 calculus 1 if anything else, maybe a psychology or something along...
Sep28-08 08:27 PM
5 1,194
Hello, I am starting university this winter and I have a question for those of you who know a little bit about...
Sep28-08 05:13 PM
2 1,138
Hi, i was just wondering, considering the courses you take as an undergrad, which courses must one have in order to...
Sep28-08 01:13 PM
6 941

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