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Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
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Academic Guidance

- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
T 12:46 PM
3,572 864,856
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 607,547
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 181,999
So at this point, I have been accepted into both Ohio State University and the University of Michigan. I plan on...
Apr16-13 08:58 PM
2 557
So this summer, I believe I'll be taking my second senior lab class and I am pretty sure I can work out completing all...
Apr16-13 08:02 PM
Vanadium 50
1 561
I'm a junior right now, I have a 3.96 GPA and I'm a math and physics major with a computer science minor. Alright, now...
Apr16-13 07:11 PM
4 798
Hi, I declined an offer for grad school in favor of another, but having slept on it I'm starting to regret it... what...
Apr16-13 06:21 PM
7 902
Hello, I currently have a bachelor in IT (evenig classes). I live in Belgium and the only grades I know are...
Apr16-13 11:17 AM
10 878
Okay, so, the college I will probably attend is more of a applied physics program. If I want to go on to study...
Apr16-13 10:53 AM
11 891
Title. I want to get a second degree (major) in something besides physics. If I would like to do theoretical...
Apr16-13 12:24 AM
4 696
Hi I am a first year student studying mathematics. I have been experimenting with various subjects to find my thing,...
Apr15-13 09:25 PM
2 682
1. Do grad schools consider 5.5 years too long to finish undergrad (considering I am doing a double major and a long...
Apr15-13 07:04 PM
8 866
Hello, First, I'd like to apologize if there is a more appropriate forum to post this question in, but this looks...
Apr15-13 08:34 AM
3 554
Hello everyone! I have a BS in physics as well as an AZ teaching license and am currently teaching high school...
Apr15-13 02:30 AM
4 731
I have been studying physics and math on my own for ever a year now, and I am not sure about when I am ready to move...
Apr15-13 01:55 AM
4 631
I'm currently taking first year Electromagnetism and I'm studying for the final, I was wondering if anyone has links...
Apr14-13 10:34 PM
3 511
Does anybody know of online courses in mathematics. In particular I am looking for abstract algebra and real analysis...
Apr14-13 10:15 PM
3 542
How do courses work in graduate school? I'm in undergrad right now and even though I am a physics major, I am mostly...
Apr14-13 09:09 PM
3 657
I was going to register for a science class but found out that there's General Physics and just Physics. What's the...
Apr14-13 08:54 PM
2 732
What does it really take to get into grad school at MIT?? What GRE scores? Does a single publication make a...
Apr14-13 08:28 PM
3 815
Hey all, I was looking for some older papers by Einstein and De Sitter from around 1916 and my search is coming up...
Apr14-13 07:48 PM
7 908
Just wondering what anyone else thinks about one of the physics professor's at my university teaching a mathematical...
Apr14-13 06:31 PM
12 801
It appears to me that a typical physics curriculum only touches upon topics from fluid mechanics very briefly in the...
Apr14-13 04:44 PM
10 927
I have been accepted to both RPI and University of Rochester with similar financial packages. I have been given a lot...
Apr14-13 04:38 PM
1 439
I am 16 with a passion for physics, I am not by any means a genius but I am good at physics and best in the year...
Apr14-13 04:12 PM
7 559
I'll be applying to graduate school this fall which is my second to last semester. Do they make the decision without...
Apr14-13 03:35 PM
6 793
Hello, to clearly get my point through I think I should give a bit of background info first, or just skip the next...
Apr14-13 12:20 PM
21 2,098
Hi guys, I am a high school student and I think I will study in medicine. However, I am VERY interested in electrical...
Apr14-13 07:38 AM
2 530
I'm seriously considering Cornell for an undergraduate in mathematics. Can anyone share their experience (grad or...
Apr13-13 08:14 PM
6 880
Hello, I am thinking of going to college this year and I have 3-4 options(Physics with Computer Science, Engineering...
Apr13-13 04:31 PM
10 710
Hi all, I've browsed this form for a while and have gotten some help but now need to ask some personal advice. ...
Apr13-13 08:16 AM
2 714
I am a high school senior, probably attending University of South Florida next year. Chemistry is my favorite subject...
Apr13-13 08:14 AM
3 460
Hello all, I am currently in the Physics BS program at my school and I really want to also get the Certificate they...
Apr12-13 11:35 PM
0 349
I have been rejected by every major university that I have applied to. UT, A&M, Baylor, Rice, even UH. I am...
Apr12-13 10:28 PM
21 1,785
I didn't get into graduate school this semester so I'm going to have to reapply for spring. This made me question my...
Apr12-13 10:26 PM
3 540
So I am just finishing high school and will be entering my first year of university in the fall. I have taken Calculus...
Apr12-13 08:03 PM
5 649
Could a few people tell me what the typical topics covered in the second semester are? I am trying to do an...
Apr12-13 05:11 PM
0 370
Okay well I'm a senior in high school and I am having trouble figuring out what I want to do when I graduate. I like...
Apr12-13 10:07 AM
3 654
I did terrible in community college and got a 3.07. I just transferred to a university and it looks like I will have a...
Apr12-13 06:50 AM
2 660
what are the top public universities for undergraduate physics.
Apr12-13 01:00 AM
6 804
I'm a junior electrical engineer at a NY state school I'm looking to get my masters in EE with a specialization in...
Apr11-13 08:21 PM
4 1,058
There's a lot of background information that I'll spare you guys, but I'm currently on leave from Brown and am...
Apr11-13 05:39 PM
8 1,758
It seems as if every single statics problem in the textbooks I've seen has so far amounted to proving for the...
Apr11-13 03:43 PM
4 710

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