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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
Aug21-14 03:29 PM LawrenceWirth 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Aug25-14 05:17 PM
1,021 662,626
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Aug24-14 01:19 PM
3,593 947,452
Jul31-14 11:53 AM
7 3,956
OK, I've seen this question, or various incarnation of it, being asked several times on here. People with various...
Jul3-14 08:12 AM
103 93,000
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 201,541
Where has the best physics program in Canada? (as in university, of course!)
Aug1-13 01:54 PM
30 11,023
Hello! I am trying to apply to US graduate schools from Canadian undergraduate, and wondering how important is verbal...
Jul31-13 11:42 PM
0 588
I am going to be entering college as a freshman this fall and planning on majoring in mechanical engineering, but I...
Jul31-13 08:59 PM
4 713
Hello everybody. As the title suggests, I received my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. I was...
Jul31-13 08:54 PM
0 516
Hi guys, I'm a recent Mathematics graduate and am very interested in starting a career in the private space...
Jul31-13 03:12 PM
b c
0 566
Hi. I just came back from the registrar and dropped the complex analysis course I was failing. I don't think I...
Jul31-13 02:38 PM
3 815
Hello, I really want Masters degree in Applied Mathematics (i'm into ODE, PDE, etc). I will have to take loan to...
Jul31-13 01:27 PM
5 814
I currently have a bachelor's in physics and I want to get into mechanical engineering. Should I get a bachelor's or...
Jul31-13 11:02 AM
0 492
Hey guys, looking for some input. I've taken algebra based physics 1 (got an A-) and calc based physics 2. It's my...
Jul31-13 12:51 AM
7 838
I know that, theoretically, I can be a physicist no matter where I go to college (normal state colleges being the...
Jul30-13 06:24 PM
3 768
Hello, I have been interested in physics since I was 9 (i'm 15) and am going to be taking my first physics class...
Jul30-13 05:47 PM
1 503
My plan is to apply for PhD in the US, and my research interest is in theoretical high energy physics. I'm not...
Jul30-13 01:02 PM
1 700
So I'm curious which course(s) PF found the most difficult during undergrad, whether it's a math course, physics,...
Jul30-13 10:25 AM
56 5,789
Hello, everyone. I've had many of my questions answered by these forums before but this one was a little specific so I...
Jul30-13 09:59 AM
4 720
Greetings, I am going to receive my bachelor's degree in science the next year and I have registered for the two...
Jul30-13 06:36 AM
6 747
So the way my schedule is looking, I will be finished after a fall semester. Now I want to do an REU during that...
Jul30-13 05:20 AM
Vanadium 50
5 693
I simply cannot get interested in geometry, but i realize it's an adequate skill to have, does anyone have any tips...
Jul30-13 02:55 AM
3 589
Hey all, I am interested in doing a program at my university that would allow me to take ~11-13 graduate courses...
Jul30-13 01:29 AM
9 944
Hi, this fall I'll be a senior in high school and with the Common Application nearly out, I need to finish my final...
Jul29-13 11:49 PM
1 533
So here's a bit of a background about a bit of myself: I'm 22 and since I've started college at the age of 19, Ive...
Jul29-13 08:48 PM
3 993
Hi, I will be enrolling in an Analysis I course (highly theoretical calculus course, emphasizes proofs) at UofT this...
Jul29-13 08:14 PM
22 2,435
Okay, so this isn't actually a chemistry or biology homework question as such. I just didn't know where else to ask...
Jul29-13 01:06 PM
2 584
Hey everyone! I am new to the forum so be kind. I tried using the search function to find an answer to this question...
Jul29-13 07:17 AM
7 8,541
Hello everyone! I've been looking around and I was considering going for Nuclear Engineering at NC State recently,...
Jul28-13 09:27 PM
11 1,147
I'm looking for a good online introductory course in QFT for physiscists (i.e. at university level, for someone who...
Jul28-13 07:46 PM
4 662
Hi, I think some background is necessary: I'm a Psychology undergraduate student. I also really love math. I've...
Jul28-13 07:40 PM
10 1,087
Hello guys! Which do you guys think is better, an honours degree (an additional year at the end of my undergrad degree...
Jul28-13 04:09 AM
2 3,717
I was wondering if it is too ambitious to take both Real Analysis and Complex Analysis in the same semester. ...
Jul27-13 02:34 PM
10 1,169
I was talking to a friend of a friend who is a physics professor, and I asked him what the best way to learn (the...
Jul27-13 12:03 PM
10 1,039
Hey PF! So I just finished my undergrad degree in Astrophysics, and I'm interested in going back to get my PhD. I...
Jul27-13 10:08 AM
5 970
Short and sweet I am an undergraduate math major attempting to transfer. I am looking for help composing a list of...
Jul27-13 07:32 AM
1 653
Hello, does anyone have anything to share on whether student graduated with a bachelor of science degree can be in...
Jul27-13 12:53 AM
9 1,236
Okay, so I am an international student (i.e not a citizen or resident of the U.S or Canada), and will probably need...
Jul27-13 12:00 AM
19 1,801
I would just like to share some wisdom gained by experience. If you are considering doing a degree in physics in...
Jul26-13 07:37 PM
50 15,542
Can you suggest me some graduate schools where I can go for studying High energy Phenomenology? My undergraduate CGPA...
Jul26-13 11:06 AM
0 462
Hello! First post on Physics Forums. I am a rising junior majoring in physics at a small liberal arts college. I'm...
Jul26-13 10:32 AM
0 533
I'll be taking these two classes together this fall (along with an intermediate college writing class and a...
Jul26-13 08:59 AM
3 745
Hello everyone, I'm in a bit of a predicament. I am a rising junior and I have realized that I would really like to...
Jul25-13 06:10 PM
2 584
As an undergrad pursuing a bachelors in physics, mathematics or engineering; how many hours do you spend on your...
Jul25-13 02:33 PM
4 734
I have a BEng in Electrical and Electronics Eng. I did a 3 year full time. I wanted to to an MSc in Aerospace Eng not...
Jul25-13 02:05 PM
0 362

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