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Request information or recommendations on textbooks. Rate and review textbooks.
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
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Academic Guidance

- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 607,021
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Apr3-14 04:59 PM
3,571 864,090
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 181,649
I am a Junior in high school, and am currently considering a career (though highly unlikely to find one, from what...
Apr8-14 10:21 PM
9 370
Can someone give me a lead for acquiring books for electrical engineering? I want to learn electrical engineering,...
Apr8-14 06:50 PM
3 402
Hello, I'm currently a 1st year 2nd semester California CC student planning to transfer to UC Santa Cruz for math...
Apr8-14 04:25 PM
2 219
I have already tried in arxiv but there are only 3 papers there. :uhh:
Apr8-14 02:52 PM
3 278
Hi, I was searching on information related to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, and related courses, and what all...
Apr8-14 01:28 PM
0 154
Hello all, I'm currently attending university and majoring in Applied Math. My school is not an engineering school....
Apr8-14 12:33 PM
16 532
I decided to self-study intermediate mechanics and chose Taylor Classical Mechanics as my textbook (not looking for...
Apr8-14 10:20 AM
0 190
Hey all! I have a personal question, but hopefully this will be useful to more than just me. I'm going for a Ph.D...
Apr8-14 02:43 AM
8 399
I am only passionate about Physics. How do I make it through the common core, without dulling creative thinking? To...
Apr8-14 02:27 AM
23 1,715
Greetings, I'm 16 yrs old turning 17 in. Few months time. I'll be graduating from high school soon and I'm haven't...
Apr7-14 11:43 PM
7 411
Warning: I am aware of my careless actions but please help me out Ok, i'm a Jr in highschol, I have a 3.7 GPA I've...
Apr7-14 10:00 PM
8 316
I got into a top PHD institution for condensed matter physics. I already have a MS in physics doing condensed matter....
Apr7-14 12:10 PM
1 237
I'm studying Physics and I'm currently on my 3rd year. My aim is to work with theories, so I find mechanics,...
Apr7-14 10:20 AM
Dr Transport
2 295
Hello all, I realize I may be a bit early for this, but I don't want to screw it up. I'm a junior in undergrad...
Apr7-14 07:36 AM
3 328
Im having trouble starting the harder optimization problems in stewarts calculus (calculus 1). I noticed one of my...
Apr6-14 11:30 PM
2 210
I've taken a multi-variable calculus course already that covers infinite sequences and series, Taylor's theorem,...
Apr6-14 01:44 PM
10 343
I'm starting to do some research into what grad schools I should apply to this fall for a pure math PhD. I'll be...
Apr6-14 01:41 PM
2 243
Hello everyone, I am a senior at a university in Florida. I am currently majoring in Asian Studies and minoring in...
Apr6-14 12:02 AM
0 239
Hey All I need some advice I graduated from a small liberal arts college with a BA in Physics. I dealt with...
Apr5-14 09:14 PM
3 301
Hello Everyone! I have a huge dilemma this period.I'm searching/applying for masters but I've not yet quite come to...
Apr5-14 08:31 PM
1 181
Usually I can see what the "aim" is of a certain field of physics. For classical mechanics it is to find the position...
Apr5-14 07:34 PM
8 995
Hi, I'm an international student from Malaysia and I recently got accepted to UMass Amherst majoring in Physics for my...
Apr5-14 05:21 PM
1 222
Hey all! So I'm in my last year of high school in Brazil and we're currently studying electricity and...
Apr5-14 03:32 PM
0 207
Hello guys, I've just been accepted in the AtoSim Master's (Physics/Chemistry) Program: ...
Apr5-14 02:43 PM
0 164
Hi all, my university is offering a graduate level math course in integral equations for the following semester. I'm...
Apr5-14 12:43 PM
9 317
** Mods, please read the footnote. My ambition is to become a university lecturer of math or chemistry. In the next...
Apr5-14 12:39 PM
6 297
Hey all, just food for thought. I don't know what I will end up doing but as of now I am an Engineering Physics...
Apr5-14 12:39 AM
0 175
Hello, One of the safe university that I applied to, had the deadline to accept offer by March 31 and since I had...
Apr4-14 09:24 PM
0 230
Hi, I want to have a PhD in Electrical Engineering in US. Is there any grad school where an international...
Apr4-14 09:18 PM
3 320
I am a 20 year old Chemistry major who is currently finishing up his junior year of college. My initial plan was to...
Apr4-14 09:02 PM
1 230
So I am currently holding 3 offers for physics grad school and while a few days ago I was pretty sure where I wanted...
Apr4-14 05:53 PM
11 637
What should I do if I haven't been accepted into any REUs I applied to, and my school doesn't offer any research for...
Apr4-14 02:24 PM
5 298
I want to transfer to NC State from East Carolina University. I currently have only a 2.8 GPA but after this semester...
Apr4-14 11:58 AM
0 161
Hi everyone, After completing an undergraduate engineering degree, I walked away with a feeling that all I was...
Apr4-14 10:56 AM
3 348
i passed 12th grade with 80%.i want to major in physics.i thought of going to BITS dubai.but the fee structure there...
Apr4-14 09:12 AM
11 582
Hello, I applied to REUs for the summer, and was happy when I got accepted to one. Now I feel like the school has...
Apr4-14 07:43 AM
24 729
Hello, forum. So, I'm going to be starting my first year at the University of British Columbia next year and,...
Apr3-14 10:22 PM
2 310
I'm debating between applied math and economics major. Which has better job prospects?
Apr3-14 06:03 PM
1 238
Hi, I've been accepted to a couple of schools for grad school. One of them being my undergrad institution where I...
Apr3-14 05:36 PM
4 349
Hello, I have been admitted to CU Boulder and UC Irvin. I haven't decided yet which school to go for. If you were me,...
Apr3-14 12:50 PM
4 363

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