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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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For teachers, professors, instructors... to discuss pedagogy, teaching methods, lesson ideas, class management...
Aug21-14 03:29 PM LawrenceWirth 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Aug25-14 05:17 PM
1,021 663,664
I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Aug24-14 01:19 PM
3,593 949,149
Jul31-14 11:53 AM
7 4,083
OK, I've seen this question, or various incarnation of it, being asked several times on here. People with various...
Jul3-14 08:12 AM
103 93,456
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 202,058
Hi fellas, If I want to apply for a masters program in any US university, then how would I be sure if they can arrange...
Aug21-14 01:44 PM
2 182
Hello, I just got an interesting offer and I'm not sure quite what to do. I've always been interesting in...
Aug21-14 12:32 PM
5 285
Hello, Is there a solution that can eliminate the slowness of an invidual to a certain degree? I've currently...
Aug21-14 07:18 AM
13 340
Hello everyone, What's the best way of learning science (mostly the complex ones like quantum physics)? My...
Aug21-14 06:42 AM
50 2,056
Hi guys, I have a bachelor's degree in IT (software development, BAC+3), I am 27 years old and I live in Europe....
Aug21-14 03:39 AM
6 300
Hello, I'd really appreciate some opinions on this- I'll get a chance to do an extended essay for the IB program and...
Aug20-14 02:49 PM
5 266
I have been doing research in chemistry for quite a while now. I love chemistry! But for about a year now, all of the...
Aug20-14 02:33 AM
11 553
Hey all. It has been a while since I've posted a question in the academic guidance section so here we go. I am a...
Aug19-14 11:36 PM
1 227
Hi everyone. I am a entering my junior year in the mechanical engineering degree plan. I am definitely looking into...
Aug19-14 07:20 PM
3 298
Physics, and more specifically Astrophysics, has always been my passion. However I have just finished my BSc (Hons)...
Aug19-14 06:41 PM
1 176
Hello, I am new to this forum, but I will quickly introduce myself. I am a 19 year old student currently studying the...
Aug19-14 04:16 PM
2 357
Hello all, I am starting my sophomore year in EE and am wondering if anyone can shed some light on the typical...
Aug19-14 03:32 PM
1 190
I have to write, with two friends, a simulation based physics paper at school. The problem is, that will I am quite...
Aug19-14 01:32 PM
3 235
My kid is considering going to Cambridge to read maths. I've been reading everything I can find about the University,...
Aug19-14 07:27 AM
15 2,399
Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to figure out what I'm going to study after non-relativistic quantum...
Aug19-14 03:26 AM
16 551
Hi all, So far, I have taken two, non-calc based intro level Physics classes (101 and 102). I really enjoyed the...
Aug18-14 11:57 PM
5 198
Hey, everyone! I'm wanting to start doing the online MIT physics course, but I'm having a difficult time deciding...
Aug18-14 11:28 PM
11 434
Hi fellas, I am in senior year of my undergrad and will be graduating next May. If I want to apply for the fall-2015...
Aug18-14 10:33 PM
5 227
I have reviewed the material covered during my sophomore year and although it does not seem like a joke freshman year...
Aug18-14 03:49 PM
3 258
I had a discussion with two friends over this topic the other night and they argue/claim that in math you see bully...
Aug18-14 02:03 PM
22 804
hey everyone, I`m a student in electronics &communication.though I`m okay with theory but I feel I`m way...
Aug18-14 01:06 PM
1 175
Which is a better way to do physics? 1) Do a complicated problem, spend hours and hours on that single problem...
Aug18-14 11:16 AM
21 831
My son just enrolled in Physics B, an AP class in high school. What are the differences between A, B, and C?
Aug18-14 08:16 AM
4 316
Hi, I am currently studying in the UK.Last week my A-level result was released and now I am thinking what I am going...
Aug18-14 06:38 AM
4 219
I have the rather fortunate task of reading to completion Eric Poisson's review article on point particle equations of...
Aug18-14 12:09 AM
1 236
Greetings fellow PFers, I just have a few questions about graduate school applications. I have a reasonable...
Aug17-14 06:40 PM
4 281
Hope someone can help me to list the important math topics required to study for a person interested in studying...
Aug17-14 06:37 PM
29 1,031
Hello everyone, This is something that has been on my mind a lot and I have not been open to discuss it in depth...
Aug17-14 06:23 PM
16 2,351
Hi,everyone. I'm from asia, doing a BSC degree Theoretical physics in Imperial college London, currently finished my...
Aug17-14 03:08 PM
5 339
Hello, it is said that maths is the language of science, specifically physics. I am posting to ask which areas of...
Aug17-14 11:42 AM
3 236
All my life I have been interested in space and sciencs ever since my elementary school days I would love reading...
Aug17-14 03:17 AM
2 240
Hello PF! I wish to do research as an undergrad, so I am thinking of sending emails to professors to ask for any...
Aug16-14 03:59 PM
6 431
Hi all, I'm currently an undergraduate going into my third year enrolled in a 3/2 dual degree physics/engineering...
Aug16-14 03:41 PM
4 313
It's been such a long time since I last worked with maths (~8-9 years). I am seeking a popular advanced math...
Aug16-14 09:00 AM
Vanadium 50
2 272
Hi everybody, I just wanted to ask for those of you who have taken an intro class in light, heat, and sound what you...
Aug16-14 06:59 AM
4 227
Hi all. Obligatory subjects are: Algorithms and Data Structures Probability and Statistics Computer Networks ...
Aug15-14 02:49 PM
8 265
This year I'll be sending out PhD applications (to the USA) for 2015 onwards. I'm also applying to an external...
Aug15-14 10:03 AM
9 402
I have a good dream of becoming a physician or a doctor to help people o:) , but I am pretty old now (35), I can't...
Aug15-14 08:00 AM
11 379
I've been trying to get math for the longest time and I've noticed that most teachers either don't understand it or...
Aug14-14 07:05 PM
8 275
Hi, I have heard from multiple sources that you need good research record to be admitted to any top grad school and...
Aug14-14 06:26 PM
11 510

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