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- Which college and degree? Grad school and PhD help
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I am interested in starting this discussion in imitation of Zappers fine forum on becoming a physicist, although i...
Apr3-14 04:59 PM
3,571 863,704
At the suggestion of Shahil, I'm starting this thread as a general guidance thread for prospective engineers. Some...
Apr5-14 06:05 AM
1,015 606,545
So You Want To Be A Physicist Written by ZapperZ Table of Contents Introduction: The motivation for creating the...
Sep13-13 11:23 AM
Greg Bernhardt
22 181,443
Ill be a 3rd-yr physics student next year, and due to course conflicts, Ill have to study one of these three math...
Apr4-06 04:42 PM
1 933
Hi all, Firstly I'd to Show something,I'm telecommunication engineer and I'm interested in Satellite...
Jan1-09 08:15 PM
0 933
Hi all... I have a friend who did not graduate from High school and he was asking me about the GED.....he was told...
Jul7-09 01:27 PM
5 933
I've been looking into Architectural Engineering. I'm an undergrad right now and planned on pursuing Physics as a...
Aug9-09 06:19 PM
0 933
Hello everyone, It's that time of the year... Applying for grad school, taking GREs and all that buisness and...
Nov16-09 03:01 PM
1 933
Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct forum but I was just wondering, when would would a physics major learn about...
Feb25-10 07:16 AM
Andy Resnick
8 933
Like i said above in the title, i can't choose from two careers, which are almost opposite from each other, quantum...
Apr1-10 08:09 PM
6 933
Hello, I just finished school and I want to study physics, but I have to wait about 1.5 years until I can start...
Jun15-10 09:29 AM
magnetic flux
2 933
So I went a bit overboard this semester and took 4 math courses and a fifth math-based course, and while 80% of the...
Dec11-10 07:44 PM
3 933
I was wondering if there was any particular difficulty in going from a Physics undergraduate program to graduate...
May16-12 04:00 PM
1 933
I recently got back my final marks for the first half of my courses (3rd year physics in Spain) and am getting a...
Jun14-12 11:03 AM
1 933
What math subject comes after partial differential equations for physics and electrical engineering majors?
Sep4-13 06:53 PM
13 933
I'm taking Physics 1 this semester and am a bit frustrated. For starters, our instructor is not that great. The...
Sep29-13 08:02 PM
4 933
Hi guys, Its coming to that time when people are deliberating about there Uni choices. I wanted to seek the advices of...
Sep29-08 04:06 PM
3 932
I am a 2nd year engineering undergradute student of Manufacturing Process and Automation Engineering in India. As of...
Feb3-09 02:53 AM
0 932
I'm a rather bemused American high school student who needs advice on choosing a college major. The future is...
Jan24-10 07:06 PM
5 932
Earlier this year i applied for university (I'm Scottish by the way and applied for a Scottish university). Really the...
Aug12-10 03:05 AM
4 932
I have an interesting question. I know it's unspoken that a rejection of financial aid is considered a "polite...
Sep16-10 03:12 AM
3 932
Do I need physics in college if Im majoring in computer science?
Oct17-10 06:41 PM
3 932
Hi all, I am a current physics undergrad student. I recently got a position on a research team doing several...
Dec21-10 04:37 PM
4 932
I have found a person of interest on linkedin that I wish to contact in regards to her research. She has a google...
Sep30-12 10:33 AM
6 932
Hello forum. I am currently a high school student, and I am planning out which college I will go to, as well as my...
Nov11-12 09:01 AM
0 932
Because of mixups and unwittingly bad decisions made about my subjects it means i'm coming out of three years of sixth...
Mar3-06 05:35 AM
0 931
I'm really having to think about what I should do in the long run. I'm in year 12, I finnish physics last year and I...
Aug1-06 03:05 AM
Gelsamel Epsilon
2 931
Anyone know if, assuming application deadlines are after the Jan 15th mailing of the Dec. test results, it matters if...
Sep26-06 07:30 AM
1 931
Is it possible to do a Phd in statistical physics without ever having done a prob or stat course? It seems it is...
May7-07 06:32 AM
0 931
ATOMS, ISOTOPES AND RADIOISOTOPES: Atoms, Isotopes, Radioisotopes, Artificial Transmutation: How radioisotopes are...
Mar8-10 07:43 PM
4 931
I recently took Calc AB and have signed up for Calc for Life and Social sciences. Can someone tell what to expect in...
Jul20-10 02:18 PM
Pesto Pizza
5 931
Does anyone have any tips on how to avoid falling into the trap of wrongly choosing an academic advisor that is more...
Nov14-10 10:48 PM
2 931
I filled out some of my reu applications by hand rather than typing them up on the computer. My parents don't think...
Jan8-11 09:20 PM
2 931
I'm a physics major a bit of inclination to mathematics. The semester just ended, and I didn't particularly have a bad...
Mar18-12 02:47 AM
4 931
Hi, I'm 20 years old have always been interested in this stuff, mostly astrophysics/cosmology. I know just the basics...
Jun21-12 04:42 PM
2 931
Hi, I have a (hopefully) quick question about testing out of certain classes in college via proficiency exams. I am...
Oct21-12 11:35 AM
4 931
I've been considering graduate school in math. I go to a small liberal arts school with no math reputation, but a...
Oct24-12 12:42 AM
2 931
I'm wondering how much undergraduate research really matters when applying for to get into a masters program....
Jan22-13 06:06 PM
3 931
I live in a country within north east asia. I want to continue my education in US graduate school. GPA 4.0x/4.5...
Nov30-13 10:06 PM
2 931
in order to be accepted into grad school? People tell me they are hard to get into. Would grad school committees...
Jun16-08 12:42 PM
2 930
I just completed my freshman year as a EE at Georgia Tech. I did pretty well the first semester (3.8 GPA with a...
Jul1-11 05:01 PM
1 930
Hello, I am pursuing Graduation in Physics,in my II year now..i plan to appear for GRE after my graduation.I need to...
Jul31-11 08:28 AM
0 930
So here it goes; pretty much I was searching up for "best book to learn physics from" and just so happen to come...
Sep2-11 04:32 PM
4 930

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