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Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Photography tips and techniques. Get camera advice. Show of your photos. Video talk is welcome too!
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
bios, mentor, mentor biographies Sticky Thread Pinned: Mentor Bios
Due to popular request (and a suggestion by Enigman), here are the current mentor biographies. There will be more...
Oct31-13 11:13 PM
0 7,275
In addition to the Global Guidelines, these rules also apply to posts in the lounge. Overly Speculative Posts It...
Oct12-13 11:50 AM
0 6,776
A lot of people are new to PF and General Discussion. We have some very creative people here and I think some of the...
Jan22-12 03:40 PM
56 80,609
My electronic class is almost over, <thank god>. Unfortunately, I have what I call a "barnes n' noble" book. You know...
May5-06 09:36 PM
Ivan Seeking
15 2,666
from New Scientist. Well that would certainly undermine the...
May5-06 07:34 PM
14 2,742
You'd never guess by looking at her that she's good at math, would you? ...
May5-06 06:56 PM
30 8,102
My favorite crossword author, Merl Reagle, did a theme last Sunday on "trinonyms". I thought it was pretty clever. ...
May5-06 04:27 PM
Math Is Hard
76 5,187
I mailed Greg with this, but I assume he's being busy and is tired of reading tens of private messages everyday....
May5-06 11:44 AM
14 1,480
I get to work at LANL this summer. Finally got my offer letter today, after weeks of waiting. I am oh so very stoked...
May5-06 11:18 AM
39 2,567
Quite often, especially in science, I hear the term 'expert' used. Whether it be fashion expert, decorating expert,...
May5-06 11:06 AM
30 4,494 I am so pleased. My...
May5-06 09:28 AM
16 1,366
What kind of girls/boys you like? I feel the same race's girls are close to me. I like action-cute, good body...
May5-06 09:02 AM
Schrodinger's Dog
45 3,999
What is the real answer to the mystery? ...
May5-06 07:56 AM
13 1,228
Photograph from the Associated Press: photo (and the corresponding writeup) The discussion topic will invent...
May5-06 07:33 AM
6 940
Here's my solution towards increasing quality of public education: *After each grade from 8-12, students will take...
May5-06 02:56 AM
69 5,131
Suppose that X is a person who strongly cares for you, and you also care for X. One day X asks you to do something for...
May5-06 01:54 AM
9 863
May5-06 12:56 AM
19 1,579
Internet culture spells doom for strait-laced orthographers Straight-laced vs strait-laced free reign vs free rein...
May4-06 10:22 PM
23 1,781
For the purposes of this discussion consider assassination to be the killing of a specific individual for reasons...
May4-06 09:01 PM
56 3,676
Boy, I watched this guy almost every week for most of his career. He was always fun to watch. ...
May4-06 07:59 PM
Ivan Seeking
8 1,158
I will be taking two classes at the University of Arizona, and then I'll go visit some places in the east coast.........
May4-06 07:32 PM
27 2,122
Ah I really need to break a glass or something like that to feel better but I'm afraid someone might step on it and...
May4-06 01:28 PM
30 2,454
Happy Birthday, Warren! You are OLD now! :) Zz.
May4-06 01:17 PM
25 1,759
liquorice , it is supposed to help stop tooth decay, so i just bought 2ibs peanut butter, :yuck: full of good...
May4-06 12:15 PM
21 1,511
2.5 years ago, I was walking along the beach collecting sea shells when I found this, I didn't give it too much...
May4-06 10:42 AM
8 4,962
If someone offered you a million dollars to leave your country for some other country and never come back, would you...
May4-06 10:09 AM
20 1,678
I'm wondering what happened to the minimalist music of several years ago. It allowed one to concentrate and actually...
May4-06 08:03 AM
1 835
Happy Tewkesbury day! :biggrin: I'm not sure if it's actually called that. Anyway it's the 535th anniversary of...
May4-06 05:26 AM
0 762
I've heard that the nature of an atom is extremely precise, just .0000001 difference and stability becomes impossible....
May4-06 03:37 AM
5 2,776
Like at work, is your boss a hard task master ?i am in a wonderful possition as i never see my boss, i just leave him...
May4-06 02:11 AM
4 1,097
Ha, I got this email today from a friend. It's good for a chuckle.
May3-06 11:09 PM
15 2,120 Thought this may be of interest.
May3-06 10:01 PM
3 2,583
Happy Birthday, Evo, SOS2008 & brewnog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish you each a great day, and heartfelt wishes to...
May3-06 09:36 PM
31 1,670
you'll love C is for Cookie!
May3-06 06:59 PM
3 1,648
Continent-wise... (based on the 7 continent model: :wink: )
May3-06 03:50 PM
36 2,255
Kicking up it a notch. Feistiest PF Sister, Principal Proprietess of the Tiki Bar, Happy Birthday, SOS2008...
May3-06 02:33 PM
19 1,252
This is a big, big pet peeve of mine. I just got this email inviting me to a BioMechanics conference. Here's a snippet...
May3-06 10:30 AM
Francis M
36 4,912
:cry: :cry: :cry: Ok, I'm rational and smart and I know it. :devil: The Personality Defect Test by...
May3-06 08:01 AM
38 9,629
It's election time in my state and there's a lot of funny stuff going on. After observing the political parties...
May3-06 06:36 AM
3 1,309
Popper's claim: Any thoughts?
May3-06 05:07 AM
8 2,058
Half an hour ago I received a call from my teacher. It's my 7th this year from the same person. She keeps on calling...
May2-06 11:05 PM
8 1,469
ok so, the other night i was dreaming... i was in chicago, where i used to live, near my old house. my long time...
May2-06 10:55 PM
9 1,209
If subatomic particles are "nonlocal" then our brains/mind and consciousness is nonlocal. Thid being the case, it...
May2-06 08:36 PM
10 1,576

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