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Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Human history, mythology, literature, arts and media, foreign languages, cultural studies, law...
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Photography tips and techniques. Get camera advice. Show of your photos. Video talk is welcome too!
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Relax and enjoy our topics on Brain Teasers, Games, Jokes, Trivia, Comics...
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Discussion involving family, friends and significant others. Keep it PG-13 please! Nerds only! :)
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
bios, mentor, mentor biographies Sticky Thread Pinned: Mentor Bios
Due to popular request (and a suggestion by Enigman), here are the current mentor biographies. There will be more...
Oct31-13 11:13 PM
0 7,319
In addition to the Global Guidelines, these rules also apply to posts in the lounge. Overly Speculative Posts It...
Oct12-13 11:50 AM
0 6,808
A lot of people are new to PF and General Discussion. We have some very creative people here and I think some of the...
Jan22-12 03:40 PM
56 80,698 Free Demo is available, etc. etc. etc.
Mar27-06 10:42 PM
0 3,516
What are the possible ways ,we can increase the popularity of pf ..:tongue2: it will be nice if we can have more...
Mar27-06 10:29 PM
36 2,293
Oh my god as we speak i am looking at a commercial for a "roll out garden". Yes, you heard it here, just like buying a...
Mar27-06 09:57 PM
10 2,445
I would like to start a thread dedicated to discussing my explanations and interpretation of quantum mechanics. They...
Mar27-06 06:51 PM
2 664
I am aware that there are some errors in Wikipedia on the science side. My question is how much and how large of...
Mar27-06 06:20 PM
49 5,609
This worls is divided into two groups(not obviously boys and girls:biggrin: ),,first one who believe dams cause...
Mar27-06 01:37 PM
Ivan Seeking
18 3,367
Who is this?
Mar27-06 01:32 PM
6 974
Thursday 18 March 200403:28am VILLAGE BLAZES AGAIN Mar 18 2004 From Jeremy Charles In Rome _ A VILLAGE hit...
Mar27-06 01:19 PM
Ivan Seeking
34 5,371 This a slide show showing...
Mar27-06 12:20 PM
17 1,558
Who is more important for Physics World, Newton or Einstein? And why? Who do you think is more intelligent based on...
Mar27-06 09:13 AM
40 3,779
I am looking downstairs at my neighbor's patio. She has two 20+ lb. Russian Blue cats, and they are sitting there in...
Mar27-06 08:28 AM
37 6,512
I fell into the black hole that is myspace, since i know a lot of people who have already. Has anyone else gone and...
Mar27-06 07:40 AM
19 1,636
I can juggle 3 balls, and can do a few variations with 3, but this guy is just plain nuts. Check out the...
Mar27-06 03:56 AM
jimmy p
10 1,239
will someone who has google earth please go to 1 deg 55'24.90"N 157 deg 21'52.47"W at an altitude around 100 miles ...
Mar26-06 07:17 PM
11 1,644
We've all had those conversations... when you know you're right but the person you're arguing against is dead set...
Mar26-06 07:11 PM
Chi Meson
30 2,128
or not yet? at least here in Europe it is :biggrin: which means I have to get up extra early tomorrow :frown:
Mar26-06 06:56 PM
15 1,043
On this therd there is some disscussion of American being it's seperte language form English on this therd.I think...
Mar26-06 06:49 PM
22 2,363
Rachmaninoff2 commented that my threads are inane. So I figured that I'd start another inane thread.
Mar26-06 12:28 PM
8 954
I was wondering something. If you compare home-cooking in general, fast food, casual restaurant, and fine...
Mar26-06 11:17 AM
73 4,948
Capitalism to me seems to be a natural development for humans. It's almost the only economical system where each...
Mar25-06 09:29 PM
48 3,056
I'm sure you will all appreciate this. Click HERE
Mar25-06 09:16 PM
4 1,149
Happy Birthday, jimmy p!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111 Aha! So I'm not crazy. You are a leprechaun. Cheers! :biggrin:
Mar25-06 07:27 PM
jimmy p
16 1,626
I have a recipe for ice cream that requires me to "scald" the milk. :confused: I type in "scald milk" into google...
Mar25-06 06:54 PM
2 1,195 His teeny tiny art gallery charges a very small admission...
Mar25-06 06:50 PM
2 883
BBC Europe I'm miffed.
Mar25-06 05:33 PM
19 1,904
Here's one for you: Can things be more than the sum of their parts? I'm going to share my answer later but for...
Mar25-06 01:31 PM
23 1,987
I was wondering... If you believe humans have a part of us that makes us. (I suppose the easiest thing to call it...
Mar25-06 01:17 PM
24 1,146
It isn't actually me who didn't get my usual seven figures fee, but the actor Randy Quaid, who played the sour Joe...
Mar25-06 11:57 AM
4 1,329
I saw on this website A article about a Conversation with God thats the name of article....
Mar25-06 11:18 AM
1 1,860
Yeah, engineering can be dangerous if you are an idiot. Today, I was in an attic - one that I had just commented on...
Mar25-06 01:33 AM
44 2,541
We had to drop about 30 small trees. We paid to have them dropped as there were power lines and the house to contend...
Mar25-06 12:26 AM
8 1,534
What's an animal that can swim underwater, run on land, and fly in the air? Mythological or not. Just curious :smile:
Mar25-06 12:24 AM
16 1,752
I listened to a radio program, "This American Life," on the topic of Mind Games. Prologue and Act One. Host Ira...
Mar24-06 10:13 PM
0 1,139
This is a compliation of various trains of thought that I've tried bringing together into a wholistic understanding of...
Mar24-06 09:33 PM
2 980
I've got homework due by 1:30 today, but I just don't want to get started on it. What is wrong with me? :confused: ...
Mar24-06 04:50 PM
5 765
The Swedish mathematician Lennart Carleson was awarded the Abel Prize yesterday: ...
Mar24-06 04:46 PM
1 1,114
I left 1/2 gallon of 1% milk out for nearly three hours. Still felt chilled. Think I should drink it? I really...
Mar24-06 04:37 PM
Math Is Hard
76 50,189
I don't get it "But his mathematical feat won the praise of others, including the math and computer science teacher...
Mar24-06 04:22 PM
32 2,437
Mar24-06 01:51 PM
Tom Mattson
1 1,144
When one attempts to understand REALITY it seems it eventually ends up connected to quantum mechanics. I do not think...
Mar23-06 09:33 PM
2 683

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