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Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Human history, mythology, literature, arts and media, foreign languages, cultural studies, law...
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Photography tips and techniques. Get camera advice. Show of your photos. Video talk is welcome too!
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Relax and enjoy our topics on Brain Teasers, Games, Jokes, Trivia, Comics...
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Discussion involving family, friends and significant others. Keep it PG-13 please! Nerds only! :)
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
bios, mentor, mentor biographies Sticky Thread Pinned: Mentor Bios
Due to popular request (and a suggestion by Enigman), here are the current mentor biographies. There will be more...
Oct31-13 11:13 PM
0 6,017
In addition to the Global Guidelines, these rules also apply to posts in the lounge. Overly Speculative Posts It...
Oct12-13 11:50 AM
0 5,759
A lot of people are new to PF and General Discussion. We have some very creative people here and I think some of the...
Jan22-12 03:40 PM
56 76,808
Well, here I go, six hours of finals starting right now. Special Relativity and Thermal Physics.
Mar15-06 01:22 AM
31 1,910 If what they are saying is true, then does this mean...
Mar14-06 02:13 PM
1 722
whats the role of advanced math in a ordinary person' life directly? does it make a big change in ur life wether u...
Mar14-06 01:38 PM
22 2,215
Never, have I ever gotten ANY spam. I just got three phishing emails in the last two days. I hope this isn't the start...
Mar14-06 01:30 PM
5 1,297
Well, sorta - it's a townhouse, and I didn't just buy it, but I did sign an agreement of sale. We'll close it next...
Mar14-06 12:45 PM
36 1,991
I have a question for zoobies around here: what are the good/bad things about being a zoobie? As for me: Bad...
Mar14-06 12:26 PM
23 1,634
I have a question form men around here: what are the good/bad things about being a man? As for me: Bad things: ...
Mar14-06 11:55 AM
Math Is Hard
35 2,332
Resolved: Individual claims of privacy ought to be valued above competing claims of societal welfare. What are...
Mar14-06 10:46 AM
6 9,988
Geez, yet another problem to worry about! :rolleyes: My Eyeball Just Fell Out of Its Socket - What should I do?...
Mar14-06 10:29 AM
3 1,102
Everyone remember that! To how many digits do YOU remember pi?
Mar14-06 09:31 AM
34 2,113
I just ate the best baklava.
Mar14-06 05:17 AM
16 1,891
WOOO!! I start on the 30th for over 3000 a year more than what I am earning at the moment! I will be a trainee...
Mar14-06 03:04 AM
jimmy p
13 790
A thread for strange connections or coincidences. I was watching Comets on THC, and it came to my attention that...
Mar14-06 12:23 AM
Ivan Seeking
5 1,201
Empty your PM box (AGAIN!! - sheesh :rolleyes: :rofl:) Are you getting spammed again?!?!?1111 :surprised :rofl:...
Mar13-06 11:43 PM
31 2,579
what are some good words you like to use?
Mar13-06 05:15 PM
12 1,119
Everytime i get a new desk, it's because my old one didn't have enough space. After a while, the new desk ends up not...
Mar13-06 04:23 PM
11 819
This topic could well be in a section related to biology, but more people visit the GD area. So... ...
Mar13-06 03:50 PM
7 1,560
Does anyone here follow cricket? There are a couple of interesting matches going on. Australia just set a new...
Mar13-06 12:39 PM
17 1,630
Google Maps for Mars:
Mar13-06 12:28 PM
4 1,074
We love cats and we've had quite a few - for me, about ten in total over the last forty years or so. As any cat lover...
Mar13-06 12:09 PM
40 3,232
I saw this on the news today and just thought it was an interesting topic for discussion. I don't know what to make...
Mar13-06 12:49 AM
27 1,587
I'm wondering though, if you prove godel's theorem for science, that would be the greatest scientific discovery,...
Mar13-06 12:27 AM
2 585
Seriously, once a member receives it, he become very scarce around PF. Maybe it's the color that's a problem? Pink...
Mar12-06 10:22 PM
15 1,481
Back when Thriller first came out I loved it. I thought the "Billie Jean" dance was terrific, and I must have watched...
Mar12-06 08:09 PM
75 4,313
In any system of thought, there are things that cannot be explain, but must be accepted on faith alone. Ex:The axioms...
Mar12-06 06:19 PM
5 741
Tonight on the History Channel at 7pm CST, "Warrior Queen Boudica". I hope it's done well. It's 2 hours.
Mar12-06 09:41 AM
8 1,503
Happy birthday, Javier!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish you the bests!:smile:
Mar12-06 05:30 AM
13 1,085
what is your reading speed?? And if by the way,it is high..what factors are responsible for that.. Have you ever...
Mar12-06 03:24 AM
31 2,702
Hey guys, Have a listen to what i do when im not doing maths and physics (music wise)....
Mar12-06 02:43 AM
3 1,464
Washington's new state slogan designed to attract tourism Say WA pronounced like "say wah" :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ...
Mar12-06 12:18 AM
Ivan Seeking
14 9,963
Go on, he won't mind
Mar11-06 10:45 PM
27 3,031
so i was in the Dining Commons today, and they had some corn bread squares at the dessert station. at first glance,...
Mar11-06 09:50 PM
18 1,417
The What country are you? Test
Mar11-06 06:47 PM
48 4,686
Hi, I have been pondering the notion of asking out a former TA of mine. She was in charge of the lab in which I...
Mar11-06 05:05 PM
113 24,263
The weather is absolutely beautiful outside today! Spring has arrived! :biggrin: Its so nice outside I had to make a...
Mar11-06 12:58 PM
16 1,449
i can't sleep! i lay down and too many thoughts in my head. plus my tummy aches cause i forgot to feed it. anyway, i...
Mar11-06 04:40 AM
13 1,304
Wow, who would attack Singapore? Taiwan??
Mar11-06 04:32 AM
1 1,209
not that i would want to replace this one, i have still yet to read some of the insightful threads and learn new...
Mar11-06 12:33 AM
15 1,523
After 141 days, it has rained in Phoenix. :surprised
Mar10-06 11:59 PM
19 1,628
Of policemen, firemen, postmen and garbagemen, whom do you rely on most?
Mar10-06 06:23 PM
17 1,887

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