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Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Human history, mythology, literature, arts and media, foreign languages, cultural studies, law...
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Photography tips and techniques. Get camera advice. Show of your photos. Video talk is welcome too!
Jul25-14 08:57 AM Andy Resnick 
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Relax and enjoy our topics on Brain Teasers, Games, Jokes, Trivia, Comics...
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Discussion involving family, friends and significant others. Keep it PG-13 please! Nerds only! :)
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
bios, mentor, mentor biographies Sticky Thread Pinned: Mentor Bios
Due to popular request (and a suggestion by Enigman), here are the current mentor biographies. There will be more...
Oct31-13 11:13 PM
0 5,662
In addition to the Global Guidelines, these rules also apply to posts in the lounge. Overly Speculative Posts It...
Oct12-13 11:50 AM
0 5,399
A lot of people are new to PF and General Discussion. We have some very creative people here and I think some of the...
Jan22-12 03:40 PM
56 75,059
Oct13-05 03:23 PM
23 1,491
what type of thing gets your adrenaline pumping more? snowmobiles, jet skis, and dirt bikes or skiing, wake boarding...
Oct13-05 02:56 PM
13 2,967
I`v had a particully ... emotionally painfull day and tied myself up in knots, my shoulders and back ache. What do...
Oct13-05 02:50 PM
3 1,432
:rofl: Why do we say "Bless You" or other similar remarks in different languages after someone "sneezes"? I heard we...
Oct13-05 02:44 PM
8 1,321 I think we all owe FOX an...
Oct13-05 02:26 PM
17 1,503
...what physical changes would you make to humans and why? (I beg you, please try to keep suggestions at least...
Oct13-05 01:41 PM
6 1,095
The things they used to do are just so terrible :biggrin: I hope...
Oct13-05 01:21 PM
8 1,112
How long can you resist and not to post in GD?:tongue2: (Serious discussions are different of course :rolleyes: )
Oct13-05 01:10 PM
4 886
This was sent to me by my niece. Only blame me if you feel it is absoulutely necessary. :smile: The Guys'...
Oct13-05 01:01 PM
12 1,338
hello. I was making this crime drama, and at a moment of great drama and suspense, my lead actor disapeared!! see...
Oct13-05 12:49 PM
3 1,184
AN EMPIRICAL INDUCTIVE METHOD Metaphysics in philosophy has always had a big problem: evidence. The approach in...
Oct13-05 11:36 AM
121 11,763
im no big fan of english anyone want to read my intro for an essay on revenge in hamlet and put there 2 cents in. im...
Oct13-05 10:09 AM
7 1,416
Shenzhou 6 was launched earlier today. What do you think the implications are for the worldwide space industry, and...
Oct13-05 09:44 AM
9 730
I'm doing a presentation on the Hudson's Bay Company, from 1690~1800 for my business history class, and am seeking...
Oct13-05 08:34 AM
4 946
You have the option of going anywhere with anyone, no expence spared, who and where would you pick ?
Oct13-05 05:05 AM
56 2,510
I'm editing a report my boss wrote about a job we are doing in Mexico. One of the workers is named Rafael (is that...
Oct13-05 12:27 AM
10 842
I just noticed as I was writing my research paper on perpetual motion, as I was going over the laws of thermodynamics,...
Oct13-05 12:07 AM
Ki Man
8 943
Huh? HUh? Huh?
Oct12-05 07:17 PM
24 1,728
At first I had some questions about dark matter and black holes, so I found here and then I thought it's a very cool...
Oct12-05 05:11 PM
42 2,569
I know, I'm years behind the rest of the world, but I just saw this for the first time. I've been wondering what the...
Oct12-05 03:22 PM
5 2,783
Im afraid i know absolutely nothing about about iPods and all connected new-fangled technology. Anyone care to...
Oct12-05 03:04 PM
ron damon
17 1,358
If The First dimension is a line then would a point be the zeroeth??? Also on that same note would an empty coorednate...
Oct12-05 01:43 PM
0 757
hey i need your help in chapter 43 of far from the madding wife Troy says to Fanny in her coffin "in the sight of...
Oct12-05 12:32 PM
0 830
I have some friends that are house shopping and they found a really interesting home with many normal aspects except...
Oct12-05 10:16 AM
1 1,662
Funeral arrangements for Mr. Pengwuino will be made public friday. He died of a heart attack after hearing Smurf say...
Oct12-05 10:09 AM
El Hombre Invisible
10 1,232
Hope you had a great Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Oct12-05 09:40 AM
6 911
I have to take one out of these and i am really confused whether i should take Logic or Psychology.I have previously...
Oct12-05 07:39 AM
18 1,428
Hi, I thought its better to ask you so i am doing it. We have an Physics Professor and he is Old ,around 70 years...
Oct12-05 07:36 AM
4 1,099
Today is a sad say indeed. The remote control to my TV has stopped working. New batteries did not solve the problem...
Oct11-05 09:48 PM
24 1,751
I am not sure how so many common GD'ers have actually beat their 100,000 other.."siblings" and was actually born....
Oct11-05 08:44 PM
2 1,005
Go ahead an mess with him.
Oct11-05 08:43 PM
2 2,107 one brought a camera. I had to actually let this one go because he was 35.5'' and anything between 35 and 45...
Oct11-05 08:40 PM
ron damon
22 4,892
Have any of you read it? It's beautiful, never thought such a small book would be my favourite.
Oct11-05 07:03 PM
3 1,329
How do you realize what's moral and what's immoral? And why do you try not to act immorally?
Oct11-05 03:38 PM
5 1,120
Hey everyone i have some questions that i would like answering. i have asked a few people these questions but i need...
Oct11-05 03:29 PM
3 1,449
Is it not, just think of all the things that had to happen, or not, for you to be alive today. :surprised
Oct11-05 12:24 PM
17 1,329
Don't you just hate those old ladies, who are supposed to be helpful, just be plain old mean when you drop by to ask a...
Oct11-05 11:40 AM
6 1,072
alright i used to look up 5 or so random (or so it seemed to most people) facts, or concepts just about daily. many of...
Oct11-05 11:03 AM
25 6,227
"The Feckless Virgin or A Chaste Tale"
Oct11-05 10:45 AM
Loren Booda
8 1,438
I will be composing a short adventure of Antara Aggie Ant and posting a few daily. Enjoy!
Oct11-05 10:33 AM
2 1,213

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