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Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Discuss and debunk products that seem too good to be true! Find the truth and help others in not getting deceived.
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Relax and enjoy our topics on Photography, Games, Jokes, Trivia, Comics...
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Discussion involving family, friends and significant others. Keep it PG-13 please! Nerds only! :)
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- Topics outside the realm of science and technology
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contest, photo Sticky Thread Pinned: PF Photo Contest ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Hello Everyone! We are reviving the PF Photo Contest! Thanks to Andre for hosting it the past year. The PF Photo...
Apr13-14 10:15 AM
106 42,324
bios, mentor, mentor biographies Sticky Thread Pinned: Mentor Bios
Due to popular request (and a suggestion by Enigman), here are the current mentor biographies. There will be more...
Oct31-13 11:13 PM
0 2,208
In addition to the Global Guidelines, these rules also apply to posts in the lounge. Overly Speculative Posts It...
Oct12-13 11:50 AM
0 1,992
A lot of people are new to PF and General Discussion. We have some very creative people here and I think some of the...
Jan22-12 03:40 PM
56 58,494
Or for that matter, any other types of seeds you find in spice bottles, such as coriander seeds or even cumin seeds? ...
T 03:56 AM
7 119
In order to help with server load, we are splitting up the larger threads. This is a continuation of Random...
T 02:05 AM
276 5,563
This makes no sense to me. My friend posted this article on Facebook today: ...
T 12:52 AM
1 95
The old thread has gotten too big, here is part 2. Part 1 is here
Y 11:36 PM
192 8,649
I live in a city where, unfortunately, most of the commerce is along an outer road of the highway - that does not have...
Y 10:23 PM
2 86
At least, it's the only thing I can think of that could be causing the burning sensation. I chopped some jalapenos...
Y 08:09 PM
37 108,259
These jalapenos I grew this summer are really coming in handy this winter. Even the pickling liquid is extra hot. ...
Y 04:42 PM
101 2,620
Anyone who tunes into CNN from to time as I do couldn't avoid noticing that they covered nothing but the downed flight...
Y 04:40 PM
Ivan Seeking
13 222
Just found out I am allergic to dust mites. This news explains a lot in my health as of the last several years. Does...
Y 12:34 PM
8 140
I find that I will often go out of my way to get paper that I like so that doing problems is more enjoyable. As an...
Y 10:56 AM
Dr Transport
15 279
I wasn't really sure where to post this but GD is as good a place as any. I've recently come upon nicotine free...
Apr17-14 05:30 PM
12 479
What does your typical week day look like? When do you wake up? When do you study? Do you do anything else...
Apr17-14 01:28 PM
23 691
Remember, a year ago I was unfairly rejected for a grant application? It appeared my career would be over, indeed I...
Apr17-14 12:58 AM
17 486
Does anyone eat this fish? It's probably the least healthy of all fish, being low in Omega 3 and higher in Omega 6,...
Apr16-14 09:28 PM
34 881
Apr16-14 12:40 PM
Ben Niehoff
26 578
I'm looking for input/advice. *nudge* Russ :biggrin: There's going to be a meteor shower (Lyrids) during my wife's...
Apr15-14 12:03 PM
8 223
Lunar Eclipse, starting now!!! Go outside and gaze at as I pull a magic trick and make the Moon disappear right...
- - -
Games start today. I've got my Milwaukee Panthers and Wisconsin Badgers in the tournament. Feeling pretty excited. I...
Apr14-14 06:46 PM
30 671
What are your favourite quotes?
Apr14-14 07:46 AM
1,682 247,494
Looks like the new Cosmos TV series is about to start. We'd like to keep discussions about the series in a single...
Apr14-14 03:59 AM
98 3,878
I was watching Neil De grasse Tyson, and he said the developed countries have an obligation to push the boundaries of...
Apr13-14 11:41 PM
15 350
How good or bad are we at math? Mathematical ability obviously varies from one person to another. I propose a scale in...
Apr13-14 04:32 PM
6 331
My mother's side of the family was professionally done years ago by one of her sisters. But no one knew about my...
Apr12-14 08:52 PM
29 505
I wish I could take credit for the question, but I was asked this. Imagine a computer that could do the following:...
Apr12-14 11:18 AM
13 305
If you haven't, you should rethink that thanks to the heartbleed bug. Your passwords on a supposedly secure website...
Apr12-14 11:10 AM
6 312
I was sent a link to this short French film earlier today, although it doesn't go into all the details of issues I...
Apr12-14 08:41 AM
57 2,017
Hey fellow forum members, I just thought it would be interesting to hear what course you found to be most useful...
Apr10-14 12:44 PM
7 461
The worst men's grooming trends of all time (CNN/Esquire)
Apr9-14 11:21 PM
3 385
I'm having a tough time finding paper that I can write on comfortably, I'm used to 4-hole standard A4 sized paper, as...
Apr8-14 08:09 AM
24 604
Viswanathan Anand made a magnificent comeback in the Candidates Match 2014 by winning it, and has now earned the right...
Apr7-14 12:04 AM
5 376
My mother has a plant that she forgot the name of. Does anyone know anything about it? (or a good place to find info...
Apr6-14 04:57 PM
11 290
Anybody here keeping track of the WCC 2013? 4 draws in the beginning and 2 wins for Carlsen!!! Anand must have...
Apr5-14 07:18 AM
51 2,846
Apr4-14 05:34 PM
26 715
Dear Friends, As you know, one of the best preprint servers for physics papers is, and almost everybody...
Apr4-14 08:51 AM
14 407
As my hobby, I'm working on a robot. I've got the electronics mostly done, and it works. Programming is not a problem,...
Apr3-14 08:52 AM
3 247
Apr2-14 07:38 PM
1 238
Apr2-14 04:45 PM
RJ Emery
2 242
There, that feels better :P
Apr2-14 03:49 PM
17 896
As a Physics ignoramus, I'm curious. This guy was recently on The Daily Show:...
Apr2-14 03:44 PM
115 4,650
Hope you're having a great one!!!
Apr2-14 12:00 PM
14 297

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