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Contemporary developments and news in local, national, or world affairs
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Human history, mythology, literature, arts and media, foreign languages, cultural studies, law...
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Photography tips and techniques. Get camera advice. Show of your photos. Video talk is welcome too!
T 09:12 AM Beelzebub 
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Relax and enjoy our topics on Brain Teasers, Games, Jokes, Trivia, Comics...
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Discussion involving family, friends and significant others. Keep it PG-13 please! Nerds only! :)
Aug27-14 04:06 PM CraigAllan 
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
A lot of people are new to PF and General Discussion. We have some very creative people here and I think some of the...
Jan22-12 03:40 PM
56 80,471
In addition to the Global Guidelines, these rules also apply to posts in the lounge. Overly Speculative Posts It...
Oct12-13 11:50 AM
0 6,732
bios, mentor, mentor biographies Sticky Thread Pinned: Mentor Bios
Due to popular request (and a suggestion by Enigman), here are the current mentor biographies. There will be more...
Oct31-13 11:13 PM
0 7,214
Hello I have recently watched a show on the History channel, that was about the predictions of the date 12-21-2012. ...
Feb19-08 09:22 PM
8 52,790
My Funny Valentine Valentine's Day is this week. So this would be an appropriate topic for this week's photo...
Feb16-08 07:26 AM
8 4,377
Can anybody recommend a movie about physicists or physics students? It seems that math people seem to have gotten most...
Feb16-08 03:23 AM
6 4,156
Im learning to play the guitar, have a really nice sounding spanish acoustic guitar by gb&a. I can play chords pretty...
Feb16-08 11:24 PM
17 2,332
Am I right?
Feb18-08 11:24 AM
17 3,058
This question has been on my mind for a while now, and I don't want to bug any of my professors in case they give me...
Feb16-08 08:46 PM
20 3,430
user New User ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
Hello, It's great to be part of the physics forum. Currently, I'm a high school student, and in a physics class....
Feb17-08 03:20 PM
63 4,041 Really sad that some parts of the world still live in the dark...
Feb17-08 10:27 AM
28 3,170
Q: Does tapping on the top of sealed aluminum fizzy soda cans (like diet coke for example) reduce the probability of...
Feb17-08 06:05 AM
jim mcnamara
20 5,409
I've been taking this numerical analysis class for 6 weeks. I should be getting an A+ in the class based on my...
Feb18-08 11:21 AM
18 2,642
I haven't been here too long...but every time we have a fish-slapping there are members who say they've never been...
Feb16-08 01:13 AM
10 3,947
stuff like "reverse-engineering" the brain, creating more environmentally-friendly energy, better medicines, etc etc:...
Feb15-08 11:16 PM
fourier jr
0 2,571
Okay, since Wolram uses all sorts of expressions and words that we Yanks can't understand, like brittle pegs, which...
Feb21-08 03:32 PM
Ivan Seeking
39 2,863
I'm reading a book where the author is trying to make a point about torsion fields. I really don't know what that even...
Feb16-08 11:38 PM
6 9,807
Happy Birthday!!!!!!111111
Feb18-08 07:11 PM
8 1,048
Ok, so I am an university student, just turned 20. I am not very social and don't live on campus so I am kinda of...
Feb19-08 05:52 PM
108 19,338
Our own little Corvallis, Oregon, home of OSU , made number five! ...
Feb21-08 11:50 AM
32 3,296
I thought it would be interesting to start a thread on who do you think is the most overrated president in the ...
Feb21-08 01:28 PM
80 6,822
Hi Everyone, Please give some help on an idea of mine, I am a drop out from physics and have poor math skill. ...
Feb21-08 10:25 PM
3 2,923
link Well, if I asked a Dutch PhD which the capital of Alaska would be and correcting the wrong answer,...
Feb19-08 01:19 AM
21 2,546
I have just recently looked into the concept of Hegelian Dialectic, but I do not fully grasp any way to apply. Can...
Feb22-08 04:15 AM
3 2,118
There is a new local gas stop/ foodmart owner who loves to talk politics, and it didn't take long before he started...
Feb21-08 11:51 AM
44 3,401
from a scale of 1 to 10, how did highschool education help you in university? Can someone learn by themselves in a...
Feb19-08 01:18 PM
6 1,401
would anyone say that quantum physics is at all connected to spirituality? i know that there are physicists out...
Feb19-08 03:23 PM
oedipa maas
4 1,442
I know I should probably have over 1000 by now. I have been in the 850's for 100 posts now. Anyone else have...
Feb19-08 11:35 PM
3 1,357
What does it mean to be creative in Physics? Does it mean to just think outside the box? What does that mean in...
Feb20-08 06:23 PM
2 1,723
A meteor that came down in the NW this morning was caught on camera. A...
Feb20-08 09:22 AM
3 1,744
Have you guys seen the Indian Thriller video? OMG.
Feb20-08 04:53 PM
6 1,460
Hope you are feeling better, i woke this morning feeling fitter than a butchers dog.
Feb20-08 05:07 PM
25 2,211
If this happens, will this be easily visible? Also, does anyone know of a website or something that will announce...
Feb20-08 05:17 PM
3 1,153
Why do people want all these mainly electronic gizmos, okay the Internet is the best thing since sliced bread , but...
Feb20-08 05:06 PM
7 1,211
Normally I would put something like this in the UFO news thread, but this was too good to pass up. :biggrin: Too...
Feb21-08 01:29 PM
Ivan Seeking
2 3,634
Deconstructing an ant colony. The ants moved 40 tons of earth and dug to 26 feet. ...
Feb21-08 08:58 PM
4 1,306
But its kinda cool. If I ever saw plants like these i think i would run.
Feb21-08 11:47 AM
3 1,497
Have you ever heard of Lapp, Batak toba, Ibibio, Tamazight, Tamil, Gascon ? If yes what are they? Are they spoken...
Feb22-08 10:36 AM
13 2,496
Hi, I'm Kerstin and im 21 years old. I live in Cebu, Philippines, but I’m Swedish (originally from the wonderful city...
Feb22-08 02:18 PM
3 1,520
Hello Guys,, I am looking for suggestions from all of you on AI project... the field i am interested is...
Feb21-08 12:51 PM
1 943
What is it called when you get a sudden chest pain that lasts for just a second or two? Homer Simpsons described it as...
Feb21-08 10:18 PM
22 4,425
This is incredibly ignorant (and worse, the result of a drunken conversation), so I apologize in advance, but: If...
Feb22-08 02:05 PM
10 3,261
I want to read this e-book "Thinking in C++" Volume-1 by Bruce Eckel. It is a free download here. I downloaded the zip...
Feb22-08 10:16 AM
5 1,349

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