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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Just like the title says, how many languages can you speak? Actually fluent in, not counting bits and pieces. 1,2,3 or...
Sep12-14 02:24 PM
114 69,297
history, references Sticky Thread Pinned: History References ( 1 2)
There is a thread about references in every forum, so i will start by posting this. Feel free to add to this list...
Jan22-13 09:22 PM
34 36,079
literature, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Literature Resources ( 1 2)
I have some decent links that are worth sharing. First off, the Perseus Project is an absolute must-have. You can...
Jul25-11 07:43 PM
24 28,725
I've been reading about different coup d'état across history, but haven't been able to find one in which a country's...
T 02:35 PM
2 301
Abul-Walid Mohammed ibn-Ahmad Ibn-Mohammed ibn-Roshd this historical character is admitted as a lawyer but I do not...
Y 01:49 PM
SW VandeCarr
20 453
Apparently more women accompanied their husbands or families during Viking journeys/migrations than previously...
Sep7-14 01:15 PM
4 321
Hi, all. : Was the Cronus a god or a titan? Best Regards.
Sep3-14 06:23 PM
4 596
I was wondering why didn't both America and the USSR stop at non-deliverable nuclear bombs? I mean if making decisions...
Aug26-14 10:41 PM
17 9,862
Why didn't Chinese comminists attacked and occupied the Formoza island after they had conquered the China mainland?...
Aug19-14 02:12 PM
1 529
Some time ago I reached to this conclusion that any philosophical system (a self-consistent set of propositions)...
Aug19-14 02:03 PM
1 583
Today is a 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising: In short:...
Aug6-14 11:41 AM
4 733
Hi. A decade years ago, I read that today's Japanese firms such as mitsubishi comes from Japanese families coming from...
Aug4-14 06:30 AM
1 670
Fisherman nets 4,000-year-old pagan figurine ...
Jul29-14 01:22 AM
4 2,637
In fifteen days, America will be celebrating Christopher Columbus's arrival in 1492. Does it deserve to be...
Jul26-14 01:23 AM
4 8,912
I'm looking for some kind of reference/guide book for the U.S. constitution. I actually don't know exactly what I'm...
Jul19-14 06:29 PM
11 3,233
anyone have any good books or info on the origins of shambhala before I get it tattooed on myself?:confused: been...
Jul8-14 11:25 PM
George Jones
2 2,019
Hi, I want to discuss the non-european members of Warsaw, Pact Eastern Bloc and Comecon. For example, whati is the...
Jul1-14 02:28 AM
12 3,145
Yes, yes I did my homework - I googled this and got many results but none seem to answer my query. I am not a...
Jun27-14 07:15 AM
41 20,325
The official name was the National Socialist Democratic Workers Party. However this is of no use. They certainly...
Jun24-14 05:46 PM
35 11,801
Stop by every day to see a fun historical science fact for that day.
Jun15-14 09:00 AM
Greg Bernhardt
14 2,951
In this article from City Journal, the writer Heather MacDonald states the following: "The American Founders drew on...
Jun9-14 04:19 AM
19 8,106
why do we have an all seeing eye on the dollar bill?
Jun3-14 02:54 PM
1 2,505
Although it is usually stated and taught that Maxwell developed pretty faithfully Faraday's views and experimental...
Jun3-14 12:25 AM
7 2,763
Hello, In my investigation of colonies in the new world, I noticed the trend that the only nations that had...
May26-14 11:07 PM
16 3,028
I might be considered a crackpot for asking this question, so please don't make jokes out my question. I simply...
May21-14 07:25 PM
7 2,737
Thursday (May 16) was the birthday of one of the first well-known female mathematicians of the Western world. Maria...
May17-14 04:50 AM
2 6,864
I've got a term paper due in a couple of weeks and I need to find a historical physicist to write it about. The paper...
May13-14 10:26 PM
Vanadium 50
3 2,579
May 11, 2014 is the centennial of the death of Daniel De Leon (1852-1914), the prominent North American socialist of...
May10-14 03:43 PM
0 2,550
Why is separation of earth and sky so common in different mythologies around the world? EDIT: Sorry about my poor...
May8-14 01:52 AM
31 6,517
Galileo was convicted of heresy and blasphemy for his heliocentric model. However, during the trial, wouldn't...
Dec30-13 07:08 PM
27 26,346
1. Alexander the Great 2. Frederick the Great 3. Napoleon Bonaparte 4. Julius Caesar 5. Hannibal
Dec12-13 04:39 PM
80 68,602
Most of the wars and battles that took place happened because of fight for natural resources, right? Could these wars...
Dec1-13 08:30 AM
11 9,148
I listened to NPR's Freshair program last night. The host, Terry Gross, interviewed author Stephen Kinzer about his...
Oct17-13 06:26 PM
2 5,268
This subject was inspired by When the USA Two Party System Broke Down, but I didn't want to clutter that thread with...
Sep29-13 03:54 PM
1 7,266
This topic is about history of physics so I decided to post it in general physics section but it would be nice to have...
Sep25-13 06:46 AM
3 7,903
1852! Slavery had been a big issue for decades and wasn’t getting resolved. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published that...
Sep25-13 06:33 AM
10 9,552
Hey. I'm currently studying philosophy of physics and was looking around to find something I need. Basically I'm...
Sep24-13 10:01 PM
20 12,515
I just finished Reza Aslan's Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth. It takes the view of examining the life...
Sep20-13 07:28 PM
71 33,743
(This was split off from this thread - ) I have for many, many...
Aug22-13 04:03 PM
50 20,678
the rivers he crossed while carrying a rifle. Frank Moore is a long time family friend. He is a second father to both...
Aug22-13 02:27 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 5,347
The Battle of Gettysburg was the decisive battle of the American Civil War, fought from July 1 to July3, 1863 just...
Aug12-13 10:31 PM
13 7,591
I just finished reading this book: which...
Jul19-13 08:10 PM
2 6,751
I just got done reading, "A Study in Scarlet," the very first Sherlock Holmes story (novella). In it, Doyle...
Jul9-13 12:43 AM
Simon Bridge
11 7,138

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