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Just like the title says, how many languages can you speak? Actually fluent in, not counting bits and pieces. 1,2,3 or...
Jan28-14 07:31 PM
95 47,525
history, references Sticky Thread Pinned: History References ( 1 2)
There is a thread about references in every forum, so i will start by posting this. Feel free to add to this list...
Jan22-13 09:22 PM
34 28,420
literature, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Literature Resources ( 1 2)
I have some decent links that are worth sharing. First off, the Perseus Project is an absolute must-have. You can...
Jul25-11 07:43 PM
24 22,095
I am a physics teacher. I noticed that in my class there are several students who claimed that Hitler did not commit...
Oct20-12 02:36 PM
9 5,227
When I was English class in either the 7th or 8th grade, my English teacher told the class that there was a famous...
Oct12-12 09:47 PM
2 5,197
Knowing a poem by heart often seems to make it special, something that can come to mind when I'm alone walking in the...
Oct1-12 07:23 PM
20 13,894
Edit: I wish this message board would let me edit the title, but it won't. I should have titled this "Shakespeare...
Sep15-12 04:04 PM
40 13,060
I haven't found an English page of this yet but this is the gist. Two weeks ago a bird watcher found the remains of...
Aug18-12 05:12 PM
1 3,489
Infrared satellite survey reveals 17 lost pyramids Work for years to come. Maybe we can change jobs.
Aug15-12 01:03 PM
6 4,515
Unbelievable difference: "...dated to 44,000 years ago, about twice as old as widely believed..."
Jul31-12 01:24 PM
1 3,782
I knew that Heisenberg did not emigrate when the Nazis took power, but I was shocked to learn that he tried to help...
Jul29-12 08:23 PM
12 4,627
This is incredible. This archaeological find predates Stonehenge and the Great pyramids by 6,000 years and makes...
Jul29-12 08:25 AM
109 28,366
Fossil From Last Common Ancestor Of Neanderthals And Humans Found In Europe, 1.2 Million Years Old...
Jul29-12 07:35 AM
34 18,821
The weak force was not discovered until 1953 or thereabouts so that pretty much made Einstein's attempt to unify all...
Jul27-12 07:31 AM
1 3,229
Karl Friedrich Gauss German mathematician and astronomer (17771855) Gauss received a doctoral degree in mathematics...
Jul25-12 04:33 PM
4 3,326
At least that's what it seems. Nilequeen posted that earlier somewhere. story This seems equally interesting: ...
Jul25-12 03:57 PM
4 2,946
For most of my life I thought that 200 years ago, people who didn't have ready access to a water well or a spring...
Jul4-12 07:18 AM
10 7,307
Iron Age coins discovered in Jersey after 30-year search...
Jul4-12 07:16 AM
2 3,108
In another thread, Mormonator mentioned poetry about particle physics. This reminds me of John Updike's Neutrino poem ...
Jun13-12 07:25 PM
75 40,001
King of Prussia is located in suburban Philadelphia near Valley Forge. Its name referrers to Frederick the Great, but...
Jun10-12 03:26 PM
SW VandeCarr
7 4,256
Watch this video ( and puke! This guy says that the English language...
Jun3-12 03:22 AM
1 3,135
Along the Motala, a major waterway since time immemorial, with signs of habitation going back 7000 years, the...
Jun3-12 02:13 AM
0 3,005
Edgar Allan Poe is considered the father of all modern detective fiction and I see from reading more of his work that...
May28-12 01:35 PM
8 3,997
A new book in the history of science. ...
May21-12 09:38 AM
79 29,453
Here's a leaflet which was distributed over Germany and Poland, apparently during the year 1944 (as it refers to the...
May19-12 11:18 PM
3 3,461
Does anyone know England's involvement in the Treaty of the Pyrenees, i.e. in the Spanish-French extension of the...
May9-12 12:31 AM
SW VandeCarr
1 3,333 The study was published in...
Apr18-12 09:39 PM
3 4,546
Today, it was revealed in Scandinavian papers that about 6000 silver coins, the oldest from about 1040, was found on...
Apr11-12 06:19 AM
6 4,105
Hi, I'm a bit of a history nerd, and especially when it comes to World War II. I was wondering if you guys knew of any...
Apr6-12 10:03 PM
3 5,520
To be fair, the vignettes are really only about the French and English, but they are interesting and might inspire...
Apr6-12 11:06 AM
0 3,610
rand Ayn Rand ( 1 2)
I am fully aware that there was a previous thread on Ayn Rand which was locked because the community digressed into a...
Apr3-12 05:47 PM
John Creighto
24 11,084
America made a lot of enemies so they need a powerful military -or- America has a powerful military so they made a...
Mar30-12 07:48 PM
21 5,626
How similar is this old idea to the idea of the "big bang"/"big crunch"? "According to Empedocles, all matter...
Mar27-12 10:59 PM
John Creighto
0 2,675
As a child I was always freaked when I saw videos or photos of voodoo majick of witch doctors using shrunken heads. ...
Feb5-12 04:21 PM
5 5,660
In your opinion, who were the best-worst presidents? I consider the following factors: 1. I make sure I am as...
Feb5-12 12:19 AM
SW VandeCarr
1 5,095
What would be the total contribution from Einstein's theory of relativity?
Jan12-12 07:34 AM
8 5,502
According to my newspaper, today is the traditional date of the birthday of Joan of Arc in 1412. It's generally...
Jan7-12 03:17 PM
SW VandeCarr
11 6,425
Hello, I had heard from a friend that during World War II, Japan had openly broadcasted over the radios about...
Jan2-12 04:02 PM
SW VandeCarr
1 5,018
Monarchy I will define as a system of government where the leaders are succeeded by their children or other family...
Dec24-11 07:19 PM
21 8,637
There are all these Feynman YouTubes. Does anybody have a full listing? Or a favorite 10 or 20 of them? Can you list...
Nov16-11 09:21 PM
1 4,939
The invasion of Normandy was very bloody and as detailed in Saving Private Ryan very brutal with many casualties. My...
Nov9-11 02:08 AM
7 5,721
Just another great video on youtube. Thought it was worth sharing. Sorry if it's a bit too sentimental or emotional....
Oct25-11 05:11 AM
4 8,207
Just heard this line on a TV show that's been known to mix fact and fiction. When they do mention facts, however,...
Oct20-11 12:24 PM
9 6,174

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