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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
Just like the title says, how many languages can you speak? Actually fluent in, not counting bits and pieces. 1,2,3 or...
Jul31-14 01:57 AM
112 68,123
history, references Sticky Thread Pinned: History References ( 1 2)
There is a thread about references in every forum, so i will start by posting this. Feel free to add to this list...
Jan22-13 09:22 PM
34 35,518
literature, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Literature Resources ( 1 2)
I have some decent links that are worth sharing. First off, the Perseus Project is an absolute must-have. You can...
Jul25-11 07:43 PM
24 28,169
While visiting Bulgaria, I got to see some old Europan history going back almost to 0 CE. However, I also learned...
Nov30-07 01:01 PM
2 4,302
even in this time, when nothing really shocks us, we see more and more artists, who give the name "art" to abstract...
Nov30-07 08:11 AM
16 4,961 Mythology comes to life. Italian...
Nov25-07 08:18 PM
Chris Hillman
4 2,586
First of all, the history is fascinating with the Byzantine Empire juxtaposed between the Roman Empire and the Middle...
Nov13-07 03:29 PM
9 3,796
The Palimpsest The History of the Archimedes Manuscript. ...
Jul2-07 09:48 AM
16 3,392 DNA tests are planned.
Jun27-07 05:28 PM
0 1,971
Have you ever noticed that people with recessive alleles were considered (or considered themselves) superior. ...
Jun18-07 03:44 PM
8 4,067
Civilisations tend to emerge when the conditions are right for that, they tend to build some impressive structures...
May10-07 11:27 AM
jim mcnamara
25 5,300
I was just reading the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines, which tell application developers how to make their...
Apr12-07 02:54 AM
3 2,243
Unearthed by Hadrians wall Northumberland, dozens of minature warriors the size of action men have been found along...
Apr1-07 01:36 PM
4 2,004
If paintings were not put in rectangular frames but in triangular or hexagonal or circular frames what difference...
Mar30-07 10:37 AM
4 2,982
I have been interested in learning Italian for quite a long time and I have finally decided to take the plunge! I have...
Mar26-07 03:30 AM
0 2,955
Hunt for lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting to resume in Florence Well - a real mystery.
Mar21-07 12:08 PM
13 4,788
The European Renaissance concurs with the transition in climate from the Medieval Warm Period to the Little Ice Age. A...
Mar9-07 05:31 PM
1 3,479 Here is a history of how towns and villages developed, interesting use of...
Mar6-07 09:52 PM
5 6,009 Slaughterhouse Five is an excellent movie. ...
Mar4-07 10:57 AM
ray b
1 3,544
All three authors have had a profound influence in literature and Theodore Geisel had a profound influence in...
Mar2-07 07:59 PM
1 4,110
I may be on the wrong section, but I'll give it a try nonetheless. I have to make an exhaustive research of the battle...
Feb28-07 03:34 PM
Schrodinger's Dog
6 1,884
Is there a prose English translation anyone could recommend?
Feb13-07 08:29 PM
Buckshot Shorty
0 2,217
we are currently studying russia in history, particularly the 1905 and 1917 revolutions, as well as war communism...
Jan30-07 11:51 AM
1 1,941
I have always been fascinated by Greek history and the juxtaposition with Roman, Persian and Turkish history. Greece...
Jan13-07 08:37 AM
20 4,995
"The pages of a medieval prayer text also contain words of ancient Greek engineer Archimedes. It takes high-tech...
Jan5-07 06:52 AM
6 2,467
Hello everybody.. I just came across a question: Does literature tell the truth better than any visual arts like...
Dec29-06 03:08 PM
7 4,400
I think this subject goes well here though it may have a bit of an S&D flavour. I've always been fascinated by...
Dec20-06 05:34 PM
Ivan Seeking
12 2,941
Does any know where I can find poetry from the ancient Greek civilization? --thanks.
Dec19-06 08:37 PM
3 3,399
Dec10-06 12:26 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,471
gogh Van Gogh ( 1 2) The sadness will last forever, a fascinating story of man and...
Dec8-06 04:09 PM
18 2,999
It's frightening to see that there are groups of people that want to hide reality from the populace. I hope the...
Dec3-06 01:40 PM
1 1,660
Evo reminded me that last year some PF folk observed October 12 by recalling the role of discoveries in history As...
Oct30-06 09:12 AM
6 2,221
Why did Britain occupied HongKong in the 19th century economically, politically, and socially? What was some of the...
Oct29-06 11:44 AM
2 2,285
can anyone tell me when humans first used clear time divisions of day, night, I do not mean terms like sun up or sun...
Oct17-06 12:45 AM
2 1,496
Do you have a favorite translation? And what do you like about that particular translation? To give people that...
Oct6-06 01:49 PM
12 1,977
The 27th International Congress of Geneology and Heraldry has just concluded in St. Andrews, Scotland. See their...
Sep30-06 03:18 PM
0 1,654
Lebanon's Ruins Survive Recent Bombings...
Aug28-06 10:48 PM
0 3,743
Through out the centuries civilizations have waxed and waned, the Roman empire, the Aztecs, the egyptian pyramid...
Aug17-06 09:30 AM
jim mcnamara
38 4,090
References are introduced in the discussions with regard to Islam, given the conflicts raging in Iraq and Lebanon, and...
Aug13-06 08:14 AM
0 2,993
Aug6-06 03:00 PM
1 1,980
Any links to how this was used in every day speech ?
Jul10-06 01:26 AM
8 1,718
I recently noticed in an article about Chernobyl that it was spelled Chornobyl. I conjecture that this is because the...
Jul8-06 05:22 PM
2 2,199
OUTERSPACE!! Timesonline I guess the aliens did build the pyraminds:biggrin:
Jun25-06 07:12 PM
1 2,012

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