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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
history, references Sticky Thread Pinned: History References ( 1 2)
There is a thread about references in every forum, so i will start by posting this. Feel free to add to this list...
Jan22-13 09:22 PM
34 35,533
Just like the title says, how many languages can you speak? Actually fluent in, not counting bits and pieces. 1,2,3 or...
Jul31-14 01:57 AM
112 68,166
literature, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Literature Resources ( 1 2)
I have some decent links that are worth sharing. First off, the Perseus Project is an absolute must-have. You can...
Jul25-11 07:43 PM
24 28,192
A good start - September 18, 96: Nerva was appointed by the Senate to...
Sep4-08 05:47 PM
28 6,237
An interesting site: It is amazing how...
Sep30-05 03:08 PM
5 3,298
It came up in a GD thread that Cronxeh speaks Tatar, which is a Turkic language. Turkic peoples originated in...
Mar12-08 12:12 AM
3 2,544
Some interesting historical facts:
Oct5-05 08:35 PM
0 3,560
- Pick a region - ...
Oct5-05 08:54 PM
1 1,656
Another 61 years and it will be the 1000th anniversary. ...
Oct16-05 11:56 AM
3 4,474
The vast expanse of Russia means and proximity to so many cultures has meant a fascinating and dynamic history. ...
Nov20-05 11:24 AM
1 2,248
We are coming up on the 218 anniversary of Federalist Paper No. 10, written by James Madison -...
Nov20-05 07:52 PM
0 6,031
While visiting Bulgaria, I got to see some old Europan history going back almost to 0 CE. However, I also learned...
Nov30-07 01:01 PM
2 4,304
This is troubling, since the state and federal governements like to tout their successes in education. NY Times,...
Dec20-05 11:40 AM
jim mcnamara
4 1,993 James Owen for National Geographic...
Dec18-05 08:29 AM
10 2,718
I have always been fascinated by Greek history and the juxtaposition with Roman, Persian and Turkish history. Greece...
Jan13-07 08:37 AM
20 4,995
First of all, the history is fascinating with the Byzantine Empire juxtaposed between the Roman Empire and the Middle...
Nov13-07 03:29 PM
9 3,803
Lebanon's Ruins Survive Recent Bombings...
Aug28-06 10:48 PM
0 3,743
from the Writer's Almanac (hosted on the Radio by Garrions Keillor) - - April...
Apr27-06 10:23 AM
0 1,913
The Palimpsest The History of the Archimedes Manuscript. ...
Jul2-07 09:48 AM
16 3,393
References are introduced in the discussions with regard to Islam, given the conflicts raging in Iraq and Lebanon, and...
Aug13-06 08:14 AM
0 2,993
Hunt for lost Leonardo Da Vinci painting to resume in Florence Well - a real mystery.
Mar21-07 12:08 PM
13 4,789 Slaughterhouse Five is an excellent movie. ...
Mar4-07 10:57 AM
ray b
1 3,544
All three authors have had a profound influence in literature and Theodore Geisel had a profound influence in...
Mar2-07 07:59 PM
1 4,110 DNA tests are planned.
Jun27-07 05:28 PM
0 1,971
The origin of the Huns is a mystery and subject of much debate. They originated in the Steppes of Central Asia as did...
Jun9-08 03:21 PM
4 3,510
Ancient Celtic coin cache found in Netherlands...
Nov26-08 10:45 AM
6 2,059
4,300-year-old pharaonic tombs unveiled near Cairo...
Dec23-08 11:31 AM
0 2,667
Huge hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasure uncovered in UK...
Jul10-10 07:20 AM
10 9,056
Historians Reassess Battle of Agincourt ...
Oct31-09 07:44 AM
2 2,788
I stumbled across this biography while reading about Graham Farmelo's biography of Paul Dirac. ...
Dec29-09 03:14 PM
1 3,940
UK treasure hunter finds 52,000 Roman coins ...
Jul10-10 05:02 PM
22 6,194
Lost Civilization May Have Existed Beneath the Persian Gulf ...
Mar13-11 11:58 PM
5 6,352
Interesting historical paper How Nuclear Fission Came to Be Discovered 23 May 1957 by Otto R. Frisch, FRS ...
Dec27-10 01:22 PM
1 3,047
Ancient Tablet Found: Oldest Readable Writing in Europe Found at a site tied to myth, Greek tablet survived only by...
Jun28-11 06:17 PM
9 6,212
I was reading a book and at one time, reading the Story of the Constitution, by Sol Bloom, was required for imigrants...
Aug9-11 02:09 PM
2 5,297
Iron Age coins discovered in Jersey after 30-year search...
Jul4-12 07:16 AM
2 3,371
Thursday (May 16) was the birthday of one of the first well-known female mathematicians of the Western world. Maria...
May17-14 04:50 AM
2 6,601
I listened to NPR's Freshair program last night. The host, Terry Gross, interviewed author Stephen Kinzer about his...
Oct17-13 06:26 PM
2 4,994
Fisherman nets 4,000-year-old pagan figurine ...
Jul29-14 01:22 AM
4 2,390
According to a new historical documentary, Henry VIII underwent a serious personality change following a serious...
Oct21-09 04:01 PM
1 4,273
On 21st of October 1805, history was made when Admiral Lord Nelson defeated Napoleon Bonaparte in the Battle of...
Oct22-09 10:39 AM
1 2,349
A large mud building has been found in Lejre, near Roskilde in Denmark and is believed by archaeologists to be ether a...
Nov10-09 05:12 AM
7 4,488
Female aviation units in Russia excelled and one was even the most decorated regiment in the whole soviet air force. ...
Nov25-09 09:50 PM
3 4,175

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