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Medical Sciences

- Prevention and treatment of disease. Anatomy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
medical, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Medical Resources ( 1 2)
Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 42,348
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 36,567
So today, I got some blood drawn. A few minutes afterwards, while back sitting in the waiting room, I started to pass...
Oct5-08 05:20 PM
Count Iblis
20 166,737
Does reading or studying while listening to music improve or worsen your mental process?
Feb8-11 06:16 AM
25 116,275
Do blind people see blackness? (and before u say, "no theyre blind", please think about it!)
Apr14-14 09:43 AM
53 107,430
Lately I've noticed a black dot in the vision of my right eye (a few weeks now). I'm used to floaters, this is...
Oct25-08 10:29 AM
22 106,552
I remember hearing in the news not that long ago that 'marijuana overdoses' have begun cropping up in hospitals due to...
Aug20-09 07:51 PM
38 86,911 I found this facinating. It seems some people...
Mar30-12 01:56 PM
309 86,103
I've never found any conclusive evidence suggesting that it does. Have there been any independant studies conducted?
Jun30-09 07:18 PM
70 80,568
I found this article, which is relavant to men and some women of 50 yrs or older. Not a Moment Too Soon, I Thought...
Apr18-09 09:00 AM
28 74,168
Why do we sneeze out this yellow stuff, when we have a cold? Does it have to do with bacteria? Are they collected...
Feb13-09 07:50 PM
7 66,712
What kind of short term and long term effects does DMT have on the brain?
Sep24-07 08:46 AM
4 66,524
I am wondering if anyone knows how many disesases have been identified/diagnosed throughout the world. I tried...
Feb28-10 03:13 PM
5 63,935
Almost all the information I find online about cholesterol is that one should ideally have a cholesterol level below...
Feb22-10 09:22 AM
11 57,641
In It's Your Body: A Woman's Guide to Gynecology, it states: I was very surprised to read this. After some...
May18-09 12:51 PM
2 56,158
I have like, the highest amount of anxiety and paranoia possible, I was badly abused in high school and have post...
Feb29-08 08:27 PM
62 54,329
I was out in the bushes this weekend. Monday I managed to get stung hard by a hornet. Much worse than the usual...
Jul3-08 06:55 PM
12 53,539
I am worried that I could be borderline mentally retarded because when I was 17 years old, I took an I.Q. test that...
Sep28-09 08:40 PM
27 50,489
WHat is the worst and formidable disease ever in human history? Why?
Dec18-09 04:46 AM
55 48,135
What Is Asperger Syndrome? By Barbara L. Kirby "Asperger Syndrome or (Asperger's Disorder) is a...
Jun5-12 02:26 PM
139 46,087
We've all had orgasms particuarly the sexual kind. I want to know what causes an orgasm. Is it just mental and nerve...
Jan12-08 12:14 AM
17 45,975
I have this mole, and it looks like skin cancer and Im getting it looked at on the 5th, I went into see my doctor...
Mar12-08 02:56 PM
5 44,604
Does any one know the risks etc associated with the human rabies shot? Also, why is there a world wide shortage? I...
Mar25-11 04:47 PM
33 43,996
so, when measuring blood pressure, if you use a cuff that's too large for the patient, you get an incorrectly low...
Oct3-08 07:48 PM
5 43,288
Does anyone know what happens to the internal and external body temperature during and after exercise? I think that...
Nov29-07 08:47 AM
10 41,830
What happens when you mix lemon juice with olive oil, and place both in a mild hydrochloric acid solution (such as...
Mar24-10 02:59 PM
10 40,393
Crooked teeth? No problem at all. We invented braces to fix that. Your breasts don't have the size/shape/firmness...
Aug16-14 02:37 AM
Saxon Violence
34 39,676
Isn't the main difference between a computer and the human brain this: a computer uses a programme to process data...
Mar29-07 09:43 PM
8 38,736
I don't understand how specific areas of the brain can contain gray or white matter. The definition of gray matter is...
Jul29-05 07:32 AM
5 38,661
the 19th century German Philosopher Wilhelm von Humboldt claimed that language was directly connected to thinking ...
Jan18-09 10:04 PM
110 38,369
Yeah I was told by a friend we only used 90% of our brains? Is this true?
Jun5-08 01:21 PM
22 37,314
The 15 July 2005 issue of Science has an interesting article regarding something called anosognosia. It seems...
Sep13-05 12:06 AM
81 36,378
For as long as I can remember I have had this sensation (and before you ask, I am not smoking anything). The feeling...
Aug26-10 04:36 AM
84 35,304
Hey guys, what is that ringing sound we hear in our head? I read in a taoist book that if we concentrate on it, it...
Oct8-07 10:46 AM
9 34,669
I apologize if threads on this topic have been posted already. I don't frequent the medical sciences forum. My...
Jan31-12 01:36 PM
16 34,038
Friday morning I was sitting at my desk when I felt this burning sensation in my left hand. Suddenly the middle joint...
Jun28-10 11:20 AM
11 34,022
I may have a herniated disc in my spine. I am currious by what actions the body repairs the disc? Is the ruptured...
Aug10-11 03:59 AM
4 33,743
I've been suffering with this for a week and finally went to the doctor yesterday (can't move my neck or raise my...
Dec20-09 08:53 PM
19 33,526
What is it in our brains that makes us enjoy music?
Sep14-11 09:46 AM
19 33,477
We're told in school that the only way to catch an STD is to have intimate relations with someone who's already...
Dec4-10 11:51 AM
15 32,559
About ten years ago I began to experience leg cramps and sciatic pain in conjuction with moderate to severe bouts of...
Mar30-08 03:37 PM
16 32,395
How do orgasms work? I know how humans can get them, but: 1) How would one describe what what is? 2)...
May4-03 02:24 PM
10 32,198

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