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Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 33,446
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 32,434
Is there a permanent non damaging solution to flooded sinuses? Like a surgery to core out the sinuses? Is anyone...
Jun7-11 06:44 AM
8 7,943
Ok, so one problem with space is that bones lose mass, making them weak. Could one way around this (and osteoperosis...
Jun7-11 03:56 AM
1 1,582
hi the venous pressure is typically about 5mm Hg describe a method to measure this pressure
Jun6-11 02:44 PM
3 1,574
I have a friend who has autism. I like to talk to him, but every time we do he always freaks out and has these little...
Jun6-11 06:29 AM
4 2,293
I believe I read somewhere that roughly 1 in every 2 (half) of ALL people will develop some form of cancer within...
Jun3-11 10:43 PM
29 7,998
hi,plz how much does the blood pressure in your brain increase when you change from a standing position to your head
May29-11 07:42 AM
4 2,866
So I know this might sound a bit silly, but why can't I control my body :cry: No, really! Today I knew I had to...
May27-11 06:08 PM
22 4,906
I am very curious about how people think in words alone for a long time and am hoping that some of you here can...
May26-11 03:50 PM
26 12,104
Why is there permanent muscle loss from space travel? Is this general muscle atrophy or specific to certain muscles...
May26-11 12:00 PM
2 2,232
Usually when I have colds, I eat french fries and they seem to go away within a couple of days. Problem is, it only...
May25-11 08:19 PM
5 3,197
I have confined the title to cancer, but really I am thinking about anything which decreases life-span or supresses...
May24-11 10:49 AM
4 2,774
OK, what is the difference between the experiences of 1. A person in a dreamless sleep. 2. An organism without a...
May23-11 06:35 PM
90 8,981
Responses from physicians, scientists, or PF members sought and welcomed.
May23-11 06:52 AM
10 8,041
If anyone has knowledge about how xrays are produced from xray machines could you please help me. Any information...
May23-11 06:41 AM
2 3,316
Is there such a thing as a cancer of erythrocytes? Just seems like it would be likely to happen but have never heard...
May21-11 01:48 AM
SW VandeCarr
1 3,536
Who here suffers from kidney stones? I have been passing them from time to time since I was 30. I started out slowly,...
May20-11 01:57 PM
Jimmy Snyder
100 28,329
Today a colleague asked if I could donate some blood for an experiment. I said no problem and had 10 tubes of 4ml...
May19-11 07:10 AM
14 3,446
Just been revising radiation for an upcoming exam, and was wondering which form of radiation, \alpha, \beta or \gamma...
May17-11 08:37 AM
11 3,515
On 14 October 1953 a ~10kt atomic bomb was tested by the British at a site in South Australia known as Emu Field, the...
May16-11 11:45 PM
3 2,247
How would/could direct sunlight cause a reocurrence of an urushiol-type rash almost a year after first notice? Does...
May13-11 08:22 AM
12 3,909
OK I have a few questions about sleep. What do you feel when you sleep? I read somewhere that being asleep is...
May12-11 08:22 AM
34 5,233
I think we badly need some new terminology for substances that have biological effects. We need more general words for...
May11-11 11:58 PM
Proton Soup
1 2,347
Hello, I am doing research that involves the simulation of the slice select sequence in MRI using COMSOL...
May10-11 10:34 AM
0 1,410
I recently went on a 5 day cruise and i noticed my facial hair seemed to stop growing. I was wondering if their is any...
May9-11 10:31 PM
0 1,770
Hello! This is my first post, I am Salome from Georgia. I'm medical student interested in endocrinology, so please...
May9-11 12:11 PM
0 1,905
I apologize if this is the wrong section. I just have an inquiry concerning research on the safety of parabens, such...
May7-11 06:04 PM
Soaring Crane
0 1,394
Greetings, I am trying to find out if what is called "synthetic" blood, HBOC-201, is manufactured, or if every...
May5-11 09:16 PM
0 5,026
At atomic level, can someone clarify how memory is stored in the brain..
May5-11 03:55 AM
12 28,989
Hi, I have been trying to figure out how MRI scanners work but am getting a bit confused and wondered if someone...
May4-11 04:16 PM
14 10,741
So I've been dedicating this year to my health, and I need to take care of my allergy problem. Does anyone know how...
May4-11 04:09 PM
4 5,333
I remember hearing somewhere that the body undergoes a series of detoxification phases as you sleep. The body can...
May4-11 03:54 PM
8 8,600
Our neighbor has a noisy dog and a Sportster. Niether is louder than the other or actually very loud at all. I...
May4-11 02:04 PM
3 1,293
Does light drinking (2 glasses per day) in men alter testosterone levels? There seems to be quite a bit of research...
May3-11 05:58 PM
2 6,193
I've been requested to "get a medical examination that includes a blood test to certify that you are physical capable...
May2-11 09:19 PM
2 2,031
Hello all. I'm looking for a book possibly written by an MD but most likely written by a Ph.D. I believe published...
Apr28-11 07:11 PM
1 2,787
I just finished watching the documentary "Fat Head" and I was very surprised (and confused) about the outcome. Long...
Apr28-11 06:22 PM
1 2,562
In the 1970s Daniel C. Dennett, Smart Dude, provided an interesting alternative hypothesis to the one that dreams are...
Apr27-11 03:54 PM
57 8,562
Do dreams have meanings? Are dreams visions for the future, a past life? Or are they just images that our...
Apr27-11 01:16 PM
18 2,823
An article in Scientific American states: The original paper can be found here. In another article, they...
Apr27-11 11:21 AM
58 13,957
Why is the method of hypothermia used during an open heart surgery?
Apr26-11 09:57 AM
0 1,714

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