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Medical Sciences

- Prevention and treatment of disease. Anatomy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
medical, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Medical Resources ( 1 2)
Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 40,173
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 35,471
They also report that normal mice don't get smarter from the drug. Looks like there is hope for people with mental...
Mar19-07 07:16 AM
3 3,202
Hi everyone, Does anyone know any good trick out there that can improve your memory? For instance, any...
Mar16-07 06:23 PM
33 10,713
No matter what i do to prevent something that i am in control of i still do it. For example, biting nails... Why do...
Mar16-07 02:27 PM
3 2,052
Hello, I'd be glad to know your comments on this thread in metaphysics forum. ...
Mar15-07 04:38 AM
0 1,673
How do you react to any new piece of information presented to you? I generally get pictures in my mind. I thought...
Mar13-07 12:21 PM
3 1,574
Everytime i write down something the thing that is in my mind is right, but what i wrote down is completely different....
Mar11-07 09:31 AM
8 5,250
I'm wondering if I have some sort of medical condition, if there's any term for this... or if it's just something...
Mar8-07 07:32 AM
16 4,527
I'm looking for a published paper I can reference that indicates neurons interact classically (ie: no quantum...
Mar4-07 09:00 PM
4 2,389 Title : Better 'bionic eye'...
Mar4-07 01:14 PM
1 2,187
I was watching a video on Carl Jung and an interview with him. He said that archetypes are passed down from...
Mar3-07 04:32 PM
4 2,427
can anyone tell me how is the expiry date of a medicine determined?
Feb26-07 02:39 PM
1 12,663
The brain is supposed to be the most sophisticated piece of electronics. It can do things we can't dream with our...
Feb21-07 12:01 AM
5 2,008
The other day i was looking at a big illuminated wall on the side of a casino. The light came from inside the wall and...
Feb17-07 01:14 PM
3 3,012
Hey all, It seems that my grandmother may have cancer :frown: We dont know for sure as yet. Because of the poor...
Feb17-07 12:47 PM
1 1,370
Recently, someone pointed me toward this news report, which I have cross referenced (only to find that everyone got...
Feb17-07 07:43 AM
3 1,803
This is something strange that has baffeled scientist. Several times a day, for several days, you induce pain in...
Feb15-07 06:24 PM
4 6,468 Interesting lectures. -- AI
Feb14-07 10:49 AM
0 2,539
1. do different people have different dreams? 2. how often does one dream? 3.what affects the dreams that one has?...
Feb13-07 04:31 PM
1 3,189
Curious question, but If you listened to recordings of words you have to memorize, would It help if you fell asleep...
Feb12-07 09:44 PM
8 2,779
It is my strongest belief that human-level AI will never exist. Here is my reasoning: There are two ways in which to...
Feb12-07 02:51 AM
19 2,788
Since our species is the only one that science and technology has really blossomed to such a degree, I'd think...
Feb12-07 01:50 AM
2 1,817
I'm having a bit of trouble distinguishing between procedural knowledge and propositional knowledge. Particularly in...
Feb10-07 10:29 AM
2 8,779
Greetings, I was wondering what Freud said about the formation of the ego. Like the time of childhood it develops and...
Feb8-07 09:24 PM
Chaos' lil bro Order
2 2,577
We all know we have 5 sense. But I wanna know do we have 6. Besides the 5 known there's another one......balance. The...
Feb7-07 10:54 AM
15 2,796
- Its Profound Effects Interesting! Seems...
Feb7-07 10:40 AM
0 3,598
I believe there is a very strong, even key connection between the functions of our primative brain and human...
Feb3-07 10:13 PM
6 1,691
I'm trying to understand the role of Serotonin. DOes it cause you o be awake? IS it the sole thing that gives us...
Feb2-07 02:03 PM
4 2,751
This is a video about and made by an autistic woman named Amanda Baggs. - the first part shows how she communicates...
Feb2-07 02:01 PM
1 4,468
Ok, so I keep hearing about how you can only do something with a psychology degree if you hold a PhD. However, I love...
Jan30-07 05:19 PM
3 1,520
I wanna know whaqt chemicals can cause you to hallucinate naturally. DMT is released from The Pineal Gland and can...
Jan30-07 05:02 PM
10 2,912
Jan27-07 04:39 PM
31 4,460
My psychiatrist has diagnosed me with both depression (low dopamine) and schizophrenia (high dopamine) and has me on...
Jan25-07 08:08 PM
Chaos' lil bro Order
14 6,443
I only have limited knowledge about cancer but to my understanding it is a (disease??) where there is a mutation...
Jan25-07 01:52 AM
4 1,624
i have started reading about brain waves.......... so i am just a newbie here.......there were certain questions i had...
Jan23-07 03:11 AM
0 1,600
Jan20-07 05:12 PM
Ivan Seeking
0 1,829
Has any experiment been conducted that shows a human fetus (or even an embryo) having the ability to express itself...
Jan19-07 11:30 PM
13 4,771
Hello all, I am doing a high-school grade science fair on the effects of aging on synesthesia. Well, at least...
Jan18-07 07:17 PM
1 2,505
Does anyone know about FOrmula 303? I'm thinking of taking it. It's an anti stress/muscle relaxer. Do you kno wof any...
Jan14-07 10:47 PM
8 20,074
Has anybody read Jeff Hawkins „On intelligence“? I found it a fascinating read and his proposed ideas very...
Jan14-07 10:06 AM
16 3,681
Hi there, I was wondering what modern psychology has to say about the formation of the ego. Is it thought to be...
Jan13-07 03:14 AM
Chaos' lil bro Order
34 6,000

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