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Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 33,287
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 32,355
The show is called 'horizon' and is on tv tonight on BBC2: Now how do we know she isnt a sadistic psychopath...
Jun15-06 12:35 PM
6 1,793
Recently, the subject of this autistic teenager scoring 20 points in ~4 minutes has been prevalent in the news. ...
Jun9-06 08:21 PM
6 8,950
Hi I have just received a high density electrocap for recording eeg -signals and discovered that the cable that leads...
Jun8-06 12:16 AM
1 1,826
0.01 us? 1 ms? 2 ms? 5 ms? 7 ms? 10 ms? 20 ms? 40 ms? 80 ms? 160 ms?
Jun4-06 11:15 PM
4 7,510
Can familiarity be explained by neurons or the brain ? how can that be ?
Jun4-06 07:51 AM
3 1,446
I only have a vague idea of how the brain and MRI work but from my understanding the brain uses electric impusles and...
May28-06 03:09 PM
eeka chu
4 1,156
Religious people believe in NDEs but there's debate in Science. They say it's just a hallucination. What if you're...
May27-06 02:44 PM
13 3,280
Does Anyone Know Were I Can Find Information On Studies That Analyze The Interaction Between Tv Electromagnetic Waves...
May24-06 07:48 PM
0 2,368
There is a terrific post at Gene Expression:...
May22-06 10:25 AM
0 1,000
How we think is a question for science, but it's also relevant for philosophy of mind. In this thread I want to see...
May20-06 02:36 PM
1 1,342
FDA Panel Endorses Cervical Cancer Vaccine FDA Panel: Vaccine Protects Against a Cancer...
May18-06 11:16 PM
Math Is Hard
1 1,138
Does getting addicted/tolerant to one of them make you necessarily addicted/tolerant to others? I'm on bupropion to...
May15-06 01:13 AM
4 3,646
I have always wondered about something as i went along through my studies. I was wondering what would happen if you...
May12-06 02:14 PM
matthew baird
9 1,728
The other thread's locked, but an interesting paper I read recently investigated the link between memory function in...
May11-06 12:31 AM
4 3,251
Last updated: 1/30/06 Welcome to the Mind & Brain Sciences Journal Club! In this club, interested members of the...
May7-06 11:17 PM
19 3,755
A Very basic and simple thing I don't know for sure: Would you please tell me if an animal(including men) has instinct...
May7-06 11:00 AM
5 1,873
Hey everyone, I'm looking for a gift for my sister. She's educated, but not a biologist. She wants a book about the...
May6-06 11:05 AM
6 2,205
Can anyone refer me to some website where they mention something about the relation of colours and psychology? And if...
May5-06 10:01 PM
4 2,194
There's a paper out in Nature claiming experiments that demonstrate European starlings show evidence of a recursive...
May5-06 01:27 PM
2 1,143
I think the major obstacle to chemical evolution is to explain controlled cell growth. I do not know of a reason why,...
May4-06 09:22 PM
5 1,773
Is there any place to put up posts on neural networks? _____________________________________________________...
May1-06 01:44 PM
1 1,599
Hello, I'm wondering whether heavy electromagnetic stimulations of neurons can cause our brain to stop working at...
May1-06 10:38 AM
6 1,652
Generally, Brain Plasticity is studied more often in children than adults. Their neurons are still much more flexible...
Apr30-06 01:29 PM
13 4,706 An almond-shaped cluster of...
Apr25-06 08:06 AM
6 2,473
Still working on that project on Scientific Racism. All in all, I have come to a conclusion: (Please state your...
Apr18-06 10:55 AM
7 4,866
I'm writing a research paper on Autism, and I couldn't find much information on fraternal twins who suffer from...
Apr12-06 11:00 AM
1 1,872
I don t know what is happen to me, but it is getting very discomforting. when i confront something like a problem or...
Apr11-06 03:31 AM
9 1,895
Hello. I've always wondered about the limit to Human's ability to think complexly, and what would be incorporated in...
Apr10-06 10:16 PM
1 3,431
I am new to this forum by the way. I would be gracious to anyone that can shed light to levels of hydrogen in the...
Apr9-06 05:02 PM
1 1,673
I was wondering if the theory of Neural Darwinism So, I read this popularising book, talking about Neural...
Apr9-06 08:42 AM
2 1,899
Having suffered strong depersonalisation and varying degrees of derealisation with anxiety for a month, I'm wondering...
Apr9-06 06:50 AM
14 5,272
So what is this G factor thing with IQ and stuff?
Apr8-06 12:07 AM
1 1,368
Does anyone know what neurogensis is?:bugeye: How is it related to human memory function? ~Kitty
Apr7-06 09:01 PM
14 2,318 Evidence supporting the notion that its best to sleep on big decisions.
Apr4-06 03:48 PM
5 2,731
I would be interested in knowing if "Mozart Effect" is true and can improve your inteligence,intuition and creativity,...
Apr4-06 03:31 PM
12 2,528 Nicolas Wade is a good...
Apr3-06 04:13 PM
5 1,530
Alright so there is this girl. she's around the age which bi-polar disorder starts to develop. Bipolar disorder...
Mar29-06 09:18 AM
13 4,428
Penrose seems to argue that computers will never have minds or understanding as humans do due to Godel's...
Mar29-06 12:04 AM
21 2,781
Is it the ability to apply information from past situations to future situations the main if not only sign of...
Mar27-06 01:27 PM
19 2,444
When i was a kid i read the first book on hitscock the 3 investigators Bob Pete and Jupiter the castle of terror where...
Mar26-06 01:23 PM
1 4,670

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