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Medical Sciences

- Prevention and treatment of disease. Anatomy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition...
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Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 33,243
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 32,326
First, I'm not asking for medical advice; don't get the wrong idea and delete the thread. I've been all around the...
Feb1-14 11:04 AM
2 1,076
Hello everyone I still don't understand crystalloids 1) Lets say someone lost 100 ml of blood due to accident....
Jan27-14 08:04 PM
7 1,128
Hello everyone, I'm trying to understand the basics of orthopaedic fracture management. Tell me if the...
Jan25-14 11:57 PM
0 970
I thought that the brain, specifically the medulla in the lower brain stem, controls heatbeat. But according to what I...
Jan23-14 11:44 AM
6 1,272
FDA: Acetaminophen doses over 325 mg might lead to liver damage I always keep my pain meds to a minimum after...
Jan21-14 03:18 PM
21 2,246
Hey, I was wondering if anyone had read any studies into time perception before or near death, I tried googling it and...
Jan19-14 10:36 AM
8 2,743
Recently I saw the results of an IQ test given with confidence intervals. While I know very well what a confidence...
Jan18-14 03:06 AM
3 995
I was reading this article - which...
Jan16-14 01:05 AM
Monstrous Math
5 2,718
I love my little girl and so does her mom but she needs to understand.
Jan15-14 11:46 PM
Monstrous Math
25 2,432
So I wasn't sure if this is the most appropriate place, but recently I got cut on my palm. So its been about two...
Jan14-14 09:47 PM
1 902
Which one has the more dangerous health effect...ultrasound or infrasound.? and why......
Jan10-14 03:38 AM
5 1,103
Hi all, The issue is that I know someone who cannot hear using his right ear because of an infection happened to...
Jan5-14 10:02 PM
7 1,296
If you are not familiar with Morgellan's, it is a disease where lesions appear on the skin, and then weird fibers...
Jan2-14 05:00 PM
2 1,205
Hello everyone, Why do you need to create an arterio venous fistula for haemodialysis? I don't understand how it...
Dec30-13 01:45 PM
1 1,178
Hello guys, Ok lets say there is a man with fluid in his lungs. You put a chest drain (intercostal tube). How does...
Dec29-13 04:20 AM
4 1,311
Would it be possible to stimulate the production of oxytocin by activating certain brain regions? Perhaps using...
Dec27-13 06:44 PM
2 1,184
About 3years ago I moved to a new place with my parents, and since then I couldn't sleep early. Usually I could only...
Dec24-13 07:07 AM
1 1,108
FDA examining antibacterial soaps, body washes
Dec23-13 07:18 AM
6 1,352 I'm aware that excessive...
Dec22-13 01:49 PM
6 1,361
Hi, If I were given a whole-body X-ray dose daily for many days (a year for example) What would be the highest...
Dec14-13 10:31 AM
2 1,289
The problem concerns peripheral neuropathy during and after taking the drugs. The most common fluoroquinolone is...
Dec11-13 11:55 PM
Greg Bernhardt
28 3,858
I didn't really know what section to put this in but can someone expain to me what this is I experience? Basically I...
Dec11-13 08:06 PM
9 2,182
As i was passing reading tetanus and its causating bacterium ,pathogenesis, ,clinical manisfestations, i found that...
Dec4-13 07:05 PM
SW VandeCarr
1 1,703
At opticians they use slit lamps. Does anyone know if they are safe for the human eye (the light can be bright and...
Dec4-13 12:28 PM
6 1,779
Good night, ‎I am writing once I sincerely need some opinions about which books I should read that introduce...
Dec3-13 03:40 PM
0 1,581
How long would it take for your brain to be permanently damaged after holding your breath? In other words, after how...
Dec2-13 02:39 PM
Julio R
5 2,138
Has anyone used a home DNA testing service? I was looking at 23andme service. The reviews are pretty good and it's...
Dec1-13 05:01 PM
Greg Bernhardt
25 5,729
I recently had a friend on facebook share this website Edit by mentor: link deleted it suggests there's a causal...
Nov29-13 03:07 PM
1 1,814
i wish to know why have plants with exactly required medicinal value has evolved. is there a some sort of lock and...
Nov28-13 02:12 PM
6 2,019
Just looking at the new guidelines, it seems that prescriptions for statins are going to increase above the already...
Nov28-13 11:16 AM
SW VandeCarr
7 2,064
I am seeking information regarding mental health. I am wondering if there is a mental illness, disorder, syndrome,...
Nov22-13 06:57 PM
10 1,956
Had to go to the dentist last week and she prescribed amoxicillin for an infection. This has always worked well for...
Nov20-13 01:35 AM
14 2,087
I came across and article about how the hormone somatostatin can affect intacranial hypertension. After reading this...
Nov18-13 11:25 AM
10 1,647
First of all lemme say about myself...I am a calm reserved type of guy and i started to develop my desire on a girl...
Nov18-13 07:31 AM
1 1,518
I am a medical student and I'm trying to find a good program that will allow me to draw PV loops like this:...
Nov17-13 03:09 AM
5 1,770
I found the following thread on PF: that relates hypertension...
Nov13-13 12:09 PM
9 1,603
First, my sources: McLean hypothesis triune brain:...
Nov9-13 02:07 AM
16 2,773
i have observed that during fever or increased body temperature , serum platelets are reduced. i have seen in...
Nov9-13 12:54 AM
2 1,493
I had a torn retina a few years ago. The procedure to fix it is removing the gel sac and reattaching the retina with a...
Nov8-13 08:21 PM
4 1,812
I have seen that the recommended daily intake of iron for adults is 45 mg/day. I've seen even lower estimates. These...
Nov8-13 12:18 AM
14 1,954

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