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Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 33,257
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 32,338 The Proposed...
Sep28-10 09:50 AM
34 9,754
"Schizoid personality disorder People with SPD are seen as aloof, cold and indifferent, which causes some social...
Jul1-10 09:18 AM
4 8,665
How do orgasms work? I know how humans can get them, but: 1) How would one describe what what is? 2)...
May4-03 02:24 PM
10 31,541
Sometimes I can swear that our pet cat is dreaming in her sleep: her jaw kind of sags, her breathing becomes...
Aug12-05 05:17 PM
9 6,390
Does anyone have insights or a perspective on the possible biological roots of PA behavior (or disorder)? I am not a...
Jan8-06 05:27 AM
12 11,100
Is there a known medical/psychological condition or experience that results in a reversal of the flow of time (e.g.,...
Mar1-08 10:16 AM
29 4,171
Are there published studies on the use of SAMe (S-adenosylmethionine) as a stand-alone antidepressant, other than this...
Feb15-08 06:50 PM
1 1,488
"Tiny magnetic discs just a millionth of a metre in diameter could be used to kill cancer cells, according to a new...
Feb20-10 05:41 PM
7 3,740
The name "phantom limb" implies an external extension of the body. Has a similar phenomenon been reported for...
Apr14-11 03:16 PM
12 7,072
May31-09 09:10 PM
0 1,072
why some people are right handed and some left handed? if it's because of the side of brain that control their...
Feb2-06 03:48 AM
4 2,123
are contact lenses dangerous for eyes? i hate glasses. another question is that is there any contact lenses which are...
Jan8-08 06:50 PM
10 2,296
I only have a vague idea of how the brain and MRI work but from my understanding the brain uses electric impusles and...
May28-06 03:09 PM
eeka chu
4 1,155
When I was 2 years old I contracted pneumococcal menengitis and it destroyed many of the hair cells in my cochlea -...
Jul13-10 02:49 PM
2 2,075
Hello! I'm just beginning some volunteer research work on a project and I've been tasked with finding the partition...
Feb18-14 02:03 PM
3 847
I have confined the title to cancer, but really I am thinking about anything which decreases life-span or supresses...
May24-11 10:49 AM
4 2,767
I know nothing about this science, but i was on mushrooms the other night and came up with an idea.. I've seen...
Nov20-05 08:43 AM
7 2,761
Hello, I am doing research that involves the simulation of the slice select sequence in MRI using COMSOL...
May10-11 10:34 AM
0 1,406
Hi, my AP bio class is going over the nervous system, and brain structure and eventually will be discussing diseases...
Oct31-07 08:49 AM
jim mcnamara
3 3,483
Hi, I was wondering if anybody could point me to where I could find information on neurplasticity? Specifically...
Aug12-08 09:11 PM
3 2,899
An 18-year-old teenager has had to have her stomach removed in an emergency operation after drinking a cocktail...
Oct29-12 06:36 AM
24 5,122
If you get a stroke, what effect does it have on your memory? In other words, do you forget, for example, people you...
Dec9-07 11:07 AM
2 7,349
Hi Ho! Referring to under "Temperament Blends", I would like to...
May28-09 10:21 PM
Math Is Hard
6 5,015
Here's an idea I've been toying with. What would happen if you fed an electrical signal, say a certain radio...
Oct5-09 01:02 PM
5 3,044
Hey I have to do some spectroscopy of whole blood. But I can only get freezed blood. Is freezed blood different from...
Sep7-08 02:41 AM
4 9,917
Just wondering...does anyone here have any infomation to share on brain imprinting? such as transfering memories and...
Oct17-06 09:52 PM
3 2,421
I'm what you would, in the bodybuilding world, call a hardgainer. No matter what I do I can't gain weight. I used to...
Aug27-08 05:34 PM
2 4,977
I find this appalling. How is it that people don't understand the benefits of vacinations and how miniscule...
Oct22-07 11:07 PM
16 4,750
This is rather incredible.
Mar4-08 09:37 AM
20 3,339
I have to get a doppler test done on my left leg. Has anyone had one done? Sounds like it's just a type of...
Mar21-08 08:54 PM
21 2,982
Yes, I'm about to put the FUN in fundoplication. I'm having surgery next Friday to pull my stomach out of my...
Jun26-08 06:21 PM
49 6,037
A thread in philosophy made me think of something I had learned years ago about cell replication and aging and how as...
Jul9-08 11:40 AM
7 2,001
I suffer from serious potassium defiency, the doctor thinks it's due to some of the medication I take for blood...
Apr1-09 11:07 PM
23 9,879
My thread on potassium brought this food faddist to my attention. It just re-emphasizes that people that go down the...
Apr7-09 11:58 AM
Andy Resnick
15 1,820
As a result of my many falls, I have injured my hips, or more specifically my sacroiliac. So today to try to...
Feb16-10 12:21 PM
Proton Soup
12 5,554
I've noticed a number of threads asking about sleep paralysis, and especially loud noises when falling asleep. I...
Oct18-10 11:08 AM
4 3,487
I watched an interesting show on tv about how they are removing cells for organs, such as the heart, lungs, etc... and...
Feb19-11 02:54 PM
17 6,730
This should be a very interesting show. if you can get National Geogrpahic, you might want to tune in Tonight...
Feb9-11 07:17 PM
23 4,543
I am taking a few medications that have *nightmares* listed as the main side effects. I am having a lot of...
Apr12-11 03:43 PM
13 3,153
This is crazy, people would rather risk giving their children chicken pox than a vaccine. This all stems from that...
Nov8-11 02:25 PM
8 2,447

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