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Medical Sciences

- Prevention and treatment of disease. Anatomy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Nutrition...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
medical, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Medical Resources ( 1 2)
Cogprints An electronic archive for self-archive papers in any area pertinent to the study of cognition. PubMed...
Oct19-13 08:33 PM
24 42,235
From time to time, threads are started here describing symptoms and requesting help with a diagnosis of a...
Jan11-09 04:20 AM
1 36,502
Hello everyone! I'm currently a senior in high school (going off to study architecture at either Rensselaer Polytech...
Mar12-10 09:46 AM
2 3,079
Was mercury used as a preservative in vaccines, and if so, in what doses, and is there any evidence that this caused...
Jun20-09 05:59 PM
2 1,462
it turn out that having a cup of worm anise tea is much better and more effective than the drug (Tamiflu):biggrin:....
Jun28-09 03:26 AM
2 2,339
I'm trying to find a source for the HPV demographics by age. The best I found was: The Value of Monitoring Human...
Jul7-09 06:07 PM
John Creighto
2 3,157
apparently the green pills are placebo pills I was going to start taking them when my period started it hasnt started...
Jul8-09 06:47 PM
2 5,840
My mum (51) has recently had a TIA and has been diagnosed with CSVD. She has some dysphasia and memory trouble. She...
Aug26-09 10:41 AM
2 9,955
Isn't perfect (or universal) vaccine as simple as basically an immunity booster vaccine consisting of cloned immunity...
Aug28-09 09:44 PM
2 3,784
Does psychology have the same potential as a healing art as physiology has?
Sep19-09 03:47 PM
2 2,103
My work is considering offering a new test method which measures the effect of two types of fungi on adhesives. This...
Sep29-09 07:38 PM
2 2,243
hello; Sorry probably the thread title is wrong; but I wonder: If loudspeakers (TV?) all day long broadcast...
Oct5-09 11:03 PM
2 2,309
Some years ago i fell from a height to the ground (around 10 feet), right on my back and stopped breathing for some 10...
Oct28-09 11:56 PM
2 3,042
I recently got a series of H2SO4 burns on my arms in the lab because I had dripped some of the acid on the table and...
Nov16-09 06:38 AM
2 4,190
I'm a 28 yr old male & had undescended testicles on birth. A surgery was done at the age of four and half yrs & one...
Dec20-09 08:41 AM
2 1,687
How does the kidneys produce urine; in matter of 'regulation' (?). Is it a flush when required or are they always...
Dec26-09 10:21 PM
2 2,883
Hey guys, That's my first post here, and I couldn't find any other place online where I can ask something like that...
Jan26-10 11:47 PM
2 2,182
Hello How are u ? please help me What is Physical Principle for CT ( Computed Tomography ) ?
Jan4-10 05:19 PM
2 3,664 Doesn't sound like vigorous...
Jan5-10 09:47 PM
2 1,786
Hey guys, I just finished watching the movie As a movie, it wasn't bad,...
Jan15-10 02:37 AM
2 2,042
It's simply common sense that looking directly into the sun is a bad thing, but what about with your eyes shut? I'm...
Feb11-10 08:32 AM
2 2,350
Ok, so I'm sitting here holding my breath--think for a minute and you'll guess why--and I'm just about at that point...
Feb10-10 08:22 AM
2 2,183
I have an ear infection and it is chronic. I went to my doctor and he prescribed some drops. I have put these in at...
Feb16-10 02:23 PM
2 2,529
Besides the obvious fact that heavy drinking even in isolated situations may impact your health, how much of a problem...
Feb24-10 11:32 PM
2 2,230
The drug development pipelines for new antibiotics have been drying up in recent years just as new challenges from war...
Mar2-10 11:59 AM
SW VandeCarr
2 2,392
See here:
Mar15-10 05:46 PM
Count Iblis
2 1,961
I am transferring into radiology next year and am a little weak at math. Can anybody here give me some ideas of what...
Mar21-10 08:55 AM
2 3,618
Dear Dr. Greenman, I have a question wherefor I do not find the way how to post it on the forum. It is related to...
Apr12-10 02:00 PM
2 3,002
Hi, just wondering does anyone know anything about these? For those who don't know, they're drugs (legal, they come...
Apr15-10 12:17 PM
Frame Dragger
2 3,637
Why is it that a rocking motion gives a soothing effect? I guess it has to do something with brain fluids, but no...
Jun15-10 03:41 PM
2 3,270
Following from the “Number Form” thread in GD, and also related to the “Synesthesia” thread in Medical Sciences, here-...
Jun14-10 12:57 PM
2 2,240
i think we've all seen studies saying that having relatives w/ say, breast cancer increases your chances of getting it...
Jun7-10 02:42 PM
2 2,016
Sick of watching these documentaries that don't even remotely explain some things in detail. Like... How is bone...
Jun25-10 03:53 PM
2 4,273
When I was 2 years old I contracted pneumococcal menengitis and it destroyed many of the hair cells in my cochlea -...
Jul13-10 02:49 PM
2 2,228
Dear All, In medical imaging, the pixel intensity of a MR image may represent T1 relaxation time, T2 relaxation...
Aug11-10 09:04 AM
2 5,442
I know that Caffeine gives a boost in the amount of Beta-Waves in the brain, but what does it do to the Synchronicity...
Aug23-10 12:10 PM
2 3,601
Hello, Am Electrical Engineer, and am interseted in the signals generated by the brain and the messages transmitted...
Aug30-10 08:21 PM
2 3,330
Hello everyone, What I just read is for type 1 diabetes mellitus, it requires an environmental factor (eg virus)...
Oct18-10 10:23 PM
2 4,685
I'm not talking about your chances of having it if it runs in your family, because I can see depression and/or anxiety...
Oct19-10 03:02 PM
2 5,060
I have been given an assignment to find out about the applications of modern biophysics in tissue engineering !! I...
Oct25-10 02:55 PM
2 2,822
Hydrogen peroxide is routinely used for cleaning abrasions and lacerations at athletic events where I work or...
Nov15-10 03:16 PM
2 4,024
NY Times article: April 5, 2009 The article is a little dated, but interesting, I had never read it till now. A...
Nov20-10 07:23 PM
2 2,918

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