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Math & Science Learning Materials

- Find tutorials and lessons that teach you step by step. Videos, PDFs etc.
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Mar30-10 Greg Bernhardt
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Please go to this post for help with the current version of LaTeX used at Physics Forums. Note: while the thread...
Jan23-14 08:26 PM
778 592,560
I recently came across a bookmarking site aimed at students: Brainify Student Bookmarking It is not specifically...
Apr11-09 09:06 PM
0 12,512 I found this a few weeks ago and it's a definite gold-mine. It's a relatively new website...
Apr10-08 03:44 PM
0 12,082
Hi All, This is a good repository for FREE OCW links (complete video courses as well), and other online educational...
Dec7-08 08:29 AM
0 11,491
hi, PHers, I found a site: which contain a lot of video lectures and tutorials. There are...
Nov17-08 09:28 PM
1 10,616
Just in case you didn't know, they added a new section of this course on MIT's OCW, with video lectures. The course...
Mar28-08 11:06 PM
0 10,544
Don't know if this has been posted before, but MIT has joined OCW, which is dedicated to providing free information to...
Mar5-07 02:37 PM
0 10,177
Does anyone know of a good science/engineering series, exploring a broad range of topics. Essentially I'm searching...
Mar6-09 04:47 PM
4 10,093
I have just found a new website featuring maths formulas, physics formulas, chemistry formulas. The site is...
Mar4-06 02:05 PM
1 9,902
Hi everyone, Maybe it's useful for someone who are not familar with latex but want to enter complex formulars. I...
Sep29-08 07:53 AM
0 9,548
i hope to open here a thread which resembles tom mattson's physics napster thread but this time about exams in...
Jan5-07 06:37 AM
3 9,242 This looks promising.
Jul1-07 12:46 PM
0 8,869
Watch the atmosphere collapsing a tin at: Watch a bell made of lead...
Sep30-08 03:49 PM
0 8,463
for checking partial fractions, integrals and systems of equations Partial Fractions Integrals Matrix solver ...
Apr21-08 03:27 PM
0 8,429
I want to get some good Math/Physics apps for windows. anyone know any?
Sep22-08 06:24 PM
1 8,384
Hey I am looking for some video tutorials, all are level 1, or freshman level, so nothing to involved. -...
Jul29-08 08:30 PM
2 8,018
I found this site, intended for academic papers sharing, including lecture notes, ebooks and presentations. Links...
Nov17-08 03:34 PM
0 7,786
Feb25-08 05:17 PM
Greg Bernhardt
1 7,745
A growing collection of (now 40+) Windows-executables (work fine under Wine) focusing on math, physics, computer...
Jan22-07 02:17 PM
0 7,580 A series of videos dedicated to improving understanding behind the mathematics of Algebra,...
Jul14-08 07:25 PM
Daniel Y.
0 7,573 wow
Apr13-08 12:14 AM
0 6,964
Simulations include gravity form the space station to the earth moon system. Charge simulations using the Bohr model...
Aug25-08 04:31 PM
0 6,574
Alfred Nobel Symposium (2005) Energy in Cosmos, Molecules and Life
Dec1-08 04:40 PM
0 6,381
Information on drawing Feynman diagrams with LaTeX and METAFONT:
Jun22-08 05:57 PM
0 5,252
Hello friends! I need your help I cannot find any tutorial for the nanotechnologies I need introduction...
Sep20-08 02:49 AM
4 2,263
I thought that these courses notes and problem assingments (midterm also) might be useful for anyone looking for extra...
Sep11-07 09:38 AM
8 2,044

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