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Physics Learning Materials

- All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
This thread is here to organize the many tutorials we have for Introductory Physics, which we take to be any and all...
Oct20-05 04:56 PM
Tom Mattson
3 58,222
This thread is here to organize the many tutorials we have for Advanced Physics, which we take to be any and all...
Oct28-05 03:16 PM
Tom Mattson
5 26,247
Greetings I am not sure if was posted or not but at Yale university website one can find video lectures of the...
Jun15-08 01:51 PM
0 4,129
Jun19-08 07:35 PM
0 7,219
Information on drawing Feynman diagrams with LaTeX and METAFONT:
Jun22-08 05:57 PM
0 5,607
Hey Guys a lot of people were asking me how to prove that centripetal acceleration is v squared over r. Well, i...
Jul5-08 09:30 PM
2 14,123
One of the best sources to learn about a particular subject area in a field of study is to read someone's thesis. In...
Jul10-08 08:55 AM
0 3,296
In this thread, I will explore some elementary concepts in fluid mechanics, starting with the distinction between a...
Jul14-08 02:45 PM
4 7,035
As exam time is right around the corner I'm looking to "brush up" on the cirriculum of my physics 11 course.... I...
Jul29-08 06:55 PM
2 14,498
Jul30-08 09:10 AM
1 13,341
The moderators and Gurus might want some recent “teaching aids”. Perhaps you will want to put some of these into a...
Aug20-08 02:31 AM
1 3,384
According to the reviews on Amazon, it's pretty good. Download it here.
Aug28-08 01:23 AM
1 6,742
Are there any good online physics tutorial sites for students studying junior level mechanics?
Sep7-08 06:58 AM
1 5,097
On this page are loads of e-books from open university courses. They range from the really basic to some final year...
Sep11-08 06:37 AM
0 11,428
Simulations include gravity form the space station to the earth moon system. Charge simulations using the Bohr model...
Sep15-08 09:11 PM
1 6,982
Hello friends! I need your help I cannot find any tutorial for the nanotechnologies I need introduction...
Sep20-08 02:49 AM
4 2,598
I've searched high and low for a terse (yet complete) introduction to the foundations of non-relativistic QM. Shankar...
Sep28-08 08:28 PM
2 7,832
Hi all, I am a software developer and wrote this application just for fun A short synopsis This is a simple...
Sep29-08 10:29 AM
3 13,986
Watch the atmosphere collapsing a tin at: Watch a bell made of lead...
Sep30-08 03:49 PM
0 9,617
I found this site, intended for academic papers sharing, including lecture notes, ebooks and presentations. Links...
Nov17-08 03:34 PM
0 8,792
Alfred Nobel Symposium (2005) Energy in Cosmos, Molecules and Life
Dec1-08 04:40 PM
0 10,476
What "String Theory for Dummies" should have been. Work in progress as time permits ...
Dec5-08 07:57 AM
0 6,381
Is there anything like *crash course* for electrodynamics ?
Dec7-08 08:22 PM
2 5,334
O'Reilly Books have recently released Head First Physics, which is an algebra-based introduction to the mechanics and...
Dec13-08 07:47 AM
2 14,555
heres a link of 9 current mit intro physics videos. i dont know if they...
Dec13-08 03:13 PM
0 8,795
Engineering materials Properties of light...
Dec26-08 08:55 PM
0 7,616
Here's a list of interesting questions and answers on relativity from Stanford/ NASA:...
Jan5-09 03:23 PM
0 2,180
I have made a new version of Faraday's homopolar motor. This was the first device to demonstrate the connection...
Jan5-09 05:16 PM
0 7,316
Does anyone know of a good physics interactive computer program to mess around with, and perhaps even learn something?...
Jan21-09 08:51 AM
physics girl phd
3 20,682
If your looking for some practice in Vect. Calc., Numerical Methods, Dynamics, E&M, Fluids, etc. this is fantastic...
Jan25-09 11:52 AM
0 6,517
Hello! I am a physics student and I am interested in science. During the last few years I have been watching...
Jan31-09 06:57 AM
2 41,264
Online material directly from Stephen Hawking is available at ...
Feb5-09 12:26 PM
0 3,286
I've come across two online sources I really like. For some introductory comments and insight into relativity try: ...
Feb5-09 12:31 PM
1 6,766
itzhak bars' book on QM, it looks promising, but beware it weighs 10.25 MB, here:
Feb20-09 02:18 PM
5 6,612
here is a site i have seen while searching for physics video lectures. Then I thought why shouldnt i share with my...
Mar4-09 09:42 AM
1 25,529
Does anyone know of a good science/engineering series, exploring a broad range of topics. Essentially I'm searching...
Mar6-09 04:47 PM
4 15,591
is there any video lectures source which is about statistical physics or quantum physics like MIT Lectures. I found...
Mar11-09 10:16 AM
1 16,710
Mar20-09 07:52 PM
0 14,419
Apr1-09 11:32 PM
1 8,091
Have you seen Ephi? For E&M simulations, it's pretty great...
Apr6-09 08:48 PM
0 5,853
Many universities and institutes upload their colloquium movie file to the Web This is the collection of links. ...
Apr15-09 08:28 AM
0 5,560
I recently stumbled upon a truly excellent series of lectures on basic computational physics (or computational...
May9-09 01:45 PM
0 6,741

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