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Mar30-10 Greg Bernhardt
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This thread is here to organize the many tutorials we have for Advanced Physics, which we take to be any and all...
Oct28-05 03:16 PM
Tom Mattson
5 21,714
This thread is here to organize the many tutorials we have for Introductory Physics, which we take to be any and all...
Oct20-05 04:56 PM
Tom Mattson
3 53,290
Does anyone have some links to some great physics demonstrations on the first part of classical physics. ( Mechanics) ...
May12-10 02:09 PM
4 9,044
Here is a list of questions that have been posted in the past concerning Peskin & Schroeder, An Introduction to...
May3-10 10:18 PM
1 7,872 This contains a...
Apr6-10 07:24 AM
1 7,699
This is a physics PDF I picked up on basic and advanced physics formulas. It should be quite useful.
Mar29-10 09:54 PM
1 7,263
Hello, I wonder if you got any suggestions for classical mechanics video lectures? I don't mean freshman physics, but...
Mar24-10 08:07 PM
1 10,198
Have a look at the updated maths, physicsand technology animations at
Mar24-10 05:54 AM
2 7,350
These are British Columbia (Canada) Practice Provincial Exams.. These are geared toward the BC Curriculum, however...
Feb13-10 01:40 PM
2 13,872
The lectures from Susskind's lectures on particle physics which he hold this fall started to be available on iTunesU...
Feb12-10 03:17 AM
4 14,771 Ph 136: APPLICATIONS OF CLASSICAL PHYSICS Academic Year...
Jan23-10 11:46 PM
2 30,821 It contains lecture notes, videos and exam materials. The...
Jan16-10 01:42 PM
0 6,484
A complete set of lecture notes for a graduate quantum mechanics course. Topics covered include fundamentals of...
Jan14-10 09:52 PM
2 12,184
I nice summary from Canada which gives some basics that apply to nuclear energy and power reactors. ...
Dec30-09 02:58 PM
1 8,838
I am working on a Project that involves determination of Quality of Steam. In that I have few queries, so please help...
Dec27-09 05:23 PM
1 6,971
Tell me you love me. Paul Lampert, PennState Ingemar Bengtsson, Stockholm Univerity Richar Rollins, University...
Dec26-09 10:28 AM
3 11,884
This has been helping me throughout my semester in an intermediate level EM course, so I thought I'd post it here: ...
Dec15-09 06:41 PM
2 8,402
This contains many links to physics video lectures on quantum chromodynamics (QCD) from CERN - introduction to QCD,...
Dec7-09 04:54 PM
1 8,203
Bill Gates claimed that after watching these lectures himself he found them very interesting and wanted to make them...
Dec4-09 10:23 AM
0 7,286
This article is as good as any tutorial on the physics of negative index of refraction. It was co-written by John...
Dec2-09 08:56 AM
5 3,049
Here you are, 1981-2007: EDIT (17 June 2011): Sorry, link seems...
Nov30-09 06:13 PM
0 9,401
I have noticed that questions about this subject get either ignored or receive some confusing answers. So I decided to...
Nov29-09 06:43 PM
39 37,487
Do anyone have a recommendation for a great resource to learn Green's functions from? Preferably a book with a...
Nov27-09 07:47 AM
3 9,365
I am currently taking a GR course and I am finding the following quite useful: Ruslan Sharipov's Website has some...
Nov17-09 06:13 AM
1 6,583
Author: Dr. Donald Luttermoser of East Tennessee State University
Nov10-09 12:12 PM
2 10,786 Enjoy
Oct30-09 07:32 AM
0 5,357
Undergraduate civil/structural engineers start with a basic course in beams and beam mechanics, and basic statics...
Oct10-09 12:54 PM
0 5,183
We have very frequent questions regarding the "microscopic" details of the process of reflection, the cause of...
Oct4-09 06:30 AM
0 7,029
Oct3-09 07:39 AM
0 8,645
Oct3-09 02:29 AM
7 9,041
Hey y'all: This is a sort of follow up to the thread: 'New Yale Internet Physics resource' In addition to PHYS...
Sep1-09 12:11 PM
0 9,796
Hi everyone, I am an engineering student and I have been working over the summer in my spare time to create an online...
Aug20-09 12:13 PM
7 2,877
Graduate course lecture notes - Excellent! ...
Jul30-09 12:26 PM
1 8,704
Not sure if anybody has linked these already as I'm new to physics and this website, but there lectures are a...
Jul16-09 04:02 PM
0 5,905
Good news, everyone!|0||||
Jul16-09 12:45 AM
0 5,941
Some fun pages introducing time-related effects, antiparticles, and such...
Jul10-09 03:15 AM
0 6,355
The following websites offer thousands of free textbooks and course lecture notes, downloadable in pdf and other...
Jun27-09 12:38 PM
0 6,871
The Division of Physics of Beams of the American Physical Society (APS) has produced this wonderful brochure titled...
Jun8-09 09:52 PM
Bob S
1 12,660
May30-09 03:11 PM
1 12,871
Introduction to Nuclear Properties
May17-09 07:11 PM
6 4,228
If you have interest in quantum optics,and you have aleady taken quantum mechanics course,try this . ...
May15-09 03:23 PM
1 6,628
I recently stumbled upon a truly excellent series of lectures on basic computational physics (or computational...
May9-09 01:45 PM
0 6,413

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