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Physics Learning Materials

- All physics courses. PDFs, tutorials and web links.
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
This thread is here to organize the many tutorials we have for Introductory Physics, which we take to be any and all...
Oct20-05 04:56 PM
Tom Mattson
3 58,020
This thread is here to organize the many tutorials we have for Advanced Physics, which we take to be any and all...
Oct28-05 03:16 PM
Tom Mattson
5 26,066
Author: Dr. Donald Luttermoser of East Tennessee State University
May15-07 07:32 PM
2 7,218
Jun22-07 07:47 PM
4 6,459
Contains links to video lectures, tutorials, books, and a few projects.
Jan2-08 07:27 AM
2 14,587 This site contains applets on "visualsing" osciallatory motion, vector...
Jul17-10 03:03 AM
6 13,031
Here is a draft of an introductory textbook on quantum field theory in curved spacetime - free quantum fields in...
Apr19-07 11:52 AM
1 9,009
1. INTRODUCTION. This thread is an experiment. I think the public discussion between myself, pervect, and Greg...
Jun7-07 12:37 AM
Chris Hillman
21 21,448
Computational Physics: An introductory course ...
May21-07 01:03 PM
1 4,469
Check out this great book on Stat Mech by - Dr. James Sethna ...
Jul5-07 02:26 AM
1 3,536 This looks promising.
Jul1-07 12:46 PM
0 9,095
A complete set of lecture notes for an lower-division classical mechanics course. Topics covered include...
Nov4-10 10:10 AM
1 21,611
TASI 2008 (Theoretical Advanced Studies Institute in Elementary Particle Physics at the University of Colorado in...
Jun26-10 05:57 PM
1 13,876
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that there is a brand new Physics Flash animation web site out there. It contains...
Jul19-10 12:11 PM
3 25,152
I'm wondering if anyone else has came across this site, its covers a wide range of maths topics and some physics as...
Nov30-10 09:55 PM
45 45,034
Are there any good websites out there that are good at explaining various physics concepts and theories, from...
Dec1-10 10:27 AM
John Mario
4 31,471
The following site provides a good collection of links to audio/video courses and lectures in physics from educational...
Nov23-10 08:20 PM
21 53,617
I am self-studying QM, Please tell me what is the thread to the videos about QM. Thank you for helping in advance~
Jun17-11 09:27 PM
4 21,244
Does anyone know where I can get Leonard Susskinds lectures on General Relativity on dvd? They are on Youtube but I...
Jul29-10 02:48 PM
10 8,872 This brings some video...
Aug22-10 07:17 PM
5 18,712
MIT offers video lectures on introductory physics on their website. As well as many other sciences and topics. ...
Sep13-10 09:59 AM
3 22,599
I started up a database of problems and solutions for physics, chemistry and maths. Take a look...
Jul5-10 05:09 PM
3 27,672
Notes on string theory. Gerard t Hooft Institute for Theoretical Physics Utrecht University, Leuvenlaan 4 3584 CC...
Jan26-12 09:59 PM
2 16,531
Does anyone know of quantum field theory lecture videos besides susskind and coleman.
Jul5-10 10:14 AM
3 12,738
So, after quite a while of internet browsing over the past couple of months I've accumulated quite a hefty...
Jul16-10 07:24 AM
0 15,438
I would like to know if anyone who had a good introductory GR course would mind sending me the scanned lectures notes...
Aug3-10 07:16 AM
7 12,373
I'm not necessarily sure if anyone has posted this archive of Perimeter Scholars International Lectures but I suppose...
Nov13-10 03:11 PM
5 13,744
Are there any? If so, which are the best ones? (Upper Division Undergrad)
Nov28-10 08:18 AM
4 25,591
While doing some local history research I came across the following, which is very useful for history research. ...
Oct22-10 10:56 AM
2 17,973
Some practise from Indian Physics exam called IIT-JEE Can be found here : ...
Oct23-10 04:11 PM
0 10,397
Is the Quantum Mechanics lecture series by Dr. Leonnard Susskind available on dvd?
Dec16-10 11:25 PM
20 48,779
i need a link which can help me better understand primal and dual problems along with simplex Any help would be...
Feb11-11 04:58 AM
2 22,552
Apr30-11 11:42 AM
3 20,686
Does anyone know of a good place to look to take a course in quantum physics online? I am a teacher and recently did a...
Jun14-12 02:20 AM
11 28,549
Jul2-12 05:33 PM
16 24,869
More advanced: ...
Jul9-11 06:55 PM
2 17,921
These are professor Balakrishnan's quantum physics lectures, he also has classical physics lectures, they're worth...
Oct7-11 06:27 PM
6 15,057
Hi, Do you know of any motion video capture education software products that are aimed at the first-year college...
Jun9-11 09:20 AM
1 9,512
Interesting collection of Newton papers including notebooks and his own copy of the Principia Mathematica: ...
Jul8-12 09:17 PM
7 19,200
What are some free or commercially available simulation programs? The simulations I'd like to run would be related to...
May4-14 06:43 PM
13 3,787
I have made available 5 years of lecture notes presented by Richard Feynman at the Hughes Research labs. The note...
Apr20-14 09:22 AM
7 2,617
Hi, Could you please recommend web resources with similar simulations as here: ...
May14-14 08:57 PM
3 3,001

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