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- Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
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Jan16-12 Greg Bernhardt
programming, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Programming Resources ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I thought I'd start this thread about useful sites programmers could go to if they needed general help or information...
Jun4-14 07:18 PM
64 63,873
Please post your C++ questions or comments here for Tutorial 1.
Apr14-14 11:40 PM
168 96,123
The general policy of Physics Forums is that requests for help with solving specific problems or exercises must be...
Sep1-09 02:45 PM
0 17,923
I recently noticed a substantial request for c++ information. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce the opening of...
Nov20-05 08:26 PM
8 97,777
I need to learn C, C++, and Fortran, and Java and am thinking of just ditching Vista and installing Ubuntu. ...
Aug10-09 01:06 PM
13 4,303
I'm going to mess around with some Python and was wondering what free libs I should consider. So far I've got: GUI...
Aug10-09 01:25 AM
1 936
This is VBA Excel: Here is what I am trying to do. I have a MathML file saved as a .txt file. It is simialr to...
Aug9-09 09:02 PM
4 767
Hi Can I program a PIC16F627A or PIC16F877 to convert digetal signals to analoge voltages if so please send me...
Aug9-09 04:25 PM
0 739
I have this problem, I want to write with spacings between words, but don't know which command to use, is it: \vspace...
Aug9-09 10:39 AM
11 2,720
GO TO POST #2 for new question please I hate to start a thread just for this, but my Googling skills SUCK today!...
Aug8-09 03:16 PM
Math Is Hard
2 1,388
My situation is that I taught myself Calculus 1, 2 and some 3 over the last year, and the better part of Freshman...
Aug8-09 01:43 PM
2 948
I am learning VBA for Excel and Am just wondering what is wrong with the logic in this statement? Note that at the...
Aug8-09 01:31 PM
6 3,484
Now that I have a suitable Fortran compiler I wonder what would be a good IDE. Anyway here is what I did: I am new...
Aug8-09 01:17 PM
7 6,635
Hi, I have a 24000x24000 sparse matrix. I want to extract 4 blocks out of it; (0,0) to (6000,6000) (6001,6001) to...
Aug8-09 02:35 AM
3 5,620
Hi, I was wondering how to number a set of equations (in Latex) under the same number but differentiate with a letter...
Aug8-09 02:07 AM
1 3,101
This is probably an easy solution, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. I have a bunch of radio buttons with...
Aug6-09 10:50 PM
3 2,948
hello, I'm new here so help me out please. question: what does a pocket calculator use to convert binary into decimal...
Aug5-09 09:00 AM
3 1,111
Hi all, im making a website but im worried about copyright. Could someone tell me how i could copyright my website...
Aug5-09 12:32 AM
3 972
Hi There Can any one check the following algorithm and tell me what I am doing wrong. If every thing is OK then...
Aug4-09 06:58 PM
14 915
Hey guys, Im trying to use the library in GNU in VB2008 to generate random number with uniform distribution...
Aug4-09 12:24 PM
0 605
Hello! I am writing a program that makes use of a set of libraries called NCAR Graphics. Here is my problem: I am...
Aug4-09 11:27 AM
0 571
Hi, I have a formatted data file (obtained from fortran) which has 1 column and 24000 rows. The values are like ...
Aug3-09 02:31 PM
4 2,949
Hello, I am trying to calculate unit vector for velocity (vel= (U*Unit vector)/unit vector). But if I consider...
Aug3-09 09:09 AM
7 3,099
Hi! I would like to learn programming (I'm a beginner except for some programs on my calculator), and I need help. I...
Aug3-09 07:46 AM
9 1,306
// first write the basic functionality for motion void left_forward() { PORTC.F0 =1; PORTC.F1 =0; ...
Aug2-09 01:25 AM
2 1,022
Is F# fortran for .NET? My roommate seems to be under the impression that it is something like that. But I can't...
Aug1-09 11:53 AM
1 5,862
Ok, here is a project I am giving myself. By this time next week I want to be compiling simple codes (in Windows...
Aug1-09 07:52 AM
7 3,947
We have just started learning timing diagrams for 8085. I just wanted someone to confirm that the third cycle that I...
Aug1-09 03:29 AM
swty todd
0 2,086
I am new to computer programming, but if anyone familiar with Python has any suggestions or resources for a beginner,...
Jul31-09 02:57 PM
22 3,095
Hello, I am looking at companies for my second year internship as a CompSci undergraduate, specifically I am...
Jul31-09 03:14 AM
1 1,384
Is there a fast python module to get n-dimensional natural neighbors from a point cloud or an algorithm for this, that...
Jul30-09 04:55 PM
0 801
Okay. Here's a good one: I recently used a PowerPoint pres to organize a bunch of Data from Excel. I have about...
Jul30-09 09:41 AM
0 1,471
Hey guys, so the second half of my first year comp sci course is winding down, and the exam is fast approaching. The...
Jul29-09 06:46 PM
1 749
I am working with visual Fortran (f90 I believe) I have the following program and it says that I have 2 errors. I...
Jul28-09 08:44 AM
4 3,131
I'm trying to create an rss feed from a html table on the main page of a web forum. I want to do this because the...
Jul27-09 02:04 PM
John Creighto
2 3,250
Hello. Can anyone help me in producing a Matlab code that will read a sparse matrix and then calculate the...
Jul25-09 03:03 AM
1 2,065
Jul23-09 05:20 PM
John Creighto
0 711
Hey I read this solution for calulating the mulitplcation of (09)H & (04)H in Assembly Language Programming for 8085....
Jul22-09 11:58 AM
10 3,324
I've been working on learning c++ pre-emptive to going to college. I've found that I've come to learn it really well...
Jul21-09 02:53 AM
13 2,751
Hi everyone. I'm doing a microcontroller project where I'm using a 256 element array of 1 byte values to output a...
Jul20-09 11:41 PM
1 4,200
Can some one help please, i am trying to reinstall Java after a problem, i have removed all the old program from...
Jul20-09 10:15 PM
16 2,262
I just started learning programming and am a little confused about the difference between IDLE and the "Commands...
Jul20-09 01:32 PM
5 2,503
#include<stdio.h> int matA,matB,matAB,i,j,k; void read(); void multiply(); void display(); int main() { read();...
Jul20-09 01:13 PM
8 2,036
:smile: Hey. I am trying to learn how to use VBA in excel. I have some experience with C++ and MATLAB. So what...
Jul18-09 05:03 AM
1 51,540

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