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- Action or process of writing computer programs. Computer algorithms, data structures, A.I., systems, databases, communications, security...
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Please post your C++ questions or comments here for Tutorial 1.
Apr14-14 11:40 PM
168 86,283
programming, resources Sticky Thread Pinned: Programming Resources ( 1 2 3 ... Last)
I thought I'd start this thread about useful sites programmers could go to if they needed general help or information...
Mar23-14 12:51 PM
60 54,875
The general policy of Physics Forums is that requests for help with solving specific problems or exercises must be...
Sep1-09 02:45 PM
0 15,673
I recently noticed a substantial request for c++ information. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce the opening of...
Nov20-05 08:26 PM
8 94,904
Hello. I am attempting to render the bifurcation diagram of the logistic difference equation in C with OpenGL. I think...
Mar14-11 05:22 AM
11 1,734
Hi: does anyone have a link for a C++ crib/reference sheet which includes everything. I'm having hard time with...
Mar14-11 03:44 AM
4 1,804
I want to plot r vs. Total_thrust for all iterations on a single graph. I'm using 'hold on;' but it is still only...
Mar13-11 08:27 AM
1 2,457
Hello , i have the algorithm attached and i am trying to execute it in c++. My code until now is : ( i have...
Mar12-11 11:22 AM
4 2,537
I have an assignment to calculate the least squares fit line to a set of points, and I have to read in an arbitrary...
Mar11-11 07:27 PM
Useful nucleus
1 1,715
The three equations below represent three different logic expressions using and, or and not gates of two boolean...
Mar10-11 08:18 PM
2 1,339
do any1 knw how to do boundary detection of braille dots by using chain code algorithm
Mar9-11 11:21 PM
0 908
hello, someone has recommedned to me to use compiler turbo c++... is it any good? what is your take? programming...
Mar9-11 01:30 PM
3 1,144
hello, i have tried to read wikipedia and wisegeek articles on _objected oritented programming_ but didn't learn a...
Mar9-11 01:12 PM
11 2,201
Hi, I have a 3D gridded ( Nx,Ny,Nz : integers, respectively, size of the grid in x,y and z direction ) which...
Mar9-11 11:19 AM
0 722
Here is the problem.I have this array zmdsens(iper,i,1,iprd) where iper is period,i site,1 mt function and iprd...
Mar7-11 07:04 AM
4 2,770
I have a long C++ program that has a few simple statements in it. At the beginning I have ; #define NUM_DP 10 ...
Mar7-11 04:53 AM
4 909
Hello, i have done the simpson's method and it works fine.My problem is that it doesn't stop when it gives me the...
Mar7-11 03:59 AM
8 1,723
I'm working on brushing up on some programming languages. Being a big believer in the idea that the best way to...
Mar5-11 08:33 PM
1 960
Hey everyone, I'm trying to teach myself C++ and I recalled that a few years ago my Comp Sci major buddy of mine did a...
Mar4-11 06:21 PM
2 2,139
I have a 100 line code which is liable to increase, so far I have not included any user defined functions, so it is...
Mar4-11 04:04 PM
Jocko Homo
2 714
Hi All, I have done a lot of searching and it seems like a lot of people ask this same question but no real...
Mar4-11 09:59 AM
1 2,120
Please let me mention certain idea here, although it is very vague. The general notion of algorithm is model of...
Mar3-11 03:16 AM
0 1,091
I'm working on a piece of code to help me generate plots. Right now I'm focusing on the calculation stuff. Here's...
Mar2-11 07:26 PM
1 896
hello, would you kindly recommend me some simple C++ compiler programme to write not-very-complex DOS/text-based...
Mar2-11 06:36 PM
Jocko Homo
20 2,710
Ok I just completed a homework assignment by programming a Composite 1/3 Simpson's rule in matlab. However, I am asked...
Mar2-11 04:58 AM
1 6,760 So - a question. Once this...
Mar1-11 10:04 PM
1 1,037
#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { double a; int i=0; for(i=0;i<10;i++) a=1.1; ...
Mar1-11 05:20 PM
6 698
#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { double a; int i=0; for(i=0;i<10;i++) a=0.0; ...
Mar1-11 02:35 PM
3 607
To avoid busy waiting....we use block and wakeup functions in our definition of wait() and signal() but its...
Feb26-11 10:31 PM
5 2,987
I have this code for a Gaussian Elimination: As you can see, the input is A and b. I'm trying to figure out how...
Feb26-11 08:43 PM
0 1,448
Hi A computer has some program written into its BIOS ROM which turns the hardware skeleton of a computer into a...
Feb26-11 03:59 PM
5 2,601
Any suggestion for a windows Fortran compiler? I've seen many around but it is somewhat difficult to choose when you...
Feb26-11 02:17 PM
2 1,905
I have noticed with growing frequency that many things posted on PF come up when doing tangential searches for other...
Feb26-11 08:10 AM
15 2,308
Write a monitor that implements an alarm clock that enables a calling program to delay itself for a specifed number of...
Feb26-11 08:04 AM
0 1,972
Monitor PQR { enum{sleep,work} barber int waiting =0; condition x; ENter() { if(barber==sleep) ...
Feb26-11 05:55 AM
0 3,001
Hello all, I am trying to learn fortran 90 by rewriting some simple matlab codes I have in fortran. I tried to...
Feb25-11 11:49 PM
7 2,385
Hello everybody.I have a problem with a program I wrote in Fortran.The program is this and it is giving me the error...
Feb25-11 08:35 PM
5 2,185
Hi guys, i am using the C language and have created the following function: void counter (double c) { FILE *fp; ...
Feb25-11 04:59 PM
16 5,119
We have a string builder class which is mutable in C#. Why do we need immutable string classes?
Feb25-11 04:45 PM
2 1,299
Shared variables: var turn: (0..1); initially turn = 0 turn = i - Pi can enter its critical section ...
Feb25-11 03:08 PM
0 539
why is this algorithm better for long term scheduling or job scheduling and not for short term scheduling...?
Feb25-11 04:44 AM
0 1,730
Was just wondering if anyone here has tried 3D programming. If you have, what language did you write in, what...
Feb25-11 12:43 AM
4 1,400
Hello guys,I decided to try and do a problem about analyzing the worst possible runtime of an algorithm.Since I'm a...
Feb24-11 01:51 PM
6 1,247
Can someone please explain to me why the recursive part of this algorithm has the runtime T(n) = {O(1), if n ≤ 3; ...
Feb24-11 01:18 PM
0 640

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